What to Say When He Says I Love You More

By on May 9, 2018

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? So in love with someone that it wouldn’t matter how much they said they loved you, you would always love them just that little bit more. It’s a common ‘row’ in adoring couples :-

“I love you more.” 

“No, I love you more.”

“I think you’ll find that I love you more actually.” 

We could keep going all day … 

What to Say When He Says I Love You More 2

A Different Language 

When you say it back in a different language, your boyfriend will need to grab his phone, open a web browser, and find a translation service to work out what you just said. Essentially, you win the battle by proxy, simply because he’ll take so long to figure it out. 

In Dutch, for example, you would it like this: “ik hou nog meer van je”

You could say it in the language of love — French: “je t’aime davantage”

How about Italian: “ti amo di più”

Or Portuguese: “eu te amo mais”

There are endless languages you could use, and you could even look at a language that means something special to you both — a place you visited on vacation, for example, or the language of your shared favourite country. 

If you’re going to use translation services for this, make sure that you’re saying what you actually want to say. Sometimes, words and phrases can get lost in the translation process and will end up not making a lot of sense. 

An Equal Relationship

The love you have for each other doesn’t need to be a you-more/me-more thing. It could be an equal relationship — where you love, cherish, and respect each other equally, one no more than the other. 

Relationships are meant to be equal, in whatever way you make it. One picks up the slack when the other one is having a hard time and vice versa, but you close ranks and fight every obstacle arm-in-arm — a team. 

When he tells you that he loves you more, you could respond with something like: 

“How about we agree to love each other equally?”

If your guy is more of a logical one than an emotional one, agreeing to equality between the two will definitely appeal to the problem-solving part of his brain. 

What to Say When He Says I Love You More 3

Competition Shocker! 

Of course, it is wise to remember that love-competition isn’t always healthy within a relationship, especially when it starts to plant little, niggling seeds of doubt. It shouldn’t be a competition — which one of you loves the other more — although, there is nothing wrong with the jokey I-love-you-more banter. 

Make sure that you when you play around with your I-love-you-more jokes, that one of you doesn’t take the playtime too seriously. It doesn’t take long for a constant joke or jibe to seem like something that isn’t so jokey at all, so try putting your competitive sides away and reply with something like: 

“I love you lots, but this doesn’t need to be a competition. We love each other the same — I would do the same for you as you would do for me … I hope! ;)”

The winky face helps to add an air of humour to the occasion, and that’s great for when you don’t want a potentially tricky situation to go awry. What’s love without a little laughter anyway? 

To the Moon … 

… and we’re never coming back! 

There’s something very romantic about the idea of infinity — space, love, spirit. All apparently infinite, with no end. 

“I love you to the moon and we’re never coming back!” is a great way to diffuse the who-loves-who-more debate. It’s a little bit like, “to infinity, no backsies,” but in a slightly more grown-up way. 

What to Say When He Says I Love You More 1

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

That’s how the old saying goes, isn’t it? And it’s true too. Actions really do speak louder than words, and rather than TELLING your boyfriend that you love him more than he loves you, why not show him instead? 

“You’ll see how much I love you.”

“Actions speak louder than words, dear. It’ll soon become apparent that I love you more … “

You never know, you might just kick him up the backside and encourage some romantic gestures, especially if you ‘up’ your girlfriend game. There are so many ways that you can show how much you love your partner, whether it’s more, the same, or even less. How about a shoulder massage? Dinner cooked and ready for him when he gets home? A gaming night, where the two of you play HIS choice of games for the entire weekend? Get creative — find something that he loves — really loves — and then love it with him. 

Nothing says, “I love you,” quite like embracing the other person’s weird hobbies and interests!


There are many ways in which you can show your partner that you love them — and tell them, too — but it’s not always about who loves who the most, but more about how strong you are together. And if you haven’t told your BAE that you love them yet today, perhaps now is a perfect time? 

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