16 Ways to Make Him Fall in Love With You

By on June 1, 2014

“She wasn’t exactly sure when it happened. Or even when it started. All she knew for sure was that right here and now, she was falling hard and she could only pray that he was feeling the same way.” -Nicholas Sparks. If that sounds like you’re love life right now, you’re probably wondering if there’s any way to guarantee he loves you back. But while there’s no way to make someone fall for you, there’s still some easy steps you can take to get one step closer. Take a look at these 16 ways to make him fall in love with you!


1. Always Be Yourself

If you’re putting on a show or being someone you’re not in the hopes that he will fall in love with you, you are only setting yourself up for failure. The second you slip out of what you think is ‘perfection’ for him, he will not only view you as a liar- but won’t love you anymore. He wants to know the real you. He wants you with all of your flaws. That’s why he picked you. So stay true yourself and always be who you are. You’d be surprised how much further that gets you than trying to be something you’re not- which leads us to tip number 2.


2. Be Different Than the Rest

If you’re too busy trying to be like everyone else, how can you be different from the pack? Men don’t want another plastic replica of everyone else. They want a lady who is unique. Be that girl, not another clone of the rest of the world. That will attract him and make him fall for you quicker than any item of clothing, piece of makeup, or false appreciation for video games.


3. Look Your Best

I’m not even going to try and sugarcoat this statement: men fall in love with what they see. So if you’re not looking your best, how far do you think that’s going to get you? Always put your best foot forward. This doesn’t mean you need to buy the most expensive clothing or be a size 0. Simply take care of yourself and wear clothes that accentuate your best features. Find out the things he loves and try to do them often. Your guy loves red lipstick? Go out and buy yourself a lovely shade of red and glide it across your lips- he’ll go crazy! Have a man that likes women in cute summer dresses? Buy a couple flowery, cute (and of course short) summer dresses to turn him on.


4. Don’t Be Easy

Have you ever heard that saying, “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?” It’s kind of harsh; but it’s also ridiculously true. Men like a challenge, and being quick and easy isn’t going to make him fall for you- let alone respect you. And this doesn’t just mean not being easy when it comes to having sex. You can be easy in other ways, like saying yes to every date he asks you on or agreeing with everything he says. You need to be independent, have your own opinions, and make him work for it- from the first date to the first kiss and everything that follows. Just remember not to hold out too long, as this can be a big turn off too.


5. Be a Great Listener

Women aren’t the only ones who like to talk for long periods of time, get their feelings out, or simply have a nice conversation. Men like it too, and nothing makes someone feel worse than talking to someone who isn’t listening to them- which really implies they don’t care. If you want your man to fall in love with you, pay attention to him. Listen to him when he wants to talk, and be there for him- even when the conversations are repetetive or boring. He needs an ear to listen, you should be the one with open ears ready for whatever he needs to say. You never know, the next conversation might be the time he expresses his love for you.


6. Be Positive

Who wants to be around someone who is negative? Surely not your boyfriend. Positivity only sprouts one thing: more positivity. If you want a positive, happy relationship with only positive and happy outcomes, you need to be positive from the beginning. Even when the going gets rough, be positive for your man and for yourself. This positivity will ignite future positivity which could lead to love and marriage.


7. Be Sweet

Nothing makes a man fall in love faster than a nice, sweet, innocent girl (with a hidden naughty side, of course- but we will get to that later!). If you really want to suck him into your love spell, just be sweet- from the moment he meets you. Have a smile on your face and be as feminine and gentle as possible. He will love your sweet attitude and will naturally gravitate towards you. It’s just physics, ladies!

fall in love with you

8. Be Silly

Women always say it’s a huge plus if a man can make them laugh. Why wouldn’t it be the same for a man? Men LOVE it when a girl can make them smile, and it’s only extra brownie points if she can make him laugh too. Be that girl that he actually enjoys being around. Don’t be afraid to let your hair down and have some fun. Make silly comments and do silly things, without feeling embarrassed or ‘too hot’ to do fun things. That’s a huge turn off for guys! Even those corny jokes you think are stupid to say- don’t be afraid to blurt those out too. He will probably find it adorable and funny all at the same time. Major WIN!



