What your eyes say about you

By on January 9, 2013


he eyes are the mirror of the soul!

A very famous Yiddish quote, but one that so many people fail to remember. Is it possible that you could make out the personality of the person opposite you just by looking at the shape or the color of the eyes? Let’s investigate further. . . .

Although described as a “bit of fun”, Scientists have actually shown links between the eye shape and color, and the personality that could be contained within it. Maybe the mirror to the soul quote wasn’t so wrong after all?

Blue Eyes

Apparently, having a gorgeous set of baby-blue’s means that you are a very sexual person. As well as being a horny devil, you are also meant to be very considerate and sensitive, gentle and kind. The darker spectrums of blues offer the more gentle sexual side, but those with paler blue to grey eyes are more prone to having a good old flirt with someone they are attracted to.

Green Eyes

Those with very dark green eyes have a great personality and tend to be more energized in nature. Personal and practical issues are easily taken on board with the green-eyed of those amongst us, and when you add to the mix that they are meant to be willful, intelligent and spontaneous person as well, it might be worth thinking about hunting down a green-eyed suitor!

Grey Eyes

Although technically probably considered to be a pale blue rather than actual grey color, those that have this steely shade are defined and intelligent, with a hidden passion that very few people manage to see, and a vivid imagination that could delight any suitor.

Black Eyes

Very few people actually have black eyes, and you are probably looking at more deep brown that actually black. However those that can say have black eyes tend to be very tumultuous people that would certainly make for an interesting relationship.

What about the shape of the eyes? What did the Scientists have to say about this matter? Well, as you can imagine, there were some studies done there too!

Wide-set, asymmetric eyes

If you are looking for a lover that is committed, loyal and tolerant, a wide-set, asymmetrical set of eyes are what you should be looking for! This means that the likes of Elijah Wood and Richard Branson, who both rock these eye styles, will stick with you even with your bad habits and wicked ways! Just be careful not to walk all over them!

Eyes that are close together

Ant & Dec, Sarah Harding and Prince Charles all have close-together eye styles and this suggests that they are discreet people that can be trusted, and that get stroppy if interrupted or with late comers! So ladies and gentlemen, if you are always five or ten minutes late, don’t ever date these people!

Deep set eyes

Do you have eyes like Cheryl Cole or David Beckham? If you do then you have deep set eyes and this was shown to have a link with the following personality traits – lots of emotional baggage, serious temperaments and personalities, and a lot of stress! Playful people beware!

Image source : weheartit.com


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