20 Professional Hairstyles

By on January 31, 2014

Deciding how to wear your hair for work can be a nightmare! You want to look smart and professional but at the same time you don’t want to look boring or go to work wearing the same hair style day in and day out. You want to be your usual fashionable self, even if you are at work. Depending on where you work it can become even harder to decide how to wear your hair too seeing as some work places don’t allow you to wear your hair down if it’s longer than shoulder length. Does that mean you just have to tie it into a pony tail every day and be done with it? No! Of course not! Even if your workplace has restrictions like this it doesn’t mean you’re stuck to just one hair style.

Before I became a writer I wore my hair the same way every day for years. You’d always see me with the same ponytail which was tied at virtually the same height and it never changed. It wasn’t until just before I became a writer that I began to experiment and realised what I’d been missing. Having a stylish ‘do even while I was at work made me feel like a whole new person. It filled me with confidence for no other reason than that I knew I looked good. All of a sudden I’d broken free of my cage and had found my wings, all because I’d discovered there was more to professional hairstyles than your average ponytail.

If you too are stuck in a rut but aren’t quite sure what else to do with your hair while you’re on the clock then never fear. Here’s the ultimate list of twenty professional hairstyles to help you experiment in this year, each of them perfected by some of the most glamourous women out there…

Rachel Bilson Professional Hairstyle – Half Up Do

Professional hairstyles_04

This is a classic look and one of my all time favourite hairstyles. It’s so simple and easy yet looks professional and chic at the same time. It suits any hair length so long as your hair is long enough to tie up the top portion and it’s one most work places will let you get away with.

Sophia Bush Professional Hairstyle – Bun

Professional hairstyles_11

I’m sure we’re all familiar with buns. They’re great for social events, night out, formal occasions and for wearing in the office. If you ask me, they’re probably the smartest hair style going, perfect for work! They’re quick and simple to do and are easy to put back in if they slip during your hectic working day. Plus, all your hair is out of your face so it won’t annoy you.

Hayden Panettiere Professional Hairstyle – Bob

Professional hairstyles_18

If you’re looking for an easy style and considering getting your hair chopped then a bob could be perfect for you. They’re easy to maintain and, as your hair is above the shoulders, most workplaces don’t make you tie them up so you can make the most of your look. The style is professional, sexy and stylish all in one. Perfect!

Hayden Panettiere – Tied Back

Professional hairstyles_07

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a simple ponytail just so long as you don’t overdo it and wear them day in and day out like I made a habit of doing. They’re easy, stylish and professional so don’t discount them completely.

Nina Dobrev – Wrapped Ponytail

Professional hairstyles_02

Ponytails don’t just have to be normal and boring however. Try wearing a wrapped ponytail like Nina Dobrev to vamp up your look. It will completely transform the style while still looking professional.

Selena Gomez – Side Ponytail

Professional hairstyles_21

This is another personal favourite of mine. I love side ponytails, they’re so stylish, easy to do and maintain and also look really professional. I think it’s a far better look than your usual ponytail and makes the wearer look quirky and fun. At the same time, your hair is still tied back so your employer can’t complain if that’s an issue for them.

Nicole Kidman – Side Braid

Professional hairstyles_06

A twist on the side ponytail is to wear a side braid. They’re just as quick and easy to do and probably even more professional than the side ponytail. This will stop your hair from going static as mine so often used to do when I was working and will stop it from flying about everywhere when you’re really busy. They’re cute and professional, perfect!

Jessica Alba – Straight And Sleek

Professional hairstyles_09

If you’re allowed to wear your hair down for work then how about putting your straighteners to good use? Straightening your hair makes it look sleek and shiny and the straightness makes you look professional. It’s a great style that, if done right, can last all day. All you need to do is brush it now and again to stop it getting tangled.

Jennifer Anniston – Braided Bangs

Professional hairstyles_19

I don’t know about you, but it always annoys me when my bangs fall in my face while I’m working. I’ve had my bangs just about every length possible so I can tell you from experience that you can braid them no matter how long they are which is great to get them out your face while you’re working.

Jennifer Lawrence – Slick Back Hair

Professional hairstyles_03

Slicking your hair back is a great way to get your locks out of your face and also looks really professional. Jennifer Lawrence really pulls it off – doesn’t she look fab? It’s a minimal effort look too so it’s great for when you need something quick and easy if you roll out of bed late.

Rachel McAdams – French Twist

Professional hairstyles_16

This is a great professional look that you can wear in most working environments. It’s a lot easier to do than you think too, after a bit of practice you’ll be able to do it perfectly in minutes. On the downside it may take you a few practices to perfect it at first, it can be tricky to get your head around but the results are definitely worth it!

Selena Gomez – French Braid

Professional hairstyles_05

When is a french braid not a great option for any occasion? Never is my answer to that! They’re great for work as they’re cute, fun and still give you the professional look you’re going for. Your hair will be safely out of your face and looking stylish too. Plus, when you let your hair down later on you’ll have lovely waves running through it as a result of this style.

Emma Roberts – Curls

Professional hairstyles_15

If you’re lucky enough to be allowed to wear your hair down for work then curling it can give you an easy yet effective professional look. Your curlers will help make your hair look sleek and shiny and will add volume and life to your hair.

Reese Witherspoon – High Ponytail

Professional hairstyles_14

Ponytails don’t have to be plain and boring. Simple adding a bit of height to them can really change your style. Wearing a high ponytail will make your hair seem thicker and longer while still making you look professional.

Amanda Seyfried – Braided

Professional hairstyles_17

If you’re skilled enough to be able to do this style or a variation of it alone then tis may be perfect for work. Braids in any shape or form always looks stylish and if worn right they can make you look like a true professional.

Miley Cyrus – Low Bun

Professional hairstyles_20

You wouldn’t think it but the difference between a low bun and a high bun is staggering. I love them both but I personally prefer the low bun like Miley’s wearing. I think they’re much easier to do and as fewer people are wearing them they make you stand out a little more.

Gwyneth Paltrow – Natural And Down

Professional hairstyles_10

Why do we have to style our hair for work? If we can get away with it, why not just wear it down for a change? If your hair is reasonably tidy naturally and isn’t frizzy then try wearing it down to work. There’s nothing to say that natural hair isn’t professional so long as it’s neat so give it a try!

Jennifer Lawrence – Cropped Hair

Professional hairstyles_08

If you want to do something really radical then why not try this cropped look that more and more celebs are wearing. It’s so stylish and really professional. It requires little to no effort to make it look fab so you don’t have to mess around with it, giving you a few more all important minutes in bed!

Amanda Seyfried – Bangs Clipped Back

Professional hairstyles_13

We’re back to those pesky bangs falling in our face again! The answer to getting them out of our way doesn’t have to be hard or require hours of styling however. Simply grab a couple of hair clips and pin your bangs back. Voila! Your look is totally transformed!

Kate Beckinsale – Side Bun

Professional hairstyles_22

Here’s yet another fab variation of the classic bun yet still it looks completely different. The side bun is probably my favourite bun of all. It’s easy to do and incredibly classy, just what you want for those long days in the office. It can be done in a number of ways too by using braids or curling the hair first.

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