What Does it Mean When You Dream About Water?

By on February 3, 2016

Dreams about water are incredibly common. Water is one of the few things in nature that are experienced across the world. For humans to survive, they have to have access to water. This common connection makes its way into dreams through drinking water, swimming in it or being surrounded by water. Having water present in your dream is an indication of your state of mind and how things are going in your current life. Depending on the way it appears in the dream, it can indicate something positive or negative. Due to this, you have to carefully consider the way that the water appears and the type of situation.

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Analyzing a Water-Related Dream

Initially, your first goal is to consider the way that water appeared in the dream. What was the color of the water? When you were in the water, did you feel confident, alone or depressed? Was there anyone with you? Did you feel like you were in danger or did you feel warm and protected?

By asking these questions, you can start to figure out what your dream means to you specifically. Although there are general interpretations for water dreams, each dream is highly specific to the individual. As soon as you have the dream, write it down so that you do not forget what happens. Afterward, try reading through the possible interpretations and read through it.

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Water Interpretations

Listening to Water: If you are just listening to water in the dream, it shows that you want to experience a time period of reflection. You may also already be experiencing a sense of peace and calmness in your life.

Boiling or Hot Water: This is an indication that you are letting your emotions get out of control and you need a way to let off some steam. If you burn yourself on the water, it is an indication that you feel like you will suffer from your pent up emotions. In this circumstance, you need to relax, take your time and let your emotions cool down.

Tsunami: A tsunami can be an extremely scary experience. When you have a dream about a tsunami, it is an indication that you feel like there is something outside of your control that is holding power over your life. It can also indicate that you cannot control your emotions, and some part of you is going to break before long.

You Are Splashed by Water: This is an indication that you need to wake up and start living your life. Stop putting everything aside and focus on what you should be doing.

Walking on Water: This type of dream shows that you are in control of your emotions and may have hidden skills that could help you out when you need them to.

Waterfalls: A waterfall is a positive sign in a dream. It may mean that you are about to get a fresh start or that you are being cleansed from your past.

Rivers: Rivers are a demonstration of the journey you must take in life. A fast-moving river shows that sudden changes will happen. When the speedy river frightens you, it may show that things are moving too fast and you want everything to slow down. Calm, slow rivers show that you feel comfortable and are at peace with all of the changes occurring in your life.

Shipwrecks: If you are stranded, a shipwreck means that you want support and someone to talk to. If there is already someone there to help, it shows that you feel like you have the right emotional support to guide your through difficult times.

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Muddy Water: Dirty or muddy water is an indication that you feel like you are stuck in a negative situation. You need to clear your mind of the cloudiness and cleanse your soul before you can move on. Extremely muddy water is rarely a good sign because it means you need to remove the heaviness from your life in order to achieve your goals.

Sea Water: When you sea the ocean, it shows that you are connecting your unconscious and conscious minds. If you happen to be lost in the ocean, it indicates that you feel a lack of direction in your day-to-day life. A deep or dark ocean shows that your mind is dark and clouded. Meanwhile, a turbulent ocean can show that you are preparing for a difficult experience in the future. When you are crossing the ocean in your dream, it shows that you feel confident in your own independence and abilities.

Water Storms: Storms in dreams can represent a deterioration of the past experiences or relationships. Storms represent a bad situation that we are in emotionally. It doesn’t necessary mean its a bad symbol because every storm will pass and there will be sunshine ahead.

Holy Water: The presence of holy water is often a sign that you feel the need to cleanse yourself spiritually. It may also show that you feel the need to seek a blessing from a higher power or someone around you before you proceed.

Drinking Water: Drinking water is often just a sign that you are dehydrated.

Swimming: If you are swimming, it means that you want to feel relaxed. If you are in the ocean or a pool, it may show that you are trying to connect to the world beyond yourself.


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