60 I Miss You Quotes for Him

By on October 8, 2014

When you are truly in love, it can seem nearly impossible to be away from your boyfriend for even a few hours. Distance and time apart can be one of the most painful things that you have ever experienced. While he is away, you can brighten his day by sending him love messages. By letting him know that you are still thinking about him, you can increase your communication level and make him smile. Use these I miss you quotes to let him know just how much he means to you.

i miss you

1. Everyday we are apart causes me to miss you more and I realize just what you mean to me.

2. I wish that I could be held by you just for just one moment. When I am with you, the world stops. All that exists for me is you, and your arms wrapped around me. Be my world?

3. I keep wondering if I am on your mind tonight. Each person is supposed to have five dreams each night. In a year, that is thousands of dreams. Is at least one of those dreams about me?

4. Although you are gone from my gaze, you are still before my mind’s eye. Is it possible that you really are as amazing and beautiful as you are in my memories? Return to me, my love, and remind me of just how wonderful you are.

5. When we are apart, I miss you as much as the morning sun misses the night sky.

6. My hands miss your embrace. My lips miss your touch. Every part of my body aches to be with you again and conspires against me as I wait for you. Even worse is the thought that we may live to see ourselves apart for so long.

7. People who die or are torn apart by great tragedy are the lucky ones. They are not forced to count the hours apart, knowing that they will be away from your side for so long.

8. With you gone, I am listless and lonely in the night. As I wander from my room, I take a moment to look out on the bright stars and luminous moon. These glowing orbs console me with the knowledge that you, too, stand gazing at the same moon.

9. Every day, I miss you a little bit more. I miss you, my love. Will you be my Mister?

10. Even when we are apart for so long, I never have to miss you greatly. I just look inside my heart and find the memory of your touch to keep me warm.

11. The only thing that keeps me going when we are apart is the thought of what it will be like once you return home. Hurry up and come back!

12. From the meadow to the stream, I wander in search of you. For now, it seems that you have departed from my gaze. Sweet love of mine, return to my arms.

13. There is nothing in the world that hurts more than waiting for your return. It has seemed like such a long time that I forget that I am waiting anymore.

14. When one person is gone, it can seem like the entire world has disappeared when you truly love that person.

15. The longer we have been apart, the more that people have told me that being with you is wrong. They say that you should be forgotten because you do not deserve me. They may be right that you do not deserve me, but I deserve you.

16. For true love, even the longest of distances can be bridged. Although you are far from me for now, we will be close together once again.

17. When you are with me, it is like a dream floating before my eyes. Now, I have to live through the nightmare of being without you.

18. You asked me what was wrong earlier and I lied when I told you that everything is fine. In reality, nothing is the way it should be. I miss having you with me and by my side. Come home soon, love.

19. Days of absence go by so slowly. Each day seems wrapped in a dark shroud of weariness. The man I love is far from me and the very sky cries tears of longing.

20. You did not treat me right when you were here. After all that you have put me through, leaving is the last straw. Come home and stop avoiding my life.

21. Every day, I think how wonderful it is to truly know what beauty and wonder are. I have learned by being by you what beauty truly is.

22. Throughout this entire experience, I have learned that you can never love someone more than when they are missing. My heart may grow fonder in your absence, but it is not as happy.

23. Every move that I make and every step I take reminds me of you. From the moment I wake up in the morning, the entire world seems to exist as a perpetual reminder of what you mean to me.

24. Missing you is just a part of love. If we were never forced to be apart, I would never have been able to realize just how much I love you.

25. If someone had told me before that missing you would feel this terribly, I would have never fallen in love with you.

26. When you come home, I want you to hold me tightly and promise that you will never be gone from me for so long again.

27. At night, I pull my pillow close and close my eyes. As my mind drifts into sleep, I can pretend for a moment that it is you in my arms.

28. Getting a text from you today was like someone telling me that Christmas arrived early. It reminded me of just how much I love you—and reassured me that I was not forgotten.