9. Be Trustworthy

You know what breaks a relationship up the quickest? A lack of trust. Trust (along with communication) are the stepping stones that make up the perfect relationship. And not just a perfect one, a long lasting one. You won’t get him to fall in love with you if you’re constantly insecure, asking him where he is at every time he leaves the house or accusing him of being with another woman just because he said ‘Hello’. Be secure in yourself and have faith in your partner. It really does work wonders, and you won’t believe how strong it will make your relationship.


10. Give Him Space

This goes hand in hand with tip number 9. You need to trust him enough to give him some personal space. After all, being around someone too much is never a good thing. Everyone needs their personal time- even your man. Let him go out with his buddies and have a good time. Let him stay home and get caught up on his work every once and awhile. Give him some space, and you’ll notice a stronger relationship. You will not only prove to him that you trust him, but also give his mind some relaxed time where he can let loose.


11. Be Supportive

When a man has a bad day, you know what he wants to come home to? A woman who will be positive, encouraging, and supportive. Even when the hard time comes, he needs his lady by his side no matter what. Show him that you are indeed that woman and he won’t be able to resist falling for you.


12. Let Him Be the Hero

It is in every man’s nature to want to be the hero. They want to be the strong protector that can do anything for their woman, from opening that tough jar of mayonnaise to bringing home the bacon. You act like you’re a dainty, feminine girl that actually needs him to perform the masculine tasks, and you’ll have him in your grasp in no time (while also giving him a huge, much needed ego boost).


13. Flirt a Lot

Who doesn’t love to be flirted with? A flirt, big or small, makes you feel special. It makes you feel wanted and needed, and most of all, attractive. Your man wants to be flirted with, whether it is the first date or the three hundred and third date. This not only makes him feel great about himself, but keeps the relationship spicy and romantic. Remember ladies: never stop doing the simple things that you did in the beginning of the relationship. That’s the best piece of advice for keeping a relationship alive. So when he tells that funny jokes, giggle and touch his arm like you did the first time. When he comes out wearing your favorite blue shirt, tell him how unbelievably handsome and muscular he looks. He needs this; and he will definitely appreciate it.


14. Keep Things Spicy

Yes, it’s time for the sex talk. Remember earlier when we made the, ‘wild in bed’ comment? Well, we meant it. Guys love this. They want a lady who can turn them on in the bedroom. If you’re not keeping things spicy and interesting, then he might get bored- and nobody wants that. Boredom only leads to two things: cheating and breakups. Try to switch things up often, whether it’s with a new outfit or a new candle, or something even freakier- it really depends on how crazy your man is and what he prefers. Ask him what kinds of things he’d like to try in the bedroom and surprise him with one of his fantasies. He will absolutely love this and won’t want to stop being with you; a little blend of lust and love.


15. Try New Things

It’s as simple as that: try new things often, in and out of the bedroom. In the bedroom, try out one of his fantasies, even if it isn’t in your comfort zone. You might find out you like it. But that’s not the only place you should be adventurous.

Let’s say your guy loves to scuba dive, but you’ve never tried it before. In fact, the thought of swimming around with fishes terrifies you. He assures you that it is tons of fun, and he will be right there next to you to guide you and protect you. With all of that reassurance, why not give it a try? You might discover a newfound love for scuba diving, and you did four great things: 1. You showed him that you are an adventurous woman who isn’t afraid to try new things. 2. You two now have something awesome you can do together often. 3. You showed him that he is your big, strong, powerful man, and by his side you can do anything. You trust him! 4. You want to explore things he likes, just because HE likes them. And that shows you really care about him, and he can’t help but admire that.

So the next time he wants to do something new and exciting, why not give it a shot?

16. Have Fun Together

This goes along with trying new things. But even if it’s something you’ve already done a million times before, HAVE FUN! Nobody wants to be stuck in a boring relationship, right? So keep things interesting and always have fun, whether you’re just playing video games on the couch together or going deep sea fishing. Being fun will keep you both happy and positive, which will only make the relationship grow tremendously.


It may seem like a challenge, but getting your man to say those three special words ‘I love you’ may be easier than you think. Just remember to keep a sweet, fun, and spontaneous attitude and always be yourself. Keep your trust and faith in your special someone and make him feel like the perfect guy he is. He won’t be able to resist you!


Ladies, what are some of the reasons why your man fell in love with you?


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