100 Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

By on March 1, 2014
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21. Who is your role model?

The type of role model people choose says a lot about their personality. Who do they want to live up to or be like? What type of life do they want to lead?

22. Do you believe that there is a life after death?

Since this ties in closely with someone’s religious beliefs, it should be approached in a tactful manner.

23. What magazine do you like the most?

From the New Yorker to sports magazines, learn what your boyfriend likes to read. Does he have favorite books? Favorite articles and novels can be a great source of conversation topics and a bonding experience for both partners.

24. Do you believe in marriage?

In modern times, many couples choose to live together without getting married. This type of common law arrangement is growing increasingly common in Europe. Knowing if your boyfriend believes in the idea of marriage is important before you get too involved.

25. Do you have any siblings?

Once you bring up the topic of siblings, you can discuss if they are older or younger. Couples that last have successful relationships and marriages are more likely to discuss their childhood and family together.


26. Are you lazy?

If they are not lazy, you can always talk about what your worst traits are. This can be illuminating about your boyfriend’s personality and can give you advance warning for problems that you should watch out for.

27. What religion do you belong to?

It may not matter at the beginning of the relationship, but you will need to know his religion someday. If you get married, you will both need to know if you both believe in the same thing or if one partner can change their religion.

28. Do you cook?

More importantly, does he like to cook? If you are together for long, you will want to know if he expects you to do all of the cooking.

29. Are you still in touch with your school friends? Do you have a lot of friends?

If you have not met his friends already, you may want to find out more information about them. It will help you to contextualize the stories he tells about growing up and help you learn more about the people that he spends his free time with.

30. Are you impulsive? What was the last thing that you did that was impulsive?

Impulsive moments and actions can indicate what he cares about or how he acts in a certain situation.

31. Do you enjoy eating at restaurants?

This will show where you can expect your dates to be at. Hiking trips or candlelight dinners at home are always positive alternatives for the man who hates going out to restaurants.


32. Is money important to you?

If money is important to him, you can be certain that family expenses will be calculated together. In addition, it could be a sign that he will be working late when the opportunity come sip.

33. How important is your family?

Discussing family can be a way to grow closer to each other.

34. What is the largest purchase you have ever made?

For most people, the response is there car or a house. Unless he has a favorite hobby that is expensive, a vehicle will most likely be his most expensive purchase.

35. How tall is your ideal girlfriend?

Even if you are not the perfect height, it could still end up being a good relationship.

36. How many credit cards do you have?

This may not be important at first, but you will need to know his financial situation if things get serious. In many states, you will take on his debt as well if you become married in the future.

credit card

37. What personality traits do you want in a partner?

Often, people want the same traits in a partner that they have. Outgoing individuals want an outgoing mate while intellectuals will gravitate toward other intellectuals. Out of the list of traits, which ones do they care the most about.

38. Are you religious? Do you pray regularly?

In long-term relationships, religion is one of the most important things to hold in common. Unless both partners are very open, having a religious view that is similar to one another will make the relationship go much smoother.

39. Do you want to marry someone who belongs to the same religion?

If it is true love, this requirement may be overlooked. For many people, finding a spouse that is the same religion is important.


40. How is your relationship with your siblings?

When one partner is extremely family-oriented, it can seem strange to have a boyfriend who isn’t. Figuring out family dynamics in advance can help the relationship become smoother.

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