What to Wear in 70 Degree Weather

By on February 22, 2017

When the weather kicks up to 70 degrees, you need an outfit that’s as hot as the sizzling sun above. It’s time to kick off those boots and rip off those jackets and slip into one of these stylish outfits!

Lightweight Wrap + Shirt + Skinnies

One of the cutest things a gal can wear during 70 degree weather is definitely a lightweight wrap; and this one takes the cake! It’s a beautiful floral design that’s airy and super summery, hitting just below the elbows and flowing daintily past the hips. It’s a free, lightweight style that makes for an easy complement to any outfit you’re wearing.

Below the wrap you’ll find an oversized but still very flattering top that has a boho-chic feel that’s very trendy right now. And to rev up that boho style, you should include a lengthy necklace around the neck that’s not too flashy or sparkly. More earthy tones will set up this look just right, especially if you go with a loose wavy hairstyle.

To finish off your style, wear your favorite skinny jeans. You could also get by with some baggy boho-inspired pants, but if you want something a bit more form fitting to show off your lovely womanly curves, you will want to wear skinnies. This will offset the rest of the loose outfit and make you look more ‘complete’. Boots, sneakers, or even sandals are the perfect way to tie this summery style together.

Sweater + Jean Skirt + Booties

When the temperature is in the lower seventies, it can still feel a little bit on the chilly side. To make sure you’re not shivering when you’re standing in the shade, you’ll want to try out this hip look.

Her style starts off with a classic sweater that’s slightly too large. The great thing about indulging in a slightly oversized sweater is you can feel comfortable and casual, and you can also tuck in the front to your skirt (or jeans or shorts) for a stylish edge.

She opts for a cute jean skirt with buttons all the way up the front. The multitude of flashy buttons ensures her look isn’t too ‘dull’ or mundane, with a cuteness that simply can’t be ignored.

And while we said to toss out your boots, booties can still work during 70 degree weather, especially if you choose a more skin-showing style. Black booties are the perfect way to end this look. It’s simply a classic style that can be worn all season long.

Oh, and ladies- if you really want to make your look the trendiest style on the block, then you’ll want to try out this hairstyle with shades such as these. The half updo is incredibly on-trend right now, from celebrities to models and literally every female on the planet. Such a hip look!

Mismatching Quarter Sleeve Top + Shorts

It used to be such a BIG no-no to mismatch your style- would you ever dream of walking out in a striped top and designed shorts? No way! But those days are OVER my friend. For this year, it is all about mismatching patterns to create a look that is all your own; and this style showcases that new trend beautifully.

Her trendy and feminine look showcases a springy pastel striped quarter sleeved top with some adorable jean shorts lined up with cutesy pink hearts. Leaving her hair down with some gorgeous loose waves creates a very girly theme for 70 degree weather that’s perfect for wearing to school.

Low Cut Tank Top + Short Skinnies + Sandals

Feeling a bit more daring and want to sizzle the sidewalks? Low cut tops definitely leave less to the imagination, but when it’s a warm 70 degrees outside and you’re hanging around in the beach cities, there’s nothing more stylish and cool.

Her tank top is form-fitting with a very low cut to show off her womanhood in a trendy and sexy manner. And if you really want to rev up your style, tucking in your top to your jeans can be an excellent move- just make sure your top is skin-tight or it may look a little funny.

Below she opts for some super tight skinny jeans that cut just above the ankle. Not quite capris but not quite jeans, these hip pants are perfect for warmer weather and would look extra cute with a sparkling ankle bracelet.

Sandals are really your only option when it comes to an outfit like this, so choose any adorable sandals you like and get ready to hit the city.

Tee + Skinnies + Wrap Around Flannel

We can all agree on one thing, ladies, and that’s that flannels NEVER go out of style. And if you’re looking for the perfect casual outfit for 70 degree weather, this is definitely IT.

Her look is fairly basic, but still fabulous. A loose fitting plain tee up top is perfectly enhanced with a delicate necklace that isn’t too over-the-top. Paired up with some light wash skinny jeans and some fashionable booties, she’s ready to head out.

But don’t forget your favorite flannel! Any style or colors will match a rather plain getup like this, and it can be wrapped around the waste when the weather is too hot. If you end up getting a little chilled, simply put on your flannel and you’ll still be rocking a super cute look.

Seventy degree weather? We’re ready for you. Whether you’re style is more casual and you love to wear skinnies and a plain tee or you want something extra cute and bold like mismatched patterns, these looks are perfect for the spring and summer seasons when you need to look stylish in slightly hotter weather.

What is your favorite outfit to wear in 70 degree weather? What did you think of these fashionable outfits? Share with us below!

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