What is Chemistry Between Two People

By on April 22, 2015

Chemistry is a feeling of attraction that creates the desire to share your life with someone on the physical, emotional and psychological levels. Chemistry is said to come from pheromones which are invisible chemicals that can be shared between people and essentially get them in sync. When two people feel chemistry, they will often feel their heart race, their body temperature may go up and they may feel nervous in the other person’s presence.


Chemistry is definitely a real phenomenon and is also a rare phenomenon. We’ve all heard about people going on a first date and afterwards saying there just wasn’t any chemistry. Other people can also observe the chemistry between two people and almost feel how in tune the couple is.


How To Know If You Have Chemistry


The good thing is, if you have chemistry, you won’t have to ask yourself, you will just know. Chemistry is an experience and cannot be fabricated. Sometimes just one person feels an attraction towards the other person however, chemistry is when the feeling is mutual and creates an even stronger bond.


You know you have chemistry when you forget where you are when you’re hanging out with someone because you’re so engrossed in the other person. You know you have chemistry when you think about that person first thing in the morning or throughout the day. If you both have trouble not holding hands in public, that’s another sign you have some incredible chemistry going on.


How Do You Find Chemistry

This is what most people have a hard time with because they go about it backwards. They think that chemistry will come by looking for it and become fixated on how miserable they are because they don’t have it. Chemistry really comes from knowing yourself so well that you can essential link to a compatible partner energetically. When you have a strong energy because you put a lot of effort into being the best person you can possibly be inside, you will tap into the source of chemistry.


The timing will happen on it’s own and you cannot force it. My best advice is not to worry about finding chemistry, just know that the more you work on yourself to be a positive and healthy individual, with balance, skills and compassion, the easier it will be to find chemistry with someone.


Humans are attracted to physical beauty yes but real chemistry comes from a deeper emotional connection that requires both people to be vulnerable and completely loving. It’s beautiful to witness or experience chemistry, which are physiological and emotional effects.


What Does Chemistry Feel Like?

Chemistry can be different depending on what the person you meet has been brought into your life to help you with. Chemistry allows people to grow and sometimes it can bring intense emotions with it. People that have not done a lot of emotional work on themselves will often have chemistry with someone who needs to work on similar things and they will see their own problems in someone else. This is actually a very empowering and valuable thing to experience because without a mirror, we can’t see what we look like.


Chemistry is usually a good thing, it’s the thing that makes people want to keep hanging out and rearrange their schedule to spend time together. It’s what makes people want to commit to each other and plan their lives together. There is a feeling of ‘oneness’ when two people have chemistry and the bond is so close that they start to think and feel the same things. Communication will feel very open and you’ll feel like you’ve known the other person for a long time very quickly. This is because you’re resonating with very similar vibrations.


Where Does It Come From?

Scientists describe everything as vibrations and everything in life is in constant motion, even our thoughts. Thoughts have actually the strongest and fastest measurable wavelength and when we feel chemistry with someone, we will often find they have similar thoughts to ours. The universal law of like attracts like applies in our bodies which are chemicals. The fun part for us is to determine if the chemistry we are experiencing is reflecting something good about ourselves or something we want to change. This is the value of love and feeling head over heels for someone, we get to work on ourselves.


Is It Always A Good Thing?

Chemistry will usually allow two people to feel so happy that they laugh and end up finding lots of funny experiences together. They are able to share their full selves, shortcomings and all, without being judged. They care about each other and try to help each other make good decisions. Sometimes when people are not yet emotionally mature, the chemistry will bring stuff up that you need to deal with such as fear. This, I am very sure, its still a good thing because we do need to face all of our emotions and integrate them into our wholeness in order to be fully happy. Even if it is hard to face or painful, chemistry will always bring you exactly what you need.


So don’t keep yourself up at night wondering when chemistry is going to show up in your life. Just work on yourself, do your best to be a good person, make decisions out of self love and work on having a healthy view of yourself. When you begin to radiate, you will find chemistry. Don’t confuse the chemistry for a sign to stop loving yourself or working on yourself, that chemistry will be fueled by you staying true to yourself. In the best case scenario, you and your partners chemistry will help you both become your best selves.

Chemistry finds us when it’s supposed to. Some people find it earlier in life and some people won’t find it until later. Some people find it multiple times. But when you both feel like you’re soul mates, you know you’ve found it. If you want to find chemistry with someone, envision what it feels like to be in your future partners presence and feel totally comfortable, send that person love even though you haven’t met them and just be patient until they manifest into your reality.


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