Top 20 Hottest Guys from the Philippines

By on September 9, 2013
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No other country in Asia has such a culturally diverse past and present as the Philippines. What, you want proof? You better go back to working on your History—or better yet to reading this post (warning: uncontrollable screaming and giggling may ensue)! Three centuries under Spain, colonial decades with Japan and America and an open approach to other cultures spawned beautiful mestizos. Nevertheless, several others with strong Malay blood could be just as handsome… and hot!

As a tribute to the virile beauty of Filipino men, I made up this list that was frankly difficult to put in order! So to say, this was formed from opinions of a few (blushing, swoony) people and while your version might differ, there’s no denying that the demigods on this list are definitely heaven-sent to women.

(Disclaimer: The following pictures might elicit electric tingles in your body. That’s normal. But they do not belong to me or to this blog. All rights belong to their respective owners.)


20. Christian Bautista


 Why He’s Hot: Those dreamy, chinky eyes and sweet, sweet baritone voice! He is the type of guy a girl would definitely want to introduce to her parents over dinner. It’s not only because of his famous-balladeer status but because he really looks nice and classy!

Birth Date: October 19, 1981

His Story: Christian first caught public attention when he joined the now defunct Filipino singing contest Star in a Million. Though he only won fourth place in the finals, it was apparent from the beginning that was definitely star material with his swoon-inducing combo of good looks and pleasant voice. His fame reached neighboring countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. His critically-acclaimed local stage play roles earned him a top spot in the Singaporean musical drama series The Kitchen Musical.


Sexiest Moments: Every dang time he sings! I don’t have a problem lusting after him in his crooning suit-and-tie self but come on, we don’t mind him singing shirtless either!

Love Life: He recently broke up with Romanian-Chinese Carla Dunareanu who was his co-star in The Kitchen Musical. If there’s excitement that went after sorrow with this news, that’s totally understandable.

 19. Erwan Heussaff


Why He’s Hot: Filipino-French Erwan comes off with a confident, mysterious persona one will never guess he used to weigh as much as 240 lbs. And this must be why his blog The Fat Kid Inside is highly successful: he’s a real charming guy who did have his own struggles. This Capricorn “will eat anything, really anything” and tries to visit three new countries every year. Such passion gives depth to this sporty, self-made chef.

Birth date: January 10, 1987

His Story: He seems to be turning down acting and modeling offers and yet Erwan still made a name of his own. And for someone who has a fast-rising sister (Solenn Heusaff) who is exhibiting marvelous potential in acting, singing, dancing and fashion, and has a superstar girlfriend (Anne Curtis), that is really, really something.



Sexiest Moments: An Erwan in suit and tie looks just as delicious as a rum based black forest cake with cherries on top—intoxicatingly sweet and exciting. And he’s so sexy he could pass off as a Christian Grey!

Love life: Erwan is in a steady relationship with Anne since 2009. Yep, this yummy hunk is currently off the menu, girls!

 18. Aljur Abrenica


 Why He’s Hot: His confidence in taking mature roles and showing off  the muscular body he worked so hard to achieve is downright admirable. He has been consistently named as one of the top sexiest Filipino men! Moreover, this gym buff uses the attention and exposure as an “advocate of healthy living.” Well, this guy is smoking hot but at the same time cool!

Birth Date: March 24, 1990

His Story: Aljur is a product of the over-all talent competition StarStruck. Vying against thousands of aspiring artists from all throughout the country, the then 17-year-old Aries eventually got crowned as the Ultimate Hunk. And judging just by these pictures about six years later, he truly lived up to that award!


Sexiest Moments: Aljur as a nearly naked tribal warrior in the primetime series Machete catered to thousands of female fantasies! Who can help themselves with this body and charm?

Love Life: Aljur is currently in a relationship with the beautiful Kylie Padilla whom he met at a martial arts workshop for a TV show.

