How to Read Body Language of Men

By on September 18, 2014

It’s not always about what someone says. In fact, most of the time it’s a person’s body language that tells the full story: what they’re after, what they’re intentions are- basically, what they are thinking. But it can be kinda tricky if you don’t know what to look for. Quit second guessing yourself and decode the man in your life with this simple guide on how to read body language of men.


The First Meeting:

  • He Leans in Towards You: When someone faces towards you and has their entire body leaning in towards you, it’s a clear sign that they are interested. Even if the two of you aren’t talking yet, if he’s leaning your way and has his face, shoulders, and stomach in your direction, you can take that as a sign he is checking you out.

lean towards


  • He Raises His Eyebrows: Now, you’ll have to be quick if you want to catch this signal. Men will raise their eyebrows (without knowing it!) immediately when they see a woman they find attractive. But this eyebrow raise happens in a split second- so make sure you’re on your guard. (If he keeps raising his eyebrows at you and pairs it with a devilish grin, he probably has some other intentions on his mind of the X-rated variety).

raise his eyebrows

  • His Toes Are Pointed Towards Each Other: Whether the two of you are just flirting from across the room or engaging in a conversation, pay attention to what his feet are doing. If his toes are pointed in towards each other, it’s a sign that he is feeling a little nervous and unconfident. If this is the case, give him a bit of reassurance so he can sit back and relax. After all, you had your eye on him for quite some time- he has no need to be nervous- and you should definitely let him know.

sit together

  • A Soft Smile: They say that a smile can say a lot about a person and how they’re feeling- it’s almost as if they can speak a million words without a single whisper- and this couldn’t be truer. While a grin off to the side may mean he’s a playful fellow only looking for a good time, a soft smile that doesn’t show too much emotion or teeth means he is definitely interested in you but he doesn’t want to show it. He might be on the shy side and doesn’t want to go overboard with how he’s feeling too soon.


  • His Legs Are Spread Apart: There’s no other way to put this than “he wants you”. He finds you crazily attractive and wants to be intimate with you. Guys do it without thinking, but if you notice your guy standing with his legs apart while talking to you, he’s certainly into you.

  • Eye Contact: We’ve all done that playful eye game: you look at him, he catches you looking, you blush, he smiles and turns away (and vice versa). If you notice the two of you playing this flirty game, he’s definitely interested. And when you DO finally start chatting, his eye contact will become more focused and last longer.

eyes contact

  • He Tilts His Head to the Side: Not only is he trying to be cute and flirty with you, he’s also giving you a signal that it’s a-okay to come over and chat with him. If you’ve been playing the eye game with him for a good while and he tilts his head- that’s your chance. Head over before the time passes!


  • He Flares His Nostrils: No, he’s not trying to look like a powerful bull to win you over. This actually happens subconsciously when a man is interested in a woman. It might be hard to tell at times, but if you notice this primal instinct come into play, you better believe he finds you attractive.
  • He Tries to Get Your Attention: This could be something as simple as fixing his hair and looking over in your direction. Or he could become obnoxiously loud and have the whole room in laughs, making sure to keep a good eye on you for the majority of his performance. If you notice this guy doing something “extra” while looking your way, you can assume he’s doing it just for you.


  • He Checks You Out: Some men check women out in a coy way. Others, who want to get your attention, will wait until your looking at them to begin scanning your body. He wants you to know that he likes what he sees.


On a Date:

  • He Holds Your Hand: Since as far back as we can remember, this has always been a tall-tell sign that a man is interested in a woman. Not only that, but he respects her and has deep feelings towards her. He could reach out and touch your hand during dinner, hold your hand while you walk around the park- pretty much anywhere. If he holds your hand, this is a very clear sign that he likes you and wants to show the whole world that you’re his woman.

 hold hand

  • He Leans in Close: This one is pretty self explanatory: if he is leaning in close, he wants to get closer to you. He wants to be a bit more intimate with you, even if there’s no kissing or touching involved. He always want you to know that he’s interested in what you have to say and wants his focus completely centered on you. Now, I think we all as women can agree that this is always a cue we’re looking for!
  • He Laughs A Lot: When someone feels comfortable and relaxed with the person they’re with, they will automatically let their guard down and feel free to be silly and goofy. This holds true for both men and women. So the next time you two are on a date, see how much he’s willing to let down his guard and have a laugh- even about something absolutely absurd and totally goofy.


