What Does It Mean When You Dream About Food?

By on September 4, 2017

Sometimes, you dream that you are in a magical, surreal world. You may dream that you are flying or can teleport to strange lands. In other dreams, the things that happen are quite normal. From time to time, you may even dream that you are eating or drinking. The type of food and the way you eat it in the dream may suggest different dream interpretations. To learn more about what it means when you dream about food, read on.

 dream about food

In your dream, loo at the way you are actually eating or drinking. If you are eating quickly and in a rush, it may indicate that you feel like you need more affection from someone close to you. At a base level, eating or drinking in a dream tends to mean that your enjoyment during your waking life is dependent on the people or things around you.

It is also important to look at the type of food that you eat in the dream. Food and drink are necessary for you to be alive. When you are full, you experience satisfaction as one of your base needs is met. If you keep having reoccurring dreams about a particular food, it may mean that you are desiring something in your normal life. Whatever it is that you hunger for has not yet been obtained, so you keep dreaming that you are eating or drinking the same thing over and over again.

When food is present in the dream, there are some situations where the meaning is quite positive. These include the following kinds of dreams:

1. You dream that you are eating soup.
2. There are enemies in your dream who are struggling to eat or starving.
3. You dream that you are enjoying the food.
4. You dream about a picnic.
5. You are a woman and dream that you are at dinner with a lover.
6. You dreamed about eating or cooking fresh vegetables to eat.
7. You dreamed about fresh food, which means your life will be positive, happy and content.

Enjoying food in your dream represents that a psychological need or desire still needs to be filled. It symbolizes what you want out of life and your desire to be satisfied. Food may also relate to the quality of romantic relationships in your life.

Types of Food Dreams

There are many, many different ways that food can appear in your dream. To get you started, we will cover some of the most common food dreams and what they mean.

1. A Picnic


Where were you in the dream? If you were at a picnic or eating a meal outdoors, it shows that there will soon be happiness in your life. Eating a meal around a table indoors shows that you want to belong and relax within a certain situation. A feast or a banquet shows that your friends are on your side and are there to help if you should ever need it.

2. Meat

Different types of meat can mean different things. Gravy shows that you should pay attention to your health or medical needs. Roasting meat shows a desire or achievement of domestic bliss. If you are the butcher or watch a butcher cut up meat, it shows a possibility of an illness. Dreaming about ham in your dream shows that prosperity is coming your way, while pork shows a possibility of conflict. Pork also shows a possibility of getting to a place a power through this potential conflict. Bacon is an auspicious omen because it shows that tedious moments or dullness will be removed in the near future. Meanwhile, beef shows that you are surrounded by pleasantness. Meat can also mean that you need to persevere at a problem close to you.

Chicken in your dream is related to money matters. It is always good to remember that the right budget and financial plan can help you to navigate money problems. Oysters show that you know how to enjoy the finer pleasures in life. Meanwhile, sausages show that successful undertakings are already happening. If you are eating the sausages, then it means that your domestic life will be pleasant.

3. Potatoes

In general, potato-related dreams are auspicious omens. If you pick a fresh potato and boil it, it indicates that you will achieve financial success in the future. Planting a potato is generally a good omen. Rotting potatoes signify that good things will come into your life in the future.

4. Milk, Jam and Sweets

If you see jam in your dream, it signifies misfortune. You can make sure that this misfortune is temporary by recognizing it early on. Milk in a dream shows that you need more nutrition in your diet. Meanwhile, boiled or regular sweets shows a general satisfaction with life. Your standard vegetables show your basic needs for nutrients and goodness in your life. If you see an onion in your dream with many layers, it shows that there are many aspects of your life which you must address in order to become successful. Meanwhile, a three-course meal shows that you want to gain acceptance or recognition in your waking life.

5. Breads


Seeing bread in your dream shows a desire to fulfill your basic needs. Meanwhile, cake shows a desire to enjoy your life. If the cake has icing or is filled with creams, it shows that there is enjoyment in your future.

6. Olive Oil and Fat

Dreaming about lard or olive oil shows a potential improvement in your financial situation. Right now, it is important to create a budget and figure out your financial commitments. If you have been worried about money matters lately, having the right financial plan can help reduce the stress and improve your financial situation.

7. Hunger

If you feel hungry in your food-related dream, then you are struggling to find satisfaction in your domestic life. You need to relax and go with the flow when problems come your way or your home life will not improve.

8. Meals and Food-Related Aspects

If you dream that you bought or are buying groceries, it shows that you will soon achieve comfort in your normal life. Dreaming about breakfast shows that you have mental work ahead of you very soon, so be prepared. If you are weighing food, it shows that you will be entertaining at a social event.

9. Other Dream Meanings

Dreaming about mushrooms means that unhealthy desires have entered your life. You need to realize that your desires may not help the situation right now. Dreaming about turnips means that your career prospects are improving and you may be given more responsibilities at work. If you are eating green turnips, it shows a disappointment in your near future. If you are a woman eating turnip stew, then prosperity is in your future. Clams mean a dishonest person lurks nearby, and sardines mean that there will be a distressing social event soon.

Carrots show that your mental and physical health may be challenged soon. Women who dream about eating carrots may see something involving marriage in their future. Garlic represents an increase in wealth. Radishes represent good luck. If they are in the fridge, the good luck is related to your business or workplace.

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