Why You Can’t Find Love

By on May 3, 2017

The characters on television are constantly falling in and out of love. Your friends are in relationships, and some have even married the man of your dream. It seems like everyone is finding love except you. Why can’t you find love?

If you are like most people, you want to find someone to have a loving, happy relationship with. This is a normal desire for human beings. We are naturally social creatures who like to bond with the people around us. When we can’t find the right person to be with, it can be depressing and demoralizing. Finding love will happen, but it may take some time.

Why You Can’t Find Love

There are many reasons why you cannot find love. If you look around at the world, there are many single men and women. There are also many couples. When you watch everyone dating, breaking up and finding a new partner, it can be infuriating. It seems like everyone else is finding love except you. This is probably not entirely true, but it can certainly feel like it at times.

You may not be able to find love because you are too busy at work or school to really date around. IT could also be because you lack the confidence you need to make a move and talk to the guys or gals that you like. There are many reasons why you can’t find love, but they will not help you to be happy and have a fulfilling relationship. At some point, you have to get over all of the reasons not to be with someone and find reasons why you should try to find love.

Take a look in the mirror and think about how you can change. The only real reason holding you back from love is yourself. You may be too picky about what you want, you may lack confidence or you may be holding out hope for a crush who is completely unavailable. Whatever the case, the only thing preventing you from finding love is your mind.

Take a Look at Yourself

You need to be brutally honest about yourself. What is stopping you from finding love? Some people are concerned that they are not attractive enough. Other people lack the confidence to make a move or flirt with a crush. Other people are too busy to actually play the field. All of these reasons can get in the way of finding the right person.

There are aspects of your life that you can change to make it more likely that you will find the right person. For example, imagine your current life. If you are constantly busy at work, then you will not have many opportunities to find the right romantic partner. Unless you meet the right guy at work, you may never find love. You have to make opportunities for meeting people and get out there.

What this means depends on what you like and the person you want to find. If you love hiking and the outdoors, join a running club, run a marathon or find a group that kayaks together. This will give you more opportunities to meet people. In addition, it will mean that you meet the right people. If you love the outdoors and join a hiking club, then the type of guy that you meet is also going to love being outdoors. You still might not be a perfect match, but you will at least know that you have some things in common.

Are Your Shortcomings Getting in the Way?

Perhaps you think that you are too short or you hate your nose. You may feel like you are too boring, too fat or too work-focused for someone to ever like you. You would be wrong. To start with, most of the shortcomings you see in yourself are not what the rest of the world sees. We are naturally harder on ourselves than anyone else is. You see yourself in the mirror every day and pick apart your appearance. Most people are not nearly so harsh. In addition, some of the aspects you dislike about yourself are the things that your future partner will love. Give yourself a break.

Start Looking for Love

Forget about whatever is holding you back. It is time to get out there and explore your options. While some people think that love will just come to you when the moment is right, they are generally wrong. Love can happen randomly, but that does not mean that you have to sit at home, knit and wait for Mr. Right to walk through your door. Instead of being passive, take an active role in finding the right person. Date around and meet new people. You may find that the type of qualities you thought were necessary are not what you actually want in a partner. Experiment and have fun. Before long, you will find the right person.

Get an Active Social Life

The only way you will find love is by meeting people. If you spend most of your days at work and at home, you will never encounter potential partners. You need to join a new club or start a new activity. Take a college class. Whatever you do, make sure that you are going out into the world, meeting new people and giving yourself opportunities to find someone that you like.

What About Rejection?

One of the biggest reasons why people do not make a move is because they are worried about rejection. This is a completely natural fear, but it obviously will not help you to find love. There is an excellent chance that some of the partners you ask out will turn you down. You have to learn not to take this personally. They may think that your personalities are not a match, or they may already be in a relationship. Whatever the case, try not to dwell on it too much.

If you think about it, a rejection is actually a good thing. If they went out with you anyway, you could be wasting your time on a relationship that your partner knew would not work out. Rejections hurt, but it will save you time and stress. Stay positive, meet new people and you will end up finding love sooner or later.

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