10 Signs You are Having a Boy

By on September 22, 2016

Having a baby is one of the biggest moments in your life. That’s why it’s so understandable that so many people want to know just what they’re having. Sure, you can get an ultrasound. But even then, you have to wait weeks to find out!

However, there are a few things you can do to know whether or not you’re having a boy. Since some couples even decide to wait until the actual birth to know what they’re having, it’s still fun to make guesses based on some of the signs below that can give you clues as to what you’re having. It’s even more fun if you place a bet on it!

  1. You carry them lower

Although there’s no science behind this technique, there are so many people who swear by this method because it has a high success rate. If you’re carrying your baby lower on your body, there’s more of a chance that you’ll have a boy than a girl. This was a trick used way back before ultrasounds were even around and it was a very popular method in determining which sex you’d be having because it really did work most of the time. This method is harder in shorter women, however, because their torso is so short the belly looks to be both high and low.

  1. You get cold feet

No, this isn’t about having a baby in general. This is when you literally get cold feet. There is a scientific reason for this one, actually. When you have a boy, for whatever reason, your circulation is worse than when you’re having a girl. Therefore, if you have cold feet and hands often, you’re more than likely having a boy.

  1. Little girls love you

If you’re around baby girls or girl toddlers and they all just seem to LOVE being around you all the time, it may be because you’re having a boy. This goes back to the way our DNA is made for us to seek out a possible mate as early on as possible. Those babies and little girls may like you so much simply because their pheromones can detect that you’re having a boy – AKA, a possible future mate.

  1. Your right boob is bigger

There really isn’t too much science to this and it’s also hard to detect because all women have different sized boobs already, but there are women who swear by this method. The idea is that if your right boob develops to be bigger during your pregnancy than your left, then you’re having a boy! Now, this is specifically interesting to many women because naturally, most women have a larger left breast simply because it’s closer to the heart. So if your right boob really does grow bigger, it’s more likely to be a boy.

  1. You don’t crave sweetness

This is another method that doesn’t have science backing it up, but there are women all over the world who guarantee it means you’re having a boy. This idea is that if you don’t crave sweet things but instead all you want is savory food then you’re most likely having a boy. However, this can be really hard to tell if you’re someone who naturally doesn’t really like sweets all that much. Either way, it’s worth noting!

  1. Check the Chinese birth chart

There is a birth chart that exists and has been used for over 700 years. This chart was discovered in a royal tomb and is said to be able to predict the gender of your baby based on your age and the month you conceived the baby. So if you really want to know what you’re having before you’re able to get an ultrasound to find out, try out the chart and see if it really works!

  1. Heartbeats under 140

This is actually science based and a great way to tell if you’re having a boy or a girl. Truth be told, girl fetuses have a naturally higher heartbeat than boys. So the next time you’re in for an ultrasound and want to know the sex of your baby but can’t see on the screen, ask them what they’re heartbeat is! Just be warned that it’s not 100% accurate because each fetus is completely different and the different stages of development can change their heartbeat.

  1. Your belly is round instead of oval

This is another old legend that doesn’t have much science to it, but nevertheless, people use it in order to determine what they’re having. Before ultrasounds were around, women used to tell they were having a boy based on how round their belly was. If it resembled having a basketball underneath it, chances are it would be a boy. If it looked much more oval than round, it would probably be a girl.

  1. You don’t gain very much weight

This is another theory based on many different women’s experiences but nothing that’s too factual. There have been so many women claim that when they had a boy, they didn’t gain very much weight at all but when they had a girl they gained a whole lot more in a lot more places. If you’re having a boy and gain weight, it’s usually only around your belly whereas your weight gain by a girl is gained elsewhere – like your face, arms, and legs. However, there’s no science to support this so be warned that it may not be completely accurate.

  1. Ring on a string

This method is very old and it’s more of a wise tale than anything else. However, people still do this in order to determine if they’re having a boy or a girl. All you have to do is take an old ring (most use their wedding ring), tie it on a string, and then hold it over our belly. If the ring moves in a circular motion, you’re having a boy!

Now that you know how to tell what you’re having, go out there and place some bets! How many of you have tried these and guessed correctly?

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