 17. Matteo Guidecelli

Matteo-Guidicelli (1)

Why He’s Extra Hot: A racer? That is so sexy. A racer with an inclination to the arts? Now, that is so romantic! This guy is also a triathlete… and can also act and sing!

Birth Date: March 26, 1990

His Story: This half-Italian first came into the limelight when he was only an 11-year-old racer. He is a three time Karter of the Year awardee! Imagine this: a hunky figure slips out from a badass race car. Then as he removed his helmet, you find yourself staring into a handsome dude with a pleasant smile and sun kissed skin (so hot will melt your popsicle!). But he is not your usual jock; this sporty dude attended acting workshops in the New York Academy and pursued a B.A. in performing arts in musical theater in Columbia College in Chicago.

 Matteo-Guidicelli (2)

Sexiest Moments: Matteo can sweep any lady off her feet with just his wide, charming smile but it must be totally heart-stopping to see him run a marathon with a body-tight suit, sweat dripping from his angelic face to his muscular arms…  Hey, our imaginations can run (wild) too!

Love life: In an interview just July this year, Matteo said that he is “very single, content and happy.” So are we, Matty, so are we!

 16. Enchong Dee


Why He’s Hot: He is a SEA (Southeast Asia) Games medalist! He used to be called halimaw (or monster) by his teammates because of his unbelievable speed. Besides, Enchong is notorious among showbiz authorities as one of the most hardworking actors. Doesn’t that discipline just turn you on?

Birth Date: November 5, 1988

His Story: Enchong only appeared as a guest in a talk show. The next thing he knew, he was already an endorser for big time companies such as KFC and Timex. But he’s too cute for billboards he eventually made it into the TV and silver screen and winning acting awards! With that warm, friendly disposition and eyes that disappear when he smiles, it’s easy to see how he charmed his way to become one of Philippine’s brightest stars.



Sexiest Moments: Enchong’s boy-next-door image and acting skills are irresistible but it’s hands (or skirts) down when he dances! He’s oozing with appeal when he shows off his athletic grace with the beat!

Love Life: Well according to his interview with PEP (Philipine Entertainment Portal), Enchong is too focused with his career to have a love life but he’s hoping that’ll come in “God’s time.” We’ll hope along with you Enchong!

  15. Richard Guttierez


Why He’s Hot: Also a host, a big screen matinee idol and a bankable endorser of numerous products and fashion line, Richard also shows interest in studying directing or producing. He is definitely more than just his ruggedly handsome face and his well-sculpted body…although we have a hard time reminding ourselves about that especially when staring into those pictures.

Birth Date: January 21, 1984

His Story: Richard’s father is an actor while his mother is a talent manager. In fact, Richard’s siblings are also into show business: he has a beauty queen sister and a twin (yes, that’s right) who is into hosting. Richard started as a child star and worked his way from supporting roles. His big break came when he played the lead roles of a series of fantasy dramas. Since then, he became a mainstay in primetime soap operas.


Sexiest Moments: Though Richard’s latest movie Seduction didn’t sell as much as he wanted to, this Capricorn was dauntless in engaging with erotic scenes in the big screen.  He did lots of passionate kissing and even showed off his butt! His courage to play the risky role is nothing short of sexy!

Love Life: Richard currently has a girlfriend who is rumored to have secretly given birth to his baby in another country. Hmmm… I guess we’ll have to wait and take it as “rumor” for now.

 14. Xian Lim


Why He’s Hot: Xian is relatively a newcomer and what he has achieved is truly admirable. It must have either taken a really excellent feng shui or a really charming face, a striking personality and some good talent (this Cancer also plays the trombone and the classical piano). And I dare say it’s the latter!

Birth Date: July 12, 1989

His Story: Chinese-Filipino Xian only came into the limelight in 2009 but even then, all he got mostly were minor roles. It wasn’t until Binondo Girl, a primetime romantic comedy drama that he became a household name. His charm and chemistry with the female lead (and also rumored girlfriend), Kim Chiu was so explosive that fan bases almost literally sprouted overnight!