29. My friends have told me that people do not stay around forever. Although I logically understand this, I cannot allow myself to let go of the memory of you.

30. At times, we may not be near each other as often as we would like. I may not be able to hold you at night or kiss your lips, but I will always love you.

31. Being away from a loved one seems like a fate worse than death. My hope of being with you is continuously frustrated. My love, your absence has brought me to the brink of despair.

32. Someone told me that what you think about during the day and before bed determines your dreams. That may explain while all of my dreams at night are of you.

33. When you are around me, your presence removes every trace of stress or tension. Your absence has transformed you into my number one stress builder.

34. I think about you for the duration of every day and the entirety of each night. Nighttime is my favorite part of the day since the only time I can see you is in my dreams.

35. Whether we are on the moon or living in a hermit’s cave, I do not care. The only thing that matters to me is that you will be with me yet again.

36. The hardest part about letting you go is realizing that you have already moved on.

37. Remind my heart to stay with me this night. While my heart may forget the warmth you gave me, I will forget your mind. Here is a prayer in hopes that my heart will stay with me so that I do not have to remember your love alone.

38. When you are in love, distance is only a number. Despite your long absence, my heart feels as close to you as ever.

39. Long ago, someone once told me that you do not understand the significance of something until it is gone. I never truly understood that sentiment until you left. Each moment of my waking life is spent missing you and wanting you to be with me again.

40. This morning I rolled over to find an empty bed. As the last vestiges of sleep left my mind, I thought for a moment that you were in the other room. This vain hope was misplaced and I realized all too soon that you had already gone.

41. I have started to count down each moment carefully. If I track the seconds perfectly, I will be able to know the exact moment when we can be together again.

42. Nighttime is the best part of my life for now. Only when I am asleep can I trick my mind into believing that you are still here.

43. Within a secret recess of my heart, there is a place that is entirely devoted to you. When you are away from me, I hide within this hidden spot and wish for your return to me.

44. There are only two times of day: when my mind is filled with thoughts of you and when it not. Oh, wait. I lied. There is only one time of day, the time when I think of you.

45. Each second stretches on for a year. I fear that I will be an old, ancient woman by the time you return.

46. Tick, tock, tick, tock. Each moment that passes finds me watching the clock. One, two, three, four. I try to resist, but I watch the door. Sometime this week or maybe next, I’ll have you with me and we’ll have sex.

47. Since you left, I have impatiently been waiting for the day that you would be with me forever.

48. If I were a witch, I would wave my wand and bring you back to me. Since I am not, you will have to perform that trick on your own. Hurry up!

49. Today, I spent deciding if I miss your kisses or your embraces more. Then, I remembered how much I love your laugh and your cute grin. Now, I am stuck trying to decide if there is a part of you that I don’t love.

50. Each second that we are apart feels like months. An hour feels like a lifetime to me. Please come back quickly or I may perish before your return!

51. Without you, I am wasting away. Hurry up and return—I need only your kiss to be revived.

52. You may not realize it, but I need you a great deal more than you think.

53. It may not always be easy to love me—I know that it is not always easy loving you. You may not realize, however, just how much I miss your presence. I need you like a plant needs water or the birds need to fly. Come home to me.

54. The hardest part of the day is the morning. No matter how much I try, I can’t shake the feeling that you should be here with me.

55. Despite the distance and the many miles between us, I feel that our love has only increased.

56. Since you left, I have felt pain in parts of my heart that I never knew were even in existence.

57. This message was supposed to be funny. I tried to find something humorous to share, but I can’t get over missing you.

58. I miss your kisses and your hugs. Come back and let me show you just how much.

59. You can never know just how much I miss you, or how much I need you by my side.

60. When you were here, I didn’t spend enough time with you or see you as often as I wanted to. Having to be apart from you has reminded me of my need to prioritize my life. You are the most important thing in the world to me, and I need to show you that.

With these I miss you quotes for him, you can show your boyfriend, lover or significant other just how much they mean to you. Ranging from humorous to poetic, these quotes are an excellent way to remain in touch when you are far apart.

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