10 Body language ideas to try on your crush

By on December 12, 2013


Your body can say a lot and send a lot of messages to your crush long before you ever say the first word. So know what your body is saying and how you can use your body language to attract your crush and let him know you are interested.


Point your body toward him

Facing someone shows you are interested and paying attention. When your crush is in the room, try to position your body so you face him, even if you two are not talking. This can make it easier for him to realize you are noticing him and paying attention. It is also easier to catch his eye when you are facing him already. Once you turn and face him, you are opening yourself up and you will be a little more approachable to him.


Lock eyes with him

Locking eyes with your crush usually ends with you breaking gaze quickly. Try holding that stare for just a few seconds before you look away. Do this three times, and he is sure to take notice of you and realize you are interested. One time and it will be dismissed. Two times and he will begin to think something is up. Three times and he will likely get the hint that you are trying to get his attention.


Keep your hands open and visible

This body language tips touché son the subconscious mind. When approaching a crush one may feel a little scared. This stems from the subconscious fear of behind hurt physically from the encounter. You may not realize it but that is part of the fear you feel when approaching a crush. By keeping your hands open and where they can be seen you are sending a message to the other individual that you are not going to hurt them and that you are unarmed.


Fiddle with your hair

Whether you have long or short hair, fiddling with it will draw attention to you. It directs attention to your face and neck and is also the type of movement that catches people’s eye very easily. It is also universally seen as a flirty move when it accompanies locking eyes with someone. So adding this to your list of body language tactics can help give your guy a clear signal that you are interested in them!


Mirror their body language

Mirroring your crush’s body language will really drive home the message that you are flirting. It will catch his attention when he realizes you are mimicking his moves and his own body language. It will also show you are paying attention to him because you can copy what he is doing.  Whether you’re trying to get him to notice you or if you are sitting beside him and talking to him, mirroring can help both of you to connect with each other!


Accidental touches

This is useful if you and your crush spend a lot of time together or in the same area. Students use this a lot to get their crush’s attention during study labs, in the library, during lunch, or anywhere else they happen to be. Brushing hands, bumping shoulders, fingers touching, these little touches can help both of your build up your confidence to the point where one of you finally gets the courage to say the first word.


Pay attention to your posture

Your posture is important and it is something to remember to keep in check when you’re trying to get your crush to notice you. Make sure you stand up straight, push your chest out and push your shoulders back. This shows off your body and make you look even more attractive. It will also give you the appearance of being confident, which many guys find as a very attractive feature.


Lean in and act interested

When your crush finally does approaches you or if you two are talking like you always do in normal activities, it is time for you to show how interested in him you really are. The best way to do this is to listen to him and act interested, and actually be interested. Leaning in is one of the best ways to show that you’re paying attention to him. People tend to subconsciously lean in when we are excited and lean back when we are not. In a boring meeting you lean back in the chair or slouch but if you are interested you are sitting up and leaning forward to take notes and listen. This reaction can help you win your crush over too.


Follow them with your eyes

Following your crush around the room can be borderline stalkerish so be sure not to overdo it or you may scare your guy away. However, done in moderation and at the right times it can be a very strong signal to let him know you are interested. When you meet his gaze regardless of where he is he will start to get the message that you like him.

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Toy with your neck

Whether it is playing with a necklace or just running your fingers along your neck, this is another move that can draw a guy’s attention. It focuses them on your neck and face. You can also play with your hair down by your neck if you have long hair. If your shirt of dress has a low collar or neckline you can run your fingers along the edge and the same effect can be achieved.

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