What Does It Mean When You Dream About Horses?

By on September 4, 2017

The exact meaning of your horse-related dream depends entirely on what actually happens in the dream. While this is a less common dream to have, a number of people still dream that there are horses in the dream. To figure out the dream, you have to look at what happens. Are you training the horse? Is the horse running free? Are you riding the horse along a trail? By looking at the different situations in the dream, you can figure out exactly what it means.


At the most basic level, dreaming about a horse means that you want to move forward in life. You have a goal, and it is important to you. You are doing everything you can to reach that goal, but you are not quite there yet. Since horses can run like the wind to faraway places, they can also represent freedom, inspiration and a desire for independence.

To get a deeper meaning behind the horse, consider the actual color of the horse in the dream. Each color has a different meaning. Some of the most common options include:

Black Horses: A black horse in your dream means that danger is in front of you. Even if you do not see it yet, a hidden challenge or obstacle lies in the path ahead. Sometimes, a black horse can also mean that you feel like you have the energy necessary to move your life forward in a positive way. Some dream interpreters also think that black horses represent death as transformation. Basically, something in your life is about to transform or change into a new, better form.

White Horses: White horses are a symbol of spiritual enlightenment and a down-to-earth nature. You are developing a heightened awareness of your deeper, more spiritual nature.

Winged Horses: These are beautiful horses to see in a dream. They represent the soul’s capability to heal. Often, this means that you are in the process of getting over something and are finally starting to move on in life. Healing may take time, but it will happen.

Brown Horses: A brown horse tends to represent a down-to-earth, practical personality.

Coffee-Colored Horses: If the horse looks like the color of coffee, some dream interpreters say that it means that you will be quite happy at some point in the next few weeks.

More Horse Dream Meanings

Other than the different colors and generalized meanings, there are more horse-related dream interpretations. For these dream meanings, you need to look at exactly what happens in the dream.

1. The Horse Is Pulling Something

This dream interpretation is for horses pulling a cart or you riding a horse. If either of these things occur in the dreams, it shows that you are trying to improve your position in real life. Sometimes though, you have to just accept the way things are if you want to find happiness. Work toward your dreams, but also learn how to be satisfied in your dreams. Happiness is a state of mind, and learning to be happy is one of the most useful skills you can develop in life.

2. Dying or Sick Horses

A dying or sick horse tends to have a negative interpretation. It may mean that there is a situation ahead of you that will test you in some way. While this situation may not be enjoyable to experience, it will help you to grow as a human being.

3. Riding a Horse

According to some dream interpreters, riding a horse can also represent a link to sexual intercourse. We believe that it tends to represent independence and freedom. This is especially true if you are riding the horse wherever you want to in open country as the wind blows through your hair. If you happen to be thrown off the horse, it may mean that there is a relationship that is not working out in your normal life.

4. The Horse Injures You

If the horse hurts you in the dream, then it means that something is not working out in your real life. If it kicks you, it symbolizes that someone you love is repulsing or rejecting you. Another interpretation is that a kicking horse will mean that you will soon suffer from a health problem.

5. Catching a Horse

If you catch a horse to give it a saddle and bridle, it means that your business prospects will improve. If you are unable to catch it, it means that your hoped for good fortune will not turn out the way you expected to. Meanwhile, dreaming that you shod a horse means that your success will be assured.

6. Racehorses

Racehorses typically mean that there is some type of risk ahead of you. You may be counting on someone to help you out in life, but you are unsure if the risk will pay off. This meaning is heightened if you are also betting on the racehorse in your dream.


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