Workwear for Women in Fashion

By on December 5, 2013

Women who consider themselves fashionable often have trouble with finding the right outfits to wear for work that will be both appropriate and fashionable. If you are one of these women struggling with what to wear, here are a few great pieces that will help you always have the perfect outfit for work.

1. Black pants

black pants

You can pair any shirt with black pants and have the perfect work attire. They also come in many comfortable fabrics with unique cuts for all day wear and style.

2. A fitted dress

a fitted dress

About knee length will be appropriate for work and great to wear in any season. In winter, it can be paired with boots and a sweater. In summer, it can be paired with sandals and a short sleeve cardigan.

3. White button down shirt

White button down shirt

Any outfit looks great with a boyish white button down shirt. You can pair this with pants or a skirt for a smart, stylish look any day.

4. Black pumps

Black pumps

These are the perfect stylish work shoe. They go with almost any outfit and look professional but also very sexy. The best news is that they can even be paired with regular outfits for a night out as well, so they have many functions. A wardrobe essential.

5. Black boots

Black boots

Where there is a need for black work shoes, there is also a need for a warmer, but stylish and smart office wear boot as well. You can pair this with the same outfits you would pair with the black pumps.

6. Khaki pants

Khaki pants

for a little more relaxed look, you can pair shirts and blouses with a pair of khaki pants.

7. Cardigan


Of course, it is always necessary to have at least one cardigan to wear to work. Many people prefer to have a warm one for winter and a short sleeved one for the summer seasons.

8. Blazer


Just like the cardigan, the blazer is a wardrobe essential for the fashionable woman in the workplace. Blazers of all colors, styles and prints are sold, so you can pair one that fits your particular style with an outfit.

9. Straight skirt

Straight skirt

You can pick out any color, print or cut, as long as it goes just below the knee. This will combine great style and a professional look. In addition, you can choose a high waist for heightened fashion.

10. Sweater


Sweaters are the perfect top to pair with anything. You should have at least one of these in your wardrobe. They come in many styles and colors, so you can pick the one that you prefer.

Black boots are my favorite workwear for women, what are yours?