20 Boho Hairstyles

By on January 25, 2014

We love boho style – especially boho chic hair! That’s why we’re presenting you with this list of 20 fabulous celebrity boho hairstyles to inspire you.

Nicole Ritchie  Boho Hairstyles – Tousled Boho Hair With A Gold Accessory

nicole ritchie

Nicole Ritchie looks stunning with her tousled hair and beautifully styled bangs. Her gold hair accessory really brings out the colour of her eyes finishing off this effortless look beautifully.

K$sha Boho Hairstyles – Effortless Waves With Loose Braids


K$sha looks incredible with her long hair tousled and styled with loose waves. To really complete her look she’s added a couple of loose braids to really make the most of this effortless boho style.

Mary Kate Boho Hairstyles – Loose Curls With A Beautiful Woven Headband

mary kate

Mary-Kate Olsen looks as gorgeous as ever here with her truly effortless look. Her loose curls and waves frame her face beautifully and her rugged parting really makes her boho look. Her entire style is really brought together with her woven black headband – the dark colour really brings out her features.

Julianne Hough Boho Hairstyles – Effortless Waves With Two Subtle Braids

Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough looks fabulous here. Her hair is filled with loose, rugged waves giving her a real boho beach look while still making her look efotlessly elegant. The loose braid down the side of her face really completes her boho look and has the added extra of sweeping her hair back from those gorgeous eyes.

Lily Rabe Boho Hairstyles – An Effortless Boho Look Created With Curls And Waves


Lily Rabe played the spellbinding, gorgeous boho Misty Day in American Horror Story: Coven. Her effortless perm leaves her hair falling in tight waves. The varying colours of her hair really helps to give her look depth. Despite not having any hair accessories, she’s added a lovely pair of red and black feather earrings which mix with her hair making them look almost like an extension.

Ashley Olsen Boho Hairstyles – A Braided Up-Do With Light Waves


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are queens of boho fashion, something which Ashley proves here. Her hair has been braided and twisted into a rugged yet elegant up-do while her bangs have been curled and left to frame her face.

Emilia Clarke Boho Hairstyles – Soft Waves and Braids Mixed Together Make This Stunning Boho Look


Emilia Clarke plays the role of the iconic Daenerys Targaryon – Khaleesi and Mother of Dragons – in the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. Episode after episode she sports a different boho chic look. Here her hair falls in soft waves but is pulled back off her face with two delicate braids at either side of her head. This look is easy to achieve and has stunning results.

Rihanna Boho Hairstyles – Stunning Red Curls Piled Upon And Finished With A Matching Ribbon


Rihanna looks as beautiful as ever here. Her bright red hair is pulled atop her head in a sea of waves and tied with a lovely white and red ribbon to really bring out the colour of her hair. Her bangs have been left down and also curled to frame her face and soften the look.

Kristen Stewart Boho Hairstyles – A Braided Up-Do With A Few Loose, Delicate Waves


Kristen Stewart pulls off this boho look beautifully. Her hair has been pulled into a lovely up-do with a thick braid running down the side to give it a bit of glamour. Loose stands of delicate waves have been left down to frame her face and help make the look seem effortless and casual.

Lucy Hale Boho Hairstyles – A Loosely Woven Boho Side Braid

lucy hale

Lucy Hale looks stunning with her side boho braid. Notice how loosely woven the braid is, it really helps to capture that boho look. Her bangs have been left loose with just a slight curl at the tips to frame her face.

Emilia Clarke Boho Hairstyles – Several Braids Woven Together


Our one and only Khaleesi is back with his gorgeous boho braids. Her hair has been swept back off her face with two thick braids at either side and then when they meet at the back all her braids have been woven into one. The style is elegant, boho chic, and simply beautiful.

Vanessa Anne Hudgens Boho Hairstyles – Loose Rugges Waves With A Rose Headband


Vanessa Anne Hudgens loves a festival and my does she look the part! Her dark hair has been left to flow freely with a slight wave in it to give it volume and texture. To finish her hairstyle she’s added a simple rose hairband. The red of the flowers really contrasts against her naturally dark hair and gives her a true boho element.

Jennifer Lawrence Boho Hairstyles – A Braided Up-Do With Loose Bangs


Jennifer Lawrence is a true beauty but usually her style is more elegant than boho. Here however she pulls off the boho chic look in true style. Her hair has been pulled back into a messy, braided up do and her bangs have been left to flow freely at the side of her face. The result is a stylish, effortless look.

Vanessa Anne Hudgens Boho Hairstyles – A Wavy Up Do With Loose Bangs And Flower Accessories


Here’s the one and only Vanessa Anne Hudgens at yet another festival and rocking it once again. Her hair has been pulled back into an effortless, DIY up do. Her bangs are hanging in loose waves to highlight her delicate features and her boho look is finished with some stunning white flowers braided through her hair. The white of the flowers really contrasts with her dark hair to make her boho look stand out.

Rachel Bilson Boho Hairstyles – Simple Hair With A Boho Headband


If you’re totally new to the world of boho chic then it can be tough knowing where to start with your new style. Here Rachel Bilson mixes boho chic and simplicity for this fab combo. Her hair is just normal, straightened and brushed through, but she’s added a simple boho headband to really complete her look.

Selena Gomez Boho Hairstyles – A Classic Boho Side Braid


Selena Gomez looks fab sporting this long side braid. The braid has been woven really loose to really get that boho effect and has left out her bangs to frame her face and make the look less dramatic. The only downside to the looseness of this braid is you may need a lot of pins to keep it in place as Selena has.

Taylor Swift Boho Hairstyles – Classic Curls and A Glittery Headband


Taylor Swift loves her curls – and why wouldn’t she? She looks fab with them! To give her look at boho edge however she’s added a simple glittery headband which I’m sure you’ll agree completely transforms her. She’s gone from elegant to chic with just one accessory!

Keira Knightly Boho Hairstyles – Wavy Up Do With Red Floral Accessories


Keira Knightly looks as stunning as ever with this classic boho look. She’s had her short hair pinned back and woven to create an unruly effect and has finished it off with some lovely red flowers. She’d look the part at any festival with hair like this. It’s fab!

Mary Kate Olsen Boho Hairstyles – Truly Effortless Woven Hair


Mary-Kate really is the queen of boho style. Her hair here is half loose, half pulled back creating a lovely, effortless boho chic look. Note that her hair is all slightly woven – this look wouldn’t have the same effect otherwise.

Miley Cyrus Boho Hairstyles – Classic Side Braid


Didn’t Miley have lovely hair before? We love her hair now too but it certainly was gorgeous when it was long! She’s another of the many celebrities sporting this chic side braid but I think she pulls it off better than most. Her hair is lovely and wavy naturally making this look really easy to achieve. The natural volume in her hair really plumps up her braid giving it that wow factor. This is a must for those of you with thick hair!

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