60 I Miss You Quotes for Him

By on October 8, 2014

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When you are truly in love, it can seem nearly impossible to be away from your boyfriend for even a few hours. Distance and time apart can be one of the most painful things that you have ever experienced. While he is away, you can brighten his day by sending him love messages. By letting him know that you are still thinking about him, you can increase your communication level and make him smile. Use these I miss you quotes to let him know just how much he means to you.

i miss you

1. Everyday we are apart causes me to miss you more and I realize just what you mean to me.


2. I wish that I could be held by you just for just one moment. When I am with you, the world stops. All that exists for me is you, and your arms wrapped around me. Be my world?

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3. I keep wondering if I am on your mind tonight. Each person is supposed to have five dreams each night. In a year, that is thousands of dreams. Is at least one of those dreams about me?

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4. Although you are gone from my gaze, you are still before my mind’s eye. Is it possible that you really are as amazing and beautiful as you are in my memories? Return to me, my love, and remind me of just how wonderful you are.

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5. When we are apart, I miss you as much as the morning sun misses the night sky.


6. My hands miss your embrace. My lips miss your touch. Every part of my body aches to be with you again and conspires against me as I wait for you. Even worse is the thought that we may live to see ourselves apart for so long.


7. People who die or are torn apart by great tragedy are the lucky ones. They are not forced to count the hours apart, knowing that they will be away from your side for so long.

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8. With you gone, I am listless and lonely in the night. As I wander from my room, I take a moment to look out on the bright stars and luminous moon. These glowing orbs console me with the knowledge that you, too, stand gazing at the same moon.


9. Every day, I miss you a little bit more. I miss you, my love. Will you be my Mister?


10. Even when we are apart for so long, I never have to miss you greatly. I just look inside my heart and find the memory of your touch to keep me warm.


11. The only thing that keeps me going when we are apart is the thought of what it will be like once you return home. Hurry up and come back!

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12. From the meadow to the stream, I wander in search of you. For now, it seems that you have departed from my gaze. Sweet love of mine, return to my arms.



13. There is nothing in the world that hurts more than waiting for your return. It has seemed like such a long time that I forget that I am waiting anymore.

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14. When one person is gone, it can seem like the entire world has disappeared when you truly love that person.

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15. The longer we have been apart, the more that people have told me that being with you is wrong. They say that you should be forgotten because you do not deserve me. They may be right that you do not deserve me, but I deserve you.


16. For true love, even the longest of distances can be bridged. Although you are far from me for now, we will be close together once again.


17. When you are with me, it is like a dream floating before my eyes. Now, I have to live through the nightmare of being without you.


18. You asked me what was wrong earlier and I lied when I told you that everything is fine. In reality, nothing is the way it should be. I miss having you with me and by my side. Come home soon, love.

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19. Days of absence go by so slowly. Each day seems wrapped in a dark shroud of weariness. The man I love is far from me and the very sky cries tears of longing.


20. You did not treat me right when you were here. After all that you have put me through, leaving is the last straw. Come home and stop avoiding my life.

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