What to Wear in Your Family Pictures

By on April 30, 2015

Family! The word alone makes you feel all cozy and loved inside. They are the most important part of our lives because they consist of  those people who have been with us through thick and thin and will never leave you alone, even if it means you are passing through your darkest or happiest days. Yes, family is a blessing we all are blessed from our birth. Who doesn’t want to cherish it? Perhaps with this in mind, the concept of family pictures were introduced. Because seriously, what could be better than to take a picture that will bring all your loved ones in one frame and hold on to the smiling faces of them? Yes, family pictures are great, as long as you can look at yourself too while thinking about the past. Do not know how it works but family pictures are extraordinary vulnerable, which means ruining them is just a second’s task. Not to mention, they might just come perfect for everyone BUT you who perhaps in a hurry wore their fashionable-in-2009-hoodie. Oh, no other pictures because well, everyone looks perfect. So, what can you do to make sure your metallic smile and tilted head is all that you need to avoid but can accept considering that super dress you wore? Well, make sure you got a super dress to wear. And we will show you how:

  1. Don’t go the same old way.


This is like, one of the most common mistakes that families have been doing for generations: wear the same color combination! Like seriously, we know you all are from one family, you don’t need symbols for them!! So, tell your family that wearing the same old black t-shirt and jeans is just not an option. Wear different prints and colors and bring some fun to the picture. Btw, don’t go all “I am red, the one next to me is orange, the next yellow” because well, we are looking for a family, not a rainbow!

  1. Don’t overlap too much.


If you are one of those people who wore a t-shirt and then a scarf around her neck and then another scarf around her head, our answer to this is NO! Just keep it easy and simple. Don’t try to bring too much print and designs because it might be kind of distracting in the picture and as you know, less is usually more!

  1. Let it reflect you.


Wear something that seriously speaks you. In someone’s case, it can be your granny sweats but hey, wouldn’t you kill to wear your skin tight jeans and that pink blouse that you bought yesterday? Choose what you like the best and what speaks you rather than what speaks your mom and what your mom is speaking!

  1. Stay classy and timeless.


Don’t wear something that will look old when you see this picture, let’s say, five years later. Try to keep in mind that this picture is going to be there for a VERY long time and you might have to occasionally look into it (if you’re lucky) or maybe look at it everyday in your living room. So, maybe wear something grey (which is always in style) or something a little bit vintage so that your grandma, mom and you are in harmony for praises.

  1. No Cinderella Please!


Ok, now this is a humble request. Don’t go all Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella etc on your pictures. Maybe take a picture or two OUTSIDE the family picture where you wear your favorite crown but yeah, truth be told, all sort of crazes to cease once and we don’t want to look like Elsa when there will be a new “fire princess” in town.

  1. Think about the location.


So this is obvious, wearing something yellow in a purple-flower garden is hardly a good choice. Just like that, try to coordinate your clothes with your surrounding so that you stand out from it e.g. wear white in a green garden because they look amazing. You can always try bold prints too, if that goes with the leaves that are falling behind you.

  1. Planning time.


Last but not the least, plan ahead. You never know what one of the 57 members of your family might have in mind so discuss and decide. At the end of the day, we don’t want a family picture where half of my family is missing because well, you couldn’t decide whether you will have a rose in your hand or a daisy.

Altogether, family pictures are fun!!! Well, after all the deciding and wearing and perfecting, that is. So try to maintain peace and calm before, during it so that the “after” part seems just as enjoyable and memorable. Because when the dust have settled and all the fuss is over, there you will be in the picture, wearing the same print that 3 of your other cousins wore. Wait, when did that happen again?!?!?!

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