What Does it Mean When You Dream About Falling?

By on February 3, 2016

Dreaming about falling is one of the most common dreams that people experience. The average person will dream about falling at least five times during their lifetime. Normally, this type of dream is extremely intense and scary to experience. You feel as if you are falling from a great height and nothing can catch you. Often, the moment you hit the ground forces you to wake up.

When you have this type of dream, you may wonder what is causing it. Emotions, experiences and situations in your current life can be the reason why you end up having this dream. You should not overlook the significance of this dream because it can show that you have lost control of something in your current life. Your subconscious mind is basically trying to send a message to your conscious mind that you should pay attention to it. If you continue to ignore the situations in your current life that are causing this dream, it will make you feel worse and increase the frequency of these dreams.

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What Causes Dreams About Falling?

Currently, one of the main theories about falling dreams is that it symbolizes a loss of control. You may have a situation at work, home or school that is causing you to feel out of control. You may feel like everything in life is decided for you, and there is nothing that you can do about it. Sometimes, experiences in your personal relationships can even cause a falling dream to happen. The intensity of these feelings is often the reason why you have such vivid, terrifying dreams. Whenever you have the dream, try to write down everything that you can remember from the dream. The exact situation and occurrences in the dream will help you to figure out the appropriate interpretation.


The Different Varieties of Falling Dreams

Losing Grip: In some falling dreams, you feel like you are starting to lose your grip. This can be terrifying because you do not know if you would survive the fall, and it is hard to tell that it is a dream while you are in the dream. When this dream occurs, it may mean that you are having problems in your relationship. You may lack the confidence that you need to assert yourself, so you feel like your partner has the upper hand.

Pushed: When someone pushes you in a dream, it shows that you feel overworked and other people are pushing you in real life. If there is not someone pushing you to succeed or do something, then it is most likely yourself that is the problem. You may be pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion in order to achieve your dreams, and it is not worth the stress.

You Lose Balance: When you lose balance in a dream, it shows that the issue you are experiencing is caused by yourself. You need to find some way of stabilizing yourself in real life and gaining self-confidence.

Slipping: When you slip on a surface before falling to your death, it can show that you are afraid of failing in a certain situation. You may be especially nervous or anxious about a major event, and you are worried that a faux pas will get in the way of your success. When this dream happens, it is a sign that you need to take a breath, be confident and get your life back on track.

Someone Saves You From Falling: If you are starting to fall and someone saves you, it generally indicates that you feel like a friend, co-worker or companion is going to step in to save you from the situation that you are currently in.

You Continue to Hold on: Sometimes, a dream of falling is stopped because you continue to hold on and prevent yourself from falling. This seems to indicate that you have something in your current life that you are striving desperately to fix, but you feel like you do not have any real control over what happens. It could be your relationship, your work or your family situation. Whatever it is, your dreams will continue unless you manage to fix the situation and find a solution.

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Consider the Location, the People and the Situation

Sometimes, the people and situation of the dream is just as important as what actually happens. You should always try to remember the location you are at, how you fall and who was there. A familiar location shows may mean that this particular familiar location may be the thing causing you distress. If you fall off the roof of your work, it could mean that you feel like you have lost control at work and do not know what to do. Likewise, the way you fall shows your current mental state. If you fall on your hands, it means you need extra help from the people around you. Falling on your back means that you want more support in life, and a water fall means that you feel like you are about to have a nervous breakdown due to your situation.

As you write down your dream, keep in mind the people who are around you. If the person is trying to help in the dream, you may feel like they could help in real life. Someone who is pushing you in the dream is normally someone you feel like is involved in the problem. Anyone who is present, but just watches what happens, is most likely someone you feel could have helped in real life, but did not.

Common Interpretations

Only you can really determine what your falling dream means. It generally means a situation that is out of control. This may be due to a fear of losing your job, failing in your love life, afraid of failure or worried about the state of your relationship. Often, this type of dream means that you do not feel in control of your destiny and you lack the confidence necessary to do something in your life. Obviously, a dream is just a dream, so you do have the power to change your real life situation if you can work up the confidence and the courage.

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