What Guys Look For in Girls

By on August 25, 2014

Have you ever wondered what men really want in a woman? You might think he’s only after a seductive smile and a hot body to match- but you’d be surprised that men actually think much deeper than this and want something more than the women they’re with. And while there’s no ‘cookie cutter girl’ for every men out there, here are 10 of the most common (and most important) things men look for in a girl they want to be with.


1. She’s a Bit Mysterious


Women aren’t the only ones who go crazy over a bit of mystery- men want this too. They want a woman who doesn’t throw everything on the table in one sitting. Keep him guessing and you’ll keep him interested. It’s as simple as that. (Not to mention if you spill it out all at once he might think you’re a bit desperate- which is a HUGE turn off!)

2. She Sticks to Her Guns


Men want a woman who is secure in her beliefs and morals- not a woman who just thinks or does whatever her man tells her to do. That’s another HUGE turn off for men. Instead, they’d rather have a confident woman who “sticks to her guns” and will fight for her beliefs when the time is right.

 3. Lets Him Do “Guy Things”


Girls need girl time, guys need guy time. It’s really as simple as that. And he certainly doesn’t want to be with a woman who gets mad every time he tries to go out with the boys. Men love it when a woman tells him, “It’s OK honey, go have fun with the guys. I’ll be here when you get back.” This shows you’re not only secure with yourself, but secure in the relationship as well.

4. Has a Sense of Humor


Whether you are a male or female, there’s nothing worse or more awkward then trying to have a fun conversation with someone who lacks a sense of humor. (You know, those terribly awkward “deer in the headlight” looks you get when you try to tell a joke?) Just like women are attracted to a funny personality, men are too. Don’t be afraid to show him your silly side. He will LOVE it- guaranteed.

5. Is Fairly Independent


Men are very attracted to independent women. They ooze confidence and class, and aren’t clingy in the slightest. You want to attract a man? Have your own life. Go to school, have a career, take art classes or go to the gym- whatever you’re into, keep yourself busy with it. Flash him a smile and flirt a little and he will be drawn to you.

6. Flirts With Him Often


Whether they will ever admit to it or not, men need to be complimented. They need a confidence boost here and there just like we do. Men love when you just throw them a simple compliment here and there- for example saying you love his shirt or asking if he’s been working out. They also love it when women are laid back and flirty with them, maybe making an X rated joke here and there or teasing them about that terrible yet hilarious trip in the parking lot earlier. The point is: keep flirting with him, and he will eat it up.

7. Has a Nerdy Side


You know that girl with the adorable little laugh? The one that giggles and starts stuttering a bit when she’s talking to the guy she likes? Remember how much guys loved that? Men aren’t always drawn to only the hot girls who seem to have it all together. They like a girl who is cute with a bit of a nerdy side. I couldn’t tell you why, but they’re drawn to it. So feel free to be goofy and giddy whenever you please. He’ll be surprisingly attracted to it!

8. Smiles Often


If you ask a man what one of the most attractive things about a female is, he will undoubtedly say their smile. Men love it when a girl has a beautiful smile. Even if YOU don’t think your smile is worth a million bucks, he probably thinks otherwise. He will not only find your smile dazzling and seductive, but it also gives him a warm invitation to come and speak with you. Keep a smile on your face and you’ll notice an influx of men looking your way and maybe even gaining enough confidence to come and chat with you a bit. I tell you- it’s like a trap or something!

9. Is Confident


Confidence. Is. Key. I really can’t tell you enough, and I seem like I am ALWAYS saying this. (I’m beginning to sound like a bit of a broken record at this point, right?) There’s just something confidence that is totally and completely attractive. Men LOVE a woman who is confident- so even if you lack confidence, at least try to play it off when you’re around him and when you’re in public. Surprisingly enough, it’s a fact that when you pretend to have confidence often, you might actually gain a bit of real confidence in the process. Be confident about who you are: remember, we all have flaws. But if you focus on only your best traits and qualities, everyone else will see those great pieces of you as well.

 10. Is Laid Back


You know those girls who are always nagging and complaining their man? No, you can’t go out. No, I’m not going to do that. I’ll look stupid. No, you shouldn’t wear that ugly shirt. ANNOYING! Men would much rather prefer a woman who is laid back, fun, and spontaneous. He wants a girl who is willing to just hang out in the back of the truck with a beer looking at the stars cracking jokes, a girl who would love to go on a random weekend getaway to the beach, a girl who isn’t afraid to be silly and cute with her guy. Be that woman.

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