When to Say I Love You

By on May 13, 2014


“I love you”. It’s just a simple three word sentance, right? So why does everyone go into a panic when they have to say it? I mean, it’s only one of the most important sentances you’ll ever say in your entire life, no big deal. It’s the moment when you put your heart on your sleeve, let all your emotions and feelings out, and put everything on the line to your partner. Knowing when the right time to say “I love you” is imperative, as timing is everything and could make a potential horrifying and awkward situation turn out lovely- you know, a story that you will tell your grandkinds many moons from now.


 1. After Several Dates..At Least 5 

Sometimes people make the mistake of saying “I love you” way to soon, which makes for an extremely awkward situation where you appear very needy and desparate. It’s important that you wait at least 5 dates (or more) before relaying this important message onto your partner. However, if your first five dates happened in a single week this doesn’t apply to you. In this case, you should wait the usual time of 3 to 6 months before saying anything that serious.

2. If He Asks for Your Opinion Often

Men are used to deciding things for themselves, so when he starts asking his signfiicant other for their opinion often, this usually means they are getting pretty serious about her. If he is starting to ask your opinion about things- whether it’s the tie he should wear to the office or if he should take the new CEO job offer- it could very well mean he’s falling for you.

3. If He Listens and Cares About What You Say

You know those guys who just sit there, looking around the room, not really caring about what you’re saying? Yeah, that guy doesn’t love you. But the man who is genuinely interested in what you have to say and cares about your day or things you feel the need to discuss is definitely a guy that is into you.


4. After He’s Shown You He Loves You

Is he jumping leaps and bounds to make you happy? Is he putting together extravagant dates and sappy love poems to see you smile? If he is trying to make you fall in love with him, there is a really good chance he DOES love you- he just doesn’t want to come right out and say it.

5. You’ve Met His Family and Friends

Majority of men won’t even consider bringing their girlfriend around friends and family members until they are serious about her. So if you’ve met the ones he is closest to, he is probably got a good feeling about you and is sure his friends and family members will love you just as much as he does.

6. …..And They Like You

Just like it’s important to meet his close friends and relatives, it’s also important that they LIKE you. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be yourself 100 percent just to get people to like you. If he likes you for the person you are, it’s almost guaranteed those closest to him will too. There are those weird times, though, when a friend or family member dislikes the new girl and does everything in their power to get him to dump you- it’s horrible, but it’s true.


7. You’ve Spent a Holiday Together

Holidays are meant to be spent with the ones you are closest to, right? You all gather together to enjoy an important day out of the year. And if you were added to the exclusive guest list, he must be feeling very secure and serious with you. Whether it’s Easter, a birthday, or Christmas, it doesn’t matter. A holiday is a holiday and if he wanted to celebrate it with you, he’s probably falling for you.

8. You’ve Talked About Long Term Things

When you’re not serious about someone, you don’t even bring up the future- even something simple like going to a concert at the end of the year. But if the two of you are making plans for the future, near or far, this is an obvious sign he wants something long term and is probably falling in love with you.

9. When You’ve Reached a Certain Comfort Level

People who have been in a relationship for quite some time (or just simply clicked since the near beginnings) just have a certain comfort level you don’t find in brand new couples. And comfort levels don’t just happen- they take time and effort, and of course, love. If you two are totally comfortable with each other, there’s probably plenty of sparks between you guys that aren’t going to fizzle anytime soon.

10. When You’ve Found out a lot About Him

It’s a rule of thumb: you can’t fall in love with someone without knowing plenty about them. And if you’ve ever heard of someone falling in love at first sight, you probably heard them say that later on they found at the guy likes to smoke or drink (or something of the sorts) which turned them off immediately. The more you know about a man, the more you can determine whether or not you love him fully- so find out as much as you can before taking the plunge.


11. If He’s Always Happy Around You

Someone who is in love has that ‘in love smile’, where they just seem to be giggly and smiling all the time with butterflies in their stomach. Even thinking about his love will make a man smile intently, and if this sounds like your guy, there’s a very good chance that he is falling in love with you.

 12. When the Time is Right

Like we said before, timing is everything. You don’t want to blurt out “I love you” in the middle of an argument, or when you’re at a concert and it’s extremely loud, or when there’s a lot of people around. Wait for the perfect time, when the passion is flowing and it’s just the two of you. You could be having a romantic dinner on the beach, laying under the stars in the back of his truck, or just hanging out having a great time watching a movie on the couch. It’s whenever YOU feel is the perfect time, but remember one thing: don’t expect an immediate response and never say sorry for the way you feel. He could simply be in shock!


Think before you say the big L word. Does he seem happy around you and interested in what you say? Do you know his family and friends? Does he do things to make you smile? If you answered yes to any of these questions and you’re sure you’re in love with your man, wait for the perfect time and let him know. The worst thing you could do is wait TOO long and miss your chance altogether!

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