What Does It Mean When You Dream Someone Is Pregnant?

By on July 30, 2018

Dreaming about someone else being pregnant can give you a whirlwind of mixed emotions. What could it possibly mean? If you’ve found yourself waking up after a strange dream such as this, do not be alarmed. There’s plenty of simple reasons why you may be having a dream that someone is pregnant.

Pregnancy Dream Interpretation

They Are Actually Pregnant

It is certainly an old wives’ tale that dreaming about being pregnant or dreaming about somebody else being pregnant means exactly that: that they will be expecting a bundle of joy very soon. And while it may just be a myth to some, we can’t deny the fact that sometimes it is a premonition of things to come. Take notice of the person in your dream and see if they do end up pregnant. If they don’t you may have misinterpreted your dream and one of these other explanations may be the answer.

You’re Jealous of Them

There is always that certain someone in our lives that have ALL the luck. It seems like no matter what WE do, we just can’t compare to this other person. And now, in your dream, that is being represented in the form of a pregnancy. Becoming pregnant is a magical experience, and much like everything else in life, this person you’re jealous of is pregnant and excited instead of it being you.

Seeing someone else with a pregnancy in your dream can be a sign that you are jealous of this person, whether you knew it or not. Take a good look at yourself and this other person and identify whether or not you may be truly jealous of this individual, then you can decide what your next steps are.

You Don’t Feel Worthy of Being Pregnant

This is definitely the sadder aspect of interpretations, but it can certainly be a true one. If you have been trying to get pregnant for a longer period of time than you had expected, you may feel like giving up- especially if you have a dream about somebody else being pregnant while you’re still without child.

If you have been trying to conceive for awhile and have a dream like this, do not get your hopes down. Don’t take this as a sign that it is never going to happen for you. This dream is simply your emotions being released, but don’t take it to heart too badly. Keep it up and keep trying for that baby you always wanted!

What Do Dreams About Pregnancy Mean When You're Not Pregnant

Something New and Exciting is Heading Their Way

With pregnancy it’s all brand new. A new forming child, a new future, a new person. And heck, it’s one of the most exciting things that can ever happen to a couple! However, seeing someone pregnant in a dream does not always mean that they’re new and exciting adventure equals a new bundle of joy. In fact, it could be something as simple as a job promotion or a vacation.

To put it simply: dreaming that someone is pregnant is a sign that something new and exciting, like a pregnancy, is coming their way. It’s a joyful dream that should bring yourself and your loved one a bunch of happiness while wondering what is going to come next!

There’s a New Project Coming Up

Let’s face it: babies are a TON of work; they’re a huge project just in themselves! That being said, dreaming that someone is pregnant could be a sign that there is a huge project coming up for them. This project could mean a home renovation, fixing up an old car, or creating something brand new. The possibilities are endless, but there’s one thing for sure: dreaming about the pregnancy is simply a reminder of BIG and exciting projects to come, and therefore nothing to worry about.

They Are Changing

Think about the person that was in your dream. How have they been acting lately? Is something changing in them? Have they been acting differently towards you, possibly more distant? Are they more focused on their new job than anything else in life? If the pregnant person in your dream has been changing recently, this could serve as a reminder that this individual has changed a lot and you need to find a way to stay close and in contact.


Dreaming about someone being pregnant is nothing to worry about. It could be a sign of changes or good fortune in the future, or it could be a reflection on your own life. Take a good look at the sequence of events in your dream and how you felt throughout the dream to better understand it.