What Does It Mean When You Dream About Snakes?

By on January 21, 2016

Dreaming about snakes is an incredibly common experience. According to some evolutionary biologists, a fear of snakes is actually something that people are born with. In dreams, it can be a reaction to hidden knowledge, fear or transformations in your current life.


Hidden Knowledge

Snakes are sneaky creatures that slide along the ground and are often semi-invisible to the average viewer. Due to this, dreaming about snakes could indicate that you have a hidden or forbidden knowledge in your life. You could be hiding information from other people, or you could feel like other people are hiding knowledge from you. It could also be an indication that you have a hidden fear or threat that you are unable to face in your waking life.


One of the interesting aspects of the snake is that it can shed its skin for a new one. For dreamers, this means that having a dream about snakes could indicate that a transformation or change is going on in your life. This meaning is an indication of a rebirth that is taking place. You may be undergoing a spiritual development or a mental healing. Due to this, your subconscious is trying to tell you through the dream that you should be open to these changes and follow your natural instincts.


The fear of snakes is inborn in humans, so it is natural to assume that a dream about snakes is showing some type of deep fear in your subconscious. If this is the case, then something in your waking life is causing you to feel tense or in danger. During your dream, notice how you react to the snake. If you try to confront it, it could show that you feel like you have to confront your fears in real life. If multiple snakes gang up against you, it could show that you feel like multiple people are working against you. Meanwhile, killing the snake or defeating it shows that you feel confident in your abilities to defeat your fears in real life.

A Snake Bite

When a snake bites you in a dream, it shows that you feel like you or someone else is making mean, hurtful remarks. If you run away from the snake or snakes in your dream, it shows that you are unwilling to face the fears that you are currently dealing with.

Consider the Type of Snake

Although the presence of a snake in your dream is significant on its own, the type of snake could also show a hidden meaning. The following are the most common types of snakes to appear and their meanings:

Rattlesnakes, Adders, Vipers and Cobras: These snakes demonstrate that there is an evil, unhealthy influence in your life since they are extremely poisonous.
Garden or Garter Snakes: This shows that you fear something or someone that is actually harmless.
Boa Constrictor: The presence of a boa constrictor shows that someone or something is restricting you. You may feel unable to take action or move because this person is strangling you figuratively.
Cobra: A cobra can also mean that you are captivated or enthralled by someone’s charms.
Yellow Snakes: This is a warning to move with caution in your life.
Red Snakes: This is a warning to stop whatever you are doing or whoever you are seeing.
Green Snakes: This is a sign that you are fine to move ahead because your fears are not justified by reality.

Whenever you see a snake in your dreams, you should ask yourself some questions about the dream and your real life. You may want to consider if you are getting over an illness, experiencing a major transformation or feel anxious in your real life. All of these factors could be the reason why snakes appeared in your dreams.

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