  • He Messes With His Hair: If you catch your guy messing with his hair rather often, you can take that as a sign that he’s trying to look good for you. And you wouldn’t care to look good for someone you didn’t like, right? He may do it right in front of you or he may do it when he’s walking to the bathroom. Just stay on the look out for this simple gesture.

mess hair

  • He Messes With His Clothes: This actually has 2 meanings. On one hand, much like grooming his hair, he wants to make sure all of his garments are in order so he will look spick and span for you. On the other hand, this is also a slightly nervous gesture. Fidgeting is nervousness 101.
  • He Touches His Face: It’s a fact that when you’re attracted to someone, you become more sensitive- especially in the face. This can lead to him either rubbing his chin, scratching his cheek- even licking his lips. (And yes, he will certainly lick his lips instinctively if he’s intrigued by you).


  • He Slouches His Shoulders: No, he isn’t being lazy! He actually finds you utterly adorable and feels he can be totally, one hundred percent comfortable with the lady in his life.

Slouches Shoulders

  • He Has a Firm Touch: If he has a rather firm grip and can’t seem to take his hands off of you, this can only mean one thing: he wants you. Badly. Anytime, anywhere.


  • He Plays With Your Hair: A lot of women love having their hair touched. Why? Because it’s sensual. It’s relaxing. And if the man in your life is messing with your hair, he is trying to show you that he really, truly cares for you in a casual way.

 play with your hair

  • He Has a BIG Smile on His Face: We’re talking the kind of smile that makes your cheeks hurt! If he seems to have a big, bold smile on his face (with teeth showing, of course), this is a definite sign that he’s heavily enthralled by you. He just can’t get enough of you. He is totally, one hundred percent intrigued by you and he just can’t wipe the smile off of his face when you’re around.


  • He Sits on His Hands: He might be trying to control himself. I’d watch out for a guy like this! Who knows what is on his mind? 😉
  • He Puts His Arm Around You: This obviously means he is trying to get a bit closer to you, and of course he wants you to be comfortable nestled on his shoulder. On the other hand, if he’s holding his hands together, it’s a sign that he doesn’t really want you to come any closer (and there probably won’t be a second date).

arm around

  • His Legs are Crossed- Top Leg Facing You: If his legs are crossed and the top leg is facing in your direction, this means that he’s interested in you. However, if his legs are crossed and facing the opposite direction, it’s a clear sign of disinterest.
  • He Imitates You: He won’t do exactly what you do like a mime, but studies have shown that men who are very fond of the woman in their life will subconsciously do what she does. This could be anything from saying certain phrases or comments she makes often to liking the same things she does. So if he starts to sound a little bit more like you every day, don’t take it as anything wrong or weird. It’s actually an incredibly sweet gesture that you should be happy with.
  • He Keeps the Pace With You: Another thing to consider while on your date is whether or not he is staying on the same pace as you. When the two of you are walking together in the park: does he stand right next to you the whole time, or does he tend to be a bit ahead or behind you? Studies have also shown that when a man distances himself- even if it’s just something as simple as walking somewhere together- he is trying to distance himself away from the woman completely. On the other hand, if he’s keeping a steady pace with you, he enjoys your company and wants to slow down and enjoy the moment.

walk together

  • He Kisses You While Hugging You: This guy craves adventure. He is always looking for fun and excitement wherever he goes. If you land yourself a guy who does the hug-kiss combo, you are surely in for a wild ride- in AND out of the bedroom!
  • He Gives You a Soft Peck: Aww, the soft peck. So sweet and adorable, right? If he ends the date with a soft peck (or even gives you a few during the date), take it as a sign that he’s the sensitive, romantic type that truly cares for you.

soft peck

  • He Gives You a Passionate Kiss: A strong, deep, and passionate kiss that only lasts a few seconds shows that he’s the passionate type that wants to take you on a wild ride. Not to mention he’s completely enthralled by you and wants to show you how much he likes you without plunging into anything too risky. He will most likely end a date with this type of kiss!

Passionate Kiss

  • He Touches Your Sides and Back: If you catch your man’s hands wandering around your sides and lower back, you can take this as a sign that he’s interesting and feeling a bit aroused, wanting you to feel the same type of sensual intimacy as him.

arm around2

  • He Kisses You For a Long Time: If his kiss lasts longer than 10 seconds and is passionate and romantic, this is a sign that he’s been thinking about you (in an erotic way) all day long and would give just about anything to throw you down on the bed and give you the time of your life.


There you have it! Thirty different body language signs a man might do with you. Keep your eyes peeled and look for these signs the next time you’re out and about or on a date with your special someone.


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