Sexiest Moments: Shirtless Xian is the sexiest Xian! This Cancer has no qualms in showing his well-toned buns!

Love Life: Xian only had one serious relationship which lasted for four years. Oh dear goodness, this guy is a keeper! But celebration has got to be postponed because he is currently in an “exclusively dating” status with Kim. Whatever that means.


13. Gerald Anderson


Why He’s Hot: He’s also a newbie in the showbiz industry but Gerald shows tremendous promise. He exhibits incredible passion and versatility as evidenced by with his memorable roles: an military dude loving the same woman as his brother, a mentally challenged boy and a hit man (to which he volunteered to shave his eyebrows to suit the role). His recent movie On the Job received a standing ovation during the Cannes Film Festival!

Birth Date: March 7, 1989

His Story: This half-American first captured the Filipino audience in 2006 when he participated in Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition. Though he only bagged third Big Placer in the show, something bigger was in store for him: a great acting career. Only a year after, he landed his first big role as a leading man in a drama series. His performance was critically-acclaimed and from then on, more offers for TV shows, movies and endorsements came pouring in.

 gerald-anderson2 gerald-anderson-3

Sexiest Moments: Any dramatic moment when Gerald comes off as really angry or heartbroken is sexy. It just carries you away, you know. He’s that good. And then there are these shirtless moments of him…

Love Life: Gerald is currently in a relationship with Filipina actress Maja Salvador. Though lots of girls out there are incredibly saddened and jealous, we’d just have to wish him luck!

  12. Jake Cuenca


Why He’s Hot: This American-blooded dude is comfortable with being sexy… and that is perhaps the sexiest thing about him! He’s been wearing underwear in billboards and catwalks for as long as I can remember and his hotness just doesn’t cool down!

Birth Date: December 30, 1987

His Story: Jake also started out as a child star and became a face for commercials and print ads including Coca-Cola. He returned to mainstream television as a teen star but had to wait until 2008 to finally get his own primetime show Palos. This action drama showcased Jake’s action drama skills, his acting chops and his sexiness when it comes to hot physical scenes. No doubt he was cast into leading men roles after it.  Furthermore, Jake is also into boxing and mixed martial arts. He is also a football player for Team Socceroo.



 Sexiest Moments: Any kissing or love scene! There’s something gentle and vulnerable in Jake’s handsome face when he’s about to kiss a girl on TV. You could almost feel your heart skip a beat for the soft expression in his eyes and his parted lips.

Love life: Currently, Jake is courting actress Jessy Mendiola. But they’re not official yet. And rumors say he’s got tough competition. Yes, he’s still technically single!

 11. Coco Martin


Why He’s Hot: Coco has an Actor of the Decade award on his belt! But who would have guessed he once worked as a janitor in Canada? His persistence and patience only adds up to his disarmingly cute appeal! And not to mention those dark, low brows, chinky eyes and thin upper lip!

Birth date: November 1, 1981

His Story: Hailing from the province, Coco first appeared onscreen in 2001 but it wasn’t until 2006 when he won a Best Actor Award that he was plummeted into a higher level of stardom. He did a lot of independent movies which mostly dealt with risky, explicitly sensual roles and was eventually branded as the Prince of Philippine Independent Films. With such acting prowess, he eventually made it to the TV screen and became a household name. Currently, he has one primetime show after another, showcasing his capacity in the drama, comedy and action genres.


 Sexiest Moments: Coco Martin wearing only underwear and his famous charming, innocent smile would make any girl jittery and weak in the knees. And it’s totally understandable to have such fantasies right? Come on, tell me if these pictures don’t justify such wild thought!

Love Life: Though being linked to many beautiful and talented artists, Coco maintains that he is single and focused with his career. Haha, bring out the champagne!

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