10 Women of Fox News

By on November 20, 2017

Owned by the Fox Entertainment Group (part of 21st Century Fox), Fox News is also known as FNC or the Fox News Channel. It has kick-started and made the careers of many a reporter and journalist alike, but we want to pay homage to some remarkable women of Fox News. Just take a look at some of these, for example; all women with exceptional talents in their field … and a few controversies along the way!

1 – Laura Ingraham

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54-year-old Laura Ingraham is not only a radio talk show host, and an American TV show host, plus a political commentator, and author of best-selling books, but also a survivor of breast cancer. She was diagnosed with the surgery not long after getting engaged to her businessman-partner, but after admitting that she had battled with a lot of issues surrounding her diagnosis, the engagement was subsequently called off. Of course, she survived her ordeal and went on to adopt a young girl and even two young boys, and become one of the most well known and well-loved faces on TV and radio.

2 – Shannon Bream

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Very recently (Sept 2017), Fox News made the announcement that probably made Shannon Bream’s day — she was going to have her very own show. Better than that, Shannon was going to have her very own prime-time show! As well as being an occasional anchor for Fox News Sunday, Special Report with Bret Baier, she’s also the Supreme Court reporter for the network, and, on Sunday, you’ll even see her on America’s News Headquarters. That’s not all either, every weekday, you’ll find Shannon at America’s Election Headquarters.

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She hasn’t done too badly for herself at all when you bear in mind that she originally didn’t want a career in the reporting or TV world at all. In fact, she originally wanted to work in law, fest graduating in 1996 from Florida’s State University College of Law, and then heading to Tampa in the same state for her career.

3 – Ainsley Earhardt

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In 2007, Ainsley Earhardt moved to New York City to begin her career with the Fox News Channel. That wasn’t her first brush with the reporting and journalism world, however, even graduating as one of the top students within her program at USC, and being hired to work for a local CBS station before she left her studies.

4 – Uma Pemmeraju

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As well as hosting a string of specials, you will more than likely have seen Uma Pemmeraju on the Fox News Channel, taking on the role of anchor/host for America’s News Headquarters w/Uma Pemmeraju. It was while she was still studying full time at university that her reporting career began, moving from India to Texas and becoming a reporter and producer for her local San Antonia Express-News, as well as KENS-TV. Things just went from strength to strength since then, of course, and has even won awards for her news reporting and interviews with some of the most high-profile creators of news in the world.

5 – Megyn Kelly

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Currently working with NBC News, 47-year-old Megyn Kelly worked with Fox News for many years, starting in 2004, and announcing her departure in January of just this year (2017).

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Like many journalists and reporters, Megyn Kelly started out with smaller TV channels, working as general assignment reporters, before moving on to more significant news stories over time. It was in 2004 that she first applied to work for Fox News, and she’s gone from strength-to-strength in her career since then, filling on on occasion, and then contributing more to anchor-based roles. Although she has had her fair share of controversies over the years, she has pulled in some seriously impressive ratings and view-figures, such as her coverage of the story surrounding Jim Bob, Michelle, and Josh Duggar. It was estimated that over 3.09 million viewers tuned in. To give you some idea of perspective, average viewers were said to be somewhere in the region of 2.10-2.12 million.

6 – Alisyn Camerota

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At the moment, you’ll see Alisyn Camerota on CNN, rather than Fox, but it is the Fox network that perhaps gave her the best boost to her career. A novelist as well as a TV journalist, Alisyn actually had a career with Fox that spanned 16 years, originally starting out as a co-host alongside Bill Hemmer on the daily America’s News Headquarters. Then there was Fox & Friends Weekend, on which Alisyn also co-hosted, as well as becoming a program host and a correspondent too. It was just a few months after her emotional farewell to Fox that she was snapped up as a TV anchor for CNN and CNN International, and that’s where you’ll see her now.

7 – Michelle Malkin

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47-year old Michelle Malkin has been a regular face on the Fox News Channel for many years, rally with a commentary role. She’s got quite the impressive journalism career behind her, but now seems to spend the majority of her time focusing on writing, public speaking, and also blogging. An incident with The O’Reilly Factor in 2007 was the reason behind not going back to that show, but she has appeared on Fox News regularly since then, as well as having a weekly spot in Fox & Friends.

8 – Harris Faulkner

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Georgia-born Harris Faulkner has had an impressive career that originally started out seeing her freelancing for just $50 an article, for LA Weekly. It wasn’t long before she made the leap to TV, starting at KCOP-TV with an internship. Not long after that came another move, this time to North Carolina, where she worked at WNCT-TV as an anchor and reporter.

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There were a few other jobs during that time, well as presenting Fox News Live, as well as covering various roles, including Fox Report. Tere’s also Fox News Extra, and Red Eye w/Greg Gutfield, as well as Outnumbered. Of course, that all led to her own program — Outnumbered Overtime.

9 – Elisabeth Hasselbeck

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It was in the second season of Survivor that everyone learned of Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and not journalism or reporting. She’s now a TV talk show host, however, and a well-known TV personality. In 2013, she jumped ship from ABC’s The View to Fox & Friends, taking on the role of host and taking over from Gretchen Carlson. She reportedly gave the ratings a huge boost, but then left the show herself at the end of 2015 to dedicate herself and her time more to her young family.

10 – Julie Banderas

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44-year-old Julie Banderas has been a local news anchorwoman for a number of TV stations, including WLVI-TV in Massachusetts, WFSB-TV in Hartford, WNYW in NYC, and more. It was in March 2005 that she initially joined the Fox News Channel, but it wasn’t until a year later (and an on-screen “heated debate” with a Baptist Church spokesperson) at she gained a bit of media attention, initially holding the general assignment reporter role. Just two years after that, she was offered the anchor position on Fox Report Weekend, going away to have a baby in 2010. Her job title on return was the general news correspondent.

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