7 Things A Man Only Does If He’s Serious About You

By on January 19, 2017

When it comes to the dating game, things can be a little bit confusing; and despite what some people may say, reading a man isn’t always as easy as it seems. If you’ve been dating a guy for a couple of weeks or even months, you’re probably wondering whether or not he’s really serious about you, or if the two of you are just simply ‘dating’ and hanging out. Well, to put your mind at ease we’ve come up with a must-know list of the 7 things a man only does if he’s serious about you.

He is Genuinely Interested in You

We’re not just talking about skin-deep issues; he actually cares and is interested in you and what happens in your life. A guy that’s not serious about you won’t ask you about that interview you just had or how things are going with your aunt in the hospital; he will only ask you about your day or other artificial things such as that. If he is asking you deep questions about you and your life, and actually remembers the things you tell him, it’s a sure sign he is actually serious about you.

Text/Call Responses

A man that is serious will tell his woman why he took so long to reply, just so she doesn’t get upset or curious about what he is doing. On the other hand, he will also be upset if YOU are the one that takes forever to reply to a text or call without a reason. I’m not saying you have to reply in 10 seconds or he will be mad; I’m saying if you were stuck doing something for 3 hours and he gets a little upset, that’s a good sign. Reassure him you were doing _____ and continue with the conversation.

You’re Automatically His Plus One

There’s an event or occasion coming up- is it assumed you will be his date, or not? If he always turns to you to be his plus one in any given situation, he is serious about you and doesn’t even want to think about making another lady his date for the evening.

He Asks Your Permission

Okay, he doesn’t necessarily ask for permission– he is a human being and allowed to do what he pleases (you don’t control him). But if he lets you in on what he is doing and checks to see if you will be okay with it, then he wants to know your opinion and actually values what you have to say- that’s a clear sign he’s into you on a serious level.

He Introduces You to Friends and Family

Point blank: if a guy is not SERIOUS, he will NOT introduce you to his friends- and especially not his family! But if you’ve got an invite to the cousin’s party, you’re there for football night with the guys, or you’re even on a texting relationship with his mother, this is an absolutely huge sign he is serious and wants to show you off to everyone.

He Brags About You

Guys like to brag about their woman; unless of course they don’t think she is the real deal. When a man is serious he’s going to be telling the whole world that he has the prettiest woman on the planet and isn’t afraid to show it. In fact, his friends and family may get sick of him bragging about you so much. But you don’t mind that, do you?

He Wants to Cuddle

Well, here we are. Now we’re talking about the more intimate side of the relationship, and it’s probably the one that will give you the biggest hint. When the two of you are done ‘doing the deed’, does he suddenly have to leave? Or does he stick around to watch a movie with you and cuddle with you in his arms? A man that’s just there for a quickie won’t want to cuddle, but the man who is serious about his woman will want to be there even after the ‘fun’ is over.

Hopefully whatever man you’re dealing with shows these 7 signs that a man is really serious about you. If not? Maybe it is time to have a deep conversation with him!


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