40 Questions for Couples

By on October 3, 2014

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When you first meet your date, you want to look your best. Questions about important topic, embarrassing matters or controversial subjects may be avoided so that the date goes well. Unfortunately, this can set you up for failure in the future. As the relationship progresses, you will end up discovering things about each other that you never hoped to find out.


Instead of suddenly discovering something unpleasant during an argument or following moving in together, you should ask these questions in advance. Each question helps you to learn more about your other half and what they think. Likewise, it prevents your relationship from becoming boring or stagnant.


1. How often do you think we should have sex?

passion lovers

Although most men will just tell you “more”, you can temper his answer down to an actual. By finding out his expectations, you can prevent disagreements in the bedroom from occurring.


2. Is there anything about me that I should change?


If you plan on asking this question, you should also be prepared to hear the answer.



3. What is the first thing you notice when you first see a woman?

first met

This offers a hint of what originally interested him in you—or the specific assets that you should highlight when you get dressed.


4. Have you ever snooped on my phone or computer?


Before it goes any farther, you need to know if you can trust him. Just keep in mind that trust is shared. If you are snooping on him, it is unfair to expect him not to look through your personal e-mails.


5. Which days do you think we had the best sex?

Ask him to tell you five of his favorite sexual experiences with you. Figure out what they have in common and recreate the heat!


6. How do you describe me to others?

meet friends


This is an excellent way to see what he really thinks of you.


7. Do you believe that making love and having sex are different?


If he thinks that these are the same things, it could explain a lot about his approach to having sex.


8. What is your most embarrassing moment?


Make sure to emphasize the word “most”. When you first started dating, he may have been uncomfortable telling you his most awkward secrets. Now, he should be better prepared to open up.


9. If we had never met each other, what do you think you would be doing today?

This can be illuminating about what he wants in life, or it could also indicate that he already considers what he would be doing without you.


10. Do you think physical looks are the most important factor in creating a healthy relationship?


Find out if he believes that love, looks or friendship matter more for the creation of a relationship.


11. Do you ever masturbate?

This can be fairly illuminating. It is an often ignored aspect of a relationship, but a topic that will be broached at some point.


12. Do you ever think about something else during sex?

Although there may be questions that you feel awkward about asking, it can be a worthwhile thing to do.


13. Was there anything that you were particularly worried about on the first time that we had sex?

Although it is fairly normal to worry about a new person seeing you naked, other fears or thoughts may be unusual.


14. What is your favorite thing to do with me sexually?

If you want him to have a good experience in bed over the duration of your relationship, you should find out what turns him on the most.


15. How old were you for your first kiss or to have sex?


Some people mature at an extremely young age. Learning how he old he was for these major life events indicates the type of childhood he had and his values.


16. Tell me a sexual fantasy about us that you have never mentioned before.

Sex may not be the only thing in your relationship, but it can be a fairly important aspect of it.


17. What is the most erotic thing that we can do in bed together?

Like question number 16, this question helps you to figure out better ways to enjoy your time in bed and also ensures that you both are on the same page sexually.


18. If you caught your friend cheating on their wife, would you tell their wife?

This is an extremely important question because it reveals his attitude toward cheating and his personal boundaries.


19. What is the most awkward moment that you have ever had?

Even if you two were meant for each other, it is still possibly for minor stories from your life to be forgotten. Asking questions like this ensures that you share most or all of your stories.


20. How old were you the first time that you thought you were in love?


Once your relationship has progressed, it is possible to talk about early loves or high school girlfriends without feeling envious.

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