What to Wear to a Country Concert

By on June 15, 2014

So you’ve just been invited to a country concert with your gal pals. Whether you’re seeing Keith Urban, Eric Paisley, or Jason Aldean, there’s one thing you have to keep in mind: your outfit. You don’t want to show up to the concert looking like a fish out of outer, right? Make sure you get into the yeehaw spirit of a country concert with these awesome tips on what to wear to a country concert.


1. Dresses: Always a Winning Option

If there is one article of clothing that is always acceptable at a country concert, it’s a dress. And no, we aren’t talking about that sexy little black dress you reserve for your boyfriend’s eyes only. We’re talking about totally girly, cute, feminine dresses with lace and ruffles. You’ll undoubtedly see (almost) all of the girls wearing a dress, and there’s plenty of options. A cute yellow sundress, an adorable dress with an elegant floral pattern, or a white dress with ruffles and a light brown belt around the waist are all excellent options that can’t fail. Comfortable maxi dresses are also acceptable for country concerts!


2. Denim: Another A+ Option

If dresses aren’t really your thing, there’s always option number 2: DENIM. There’s seriously so many different options when it comes to denim, but the number one choice is obviously denim jeans. Feel free to sport your favorite skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, artist jeans, or flares. Denim jeans are always a win at country concerts no matter what the bottom style might be.

On the other hand, you can also go with a denim skirt or shorts. These are also two wonderful options that are a bit more sexy yet still undeniably cute. And to tie the whole look together (or wear with your dress), opt for a denim jacket! Totally stylish and oh so cute, a denim jacket completes any country concert outfit in a flash. (Highly recommended!!)


3. Shirts: Keep it Simple

If you decide to go for a pair of denim shorts or jeans, you’re probably wondering what to match it with. How about that silky halter top you wore to Vegas? Umm, how about not. When it comes to tops, lets remember the number 1 rule of country concerts: keep your attire feminine, cute, and girly. That being said, you should almost always choose a tank top with a bright, perky color such as pink or yellow, or find a tank top with a lovely floral print. Plain white tees are also a HUGE hit at country concerts, and tops with lace and crop tops with ties in the front or side are also big winners!


4. Plaid: An Awesome Option to Switch Things Up

If you’re not super into the girly trend and want to switch it up a bit, then plaid is your answer. Plaid almost always works at country concerts- if worn correctly. You don’t really want to rock a plaid skirt. That has more of a punk/gothic appeal that shouldn’t be company at a country concert. Instead, think plaid flannels. These can be worn around the waist as a cute accessory with your denim shorts, or they can be worn with your cute denim jeans.


5. Hats: The Most Important Accessory

Yes, it’s true. Cowboy hats are essential accessories at country concerts, so if you don’t already have one I suggest you go buy one as soon as possible. Keep it traditional with a lovely light brown hat, or be the life of the party with a flirty and feminine light pink hat to match your outfit. Whatever style option you choose, you’ll certainly be in style and blend in perfectly at the country concert.


6. Other Accessories to Consider

Your jeweled necklace and fancy rings shouldn’t attend the country concert. In fact, most of the time it’s best to just ditch accessories altogether. But if you’re really itching to spice up your outfit, try some beaded jewelry or something made out of leather like a cute leather tied bracelet. The goal here is to wear jewelry that isn’t flashy or classy, but more relaxed and cute. Of course, you can always bring along your aviator sunglasses and fringe purses!



We said it earlier: hats are a MUST-HAVE at country concerts. But there’s another item that are absolutely essential: boots!! After all, can you think of anything that says ‘country’ more than a pair of cowboy boots? Of course not!! For this upcoming occasion, you should absolutely throw on your pair of boots, whether you chose to wear a sundress or denim jeans.

1c536e132e4f6df7f88c0a7becd4584b 8. Makeup: Natural is Best

When it comes to makeup for a country concert, there’s really no need to get all dolled up. You want to go with a more natural and feminine look. This can be accomplished with lighter shades of lipstick and lip stock (anything pink will do!) and light pink blush that can barely be seen across your cheekbones. And as for eye makeup, keep that simple and natural too. Stick with light colors of eye shadow (although no eye shadow is typically preferred) and minimal eyeliner. Mascara is welcome, of course!

Note: red lipstick is sometimes OK at country concerts as long as it matches your outfit and isn’t too overbearing.

29f02e7d6411ad9cdf4a6ab04dc22b4b 9. Hair: The Final Piece of the Puzzle

The number one style when it comes to hair for country concerts is definitely loose curls. These elegant, loose curls are as feminine and girly as it gets. You could also get by with some waves or tying your hair up into a messy bun or ponytail. If you don’t want to do anything extravagant, feel free to leave your hair silky and straight.


Finding the perfect outfit for a country concert is rather simple. Choose whether you want to wear a dress or denim, and go from there. But always, always, ALWAYS remember to wear a pair of cowboy boots and bring your cowboy hat along for the ride. Get ready to say YEEHAW!!


Girls, what are your favorite country concert outfit?


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