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    30 Day Squat Challenge Results

    By on February 4, 2017

    Everyone wants to look great. Why? Because when you look good, you feel good. When you put in the work to have a rockin’ body, you always want to show it off and the confidence you gain is something you can’t get anywhere else. And one thing that can make us look fantastic is squatting.

    Squatting is by far the best exercise in order to tone and build your legs and booty muscles. Having stronger legs and a stronger butt will also help create that hourglass figure that’s really enticing. It’ll also lift your booty so it’s nice and bubbly.

    One of the most popular ways to do this is to do a 30-day squat challenge. This challenge is basically where you do a different number of squats for a few days in a row, then take a day off, then get right back to it. If you want to see just how effective these challenges can be, keep reading.

    The Rules

    There really aren’t a whole lot of rules to a squat challenge. Basically, if you participate and you do as directed, you’ll begin to see results. But you have to remember that you also have to change your diet in order to accommodate the squat challenge.

    Building muscle takes protein and healthy eating. If you want to make the most of the challenge, you have to eat nutrient and protein dense foods that will aid in your booty-building endeavors. No more junk food that won’t do anything to help you!

    The Squat Challenge

    There are a number of different squat challenges out there and all of them can help you build a bigger, bubblier butt. The one that I’ll be posting below for you is one that we’ve seen proven results with. It’s simple, free, and you don’t even have to go anywhere in order to do it. Here’s the squat challenge you should use to gain the butt you’ve always wanted.

    Day 1 – 50 squats

    Day 2 – 55 squats

    Days 3 – 60 squats

    Day 4 – REST

    Day 5 – 70 squats

    Day 6 – 75 Squats

    Day 7 – 80 squats

    Day 8 – REST

    Day 9 – 100 squats

    Day 10 – 105 squats

    Day 11 – 110 squats

    Day 12 – REST

    Day 13 – 130 squats

    Day 14 – 145 squats

    Day 15 – 140 squats

    Day 16 – REST

    Day 17 – 150 squats

    Day 18 – 155 squats

    Day 19 – 160 squats

    Day 20 – REST

    Day 21 – 180 squats

    Day 22 – 185 squats

    Day 23 – 190 squats

    Day 24 – REST

    Day 25 – 220 squats

    Day 26 – 225 squats

    Day 27 – 230 squats

    Day 28 – REST

    Day 29 – 240 squats

    Day 30 – 250 squats


    Tips for Being Succesful

    We all know that this may seem like a difficult thing to accomplish, but it can be done. As long as you have these tips, you’ll be able to successfully complete this challenge.

    1. Do them in sets.

    Don’t expect to be able to do all of these squats in a row without a break. It may be nice to think you can, but you probably can’t. Therefore, you have to break them up. I suggest breaking them up into sets of 10 for the first two weeks and sets of 15 to 20 for the last two weeks in order get all of them done throughout the day.

    1. Make sure to rest on your rest day.

    I know it may be tempting to just squat every single day in order to grow a butt, but it doesn’t work like that. You have to let your body recover if you want to build muscle. You need days where your muscles don’t have to do work so they can build up to be stronger for the next day.

    1. Eat your recommended protein.

    Protein must be eaten in order to grow muscle. If you don’t eat it, your muscles can’t rebuild and you won’t be putting on any muscle and therefore, your butt won’t grow.

    1. DON’T GIVE UP.

    If you have to split up your squats and do them throughout the whole day instead of just doing them in one sitting, do it. No matter what, don’t give up on this challenge and make sure to always do your squats on the days they should be done.

    The Results

    Finally we get to see some results! If you stick with this program, you’ll definitely start to see results after a couple weeks. Just remember that it can take up to a month to see these results and if you want to put on even more muscle, you can repeat this challenge over and over again.









    In order to get amazing legs and a butt you can be proud of, it takes hard work and effort. This squat challenge can help you gain that body you’ve always wanted.

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