15 Reasons Why Women Date Older Men

By on November 14, 2015

Have you ever seen a woman with an older man and wondered, why? Why would she date him when she could have literally anyone her age. Well, one thing is for sure it’s a lot more common than you might think; the majority of woman actually prefer an older man. And here’s 15 reasons why:

1. Have a Solid Career
An older man is established. He’s studied in school for several years or has worked many hours at his job to create a solid career for himself. He is happy with what he does, is probably fairly high in his line of work, and makes a decent living each and every month. There’s no big financial worries and no jumping from job to job.

2, Have Their Own Place
And with a great career like his and financial stability, of course he’s going to have his own place. The woman doesn’t have to be worried about parents barging into his bedroom or arguing with annoying roommates every time she comes over for dinner. It can just be the two of them. And it’s another sign of a well-established man, and that certainly attracts the majority of women.

3, Can Carry on a Conversation
Have you ever tried to have a conversation with a younger man? As a woman, you’d probably be bored talking about comic books, sports, and the latest news regarding his beard. The older man will be able to hold a decent, intelligent, and incredibly interesting conversation throughout the night. Best of all, the conversation won’t be focused entirely on him, which is a common theme among younger men.

4. Are More Intellectual
This goes hand in hand with number 3, but the older man is intellectual. He is smart. He is filled with knowledge and can keep your mind intrigued for hours on end.

5, Act Like Gentlemen
Most young men still haven’t learned how to act like a gentlemen. Yes, they MAY open the door for you, but would they ever dream of opening the CAR door for you as well? Drop their jacket over a puddle so you don’t get your shoes wet? Treat you like the beautiful queen you are? Probably not. Older men have learned the tricks of the trade and don’t just act like gentlemen because they have to, but because they want to!

6. Respect Her
An older man respects women. He isn’t in a constant search for his next lady of the night to brag about to his friends the next morning. He doesn’t mind kissing your hand in public. He doesn’t call you names or treat you like another one of the guys. He respects you to the fullest!

7. Ready for a Relationship
Here’s a big one, and ladies you know EXACTLY what I am talking about here. Young men are almost always not ready for a REAL relationship. They might want to mess around for a month or two, but anything longterm sends them running for the hills. The older man wants a real, solid relationship that can possibly last a lifetime. They’re looking for their soulmate, not their next fling.

8. Communicate Well on All Levels
The immaturity of younger guys can make it hard for them to share their feelings, be honest about certain things, or be open about what’s on their mind and what’s going on in their life; and that’s just annoying. Women want to hear their men communicate on all levels, from simple conversations to expressions of love, talking about feelings to sharing the struggles in their life.

9. He Will Pay
I’m not saying that if a woman is with an older man she is automatically a gold digger, but let’s just be honest: if he’s older, he’s probably established and has financial stability, so he’s not going to ask you to split the check.

10. Ahem.. Experienced in the Bedroom
Ladies, I’m sure we can all agree that there’s nothing more horrendous and boring then a night in the bedroom with a young man that has no clue what he’s doing. It’s one of those ‘regret’ nights we just don’t talk about. An experience like that may lead you wanting an older man because of their experience in the bedroom that will actually leave you satisfied.


11. He’s Handsome
Young or old, sometimes a woman just wants to be with a man because he’s unbelievably handsome.

12. Makes Her Feel Younger
This is probably more common among men, but hey, women do it too! If dating an older man means she can feel younger and better about herself, then why not.

13. She Wants to Switch it Up
Maybe she is just sick and tired of dating men her own age (or maybe even younger than her). Maybe she has been in plenty of short, dull relationships, where the man wasn’t really ready for a relationship or her heart was broken for no reason at all. Perhaps she’s bored of idle conversations and hanging out in a guys bedroom watching silly television shows with a beer. She wants to try something totally new to see if she has any better results, so she decides to switch it up and date an older man! Who would blame her?

14. It’s ‘Taboo’
Some women are intrigued by the thrill of being with an older man. It has a certain ‘taboo’ appeal that some women simply can’t resist.

15. It Just Works
So, just like with any other person, sometimes you just ‘click’. Sometimes there is just an amazing connection right from the start. You meet him, he sweeps you off your feet, and he can’t get enough of you. There’s no way around it: the two of you were made for each other and the relationship and conversation and connection never fizzles. In this situation, it just works. You don’t care about their age and he doesn’t care about yours. You see right through the numbers and love each other no matter what!

Have you ever dated an older man? What was your experience?

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