What Does It Mean When You Dream About Demons?

By on September 4, 2017

Dreaming about demons can be a terrible, terrifying experience. Unfortunately, stories of demons have permeated human civilization for thousands of years. It is thought to represent something positive in the following situations:

1. It encourages you to be prepared.
2. It makes you more aware about what you want for the future.
3. It leads to a realization about your current life and a need for change.
4. It causes strong emotions within you.
5. If you attack the demon, it shows that you are able to defeat bad, repressed feelings.

Your dreams are representative of a number of things. Often, they show the state of your subconscious mind. They represent the thoughts, feelings, memories, phobias and desires that crop up in your mind. As such, your dreams show what is going on in your mind or how you feel about what is happening in your life.

dream about demons

Demons tend to have a meanings associated with guilt or selfishness. If the demon is attacking you, it may mean that you are fighting against your emotions. You may feel selfish or guilty, so you are trying to repress these feelings. Because of this, you are dreaming about decisions. Sometimes, demons appear as a symbol that you are rethinking the decisions that you have made in life, and you want to fix your mistakes.

Since it would be impossible to control a demon, you must be aware of what is going on. You may encounter a barrier that prevents you from moving, or it may force you through past memories or certain feelings. The dream may be a sign that you are working through doubts or a sense of betrayal.

What Does It Represent?

Often, a demon represents something that you dislike. You may have a bad habit, feeling or negative event that you feel ashamed of. You may feel like this was a sin, and you want to repress it as much as possible. Even though you struggle to forget about this bad habit or negative emotion, your subconscious still remembers it. Because of this, you keep having dreams about demons. The demon represents the thing that you are trying to repress, and it is your subconscious telling you to pay attention and handle the problem.

In many cases, a demon represents your struggle with your morality or feelings. In some cases, it represents an actual bad thing. Some people dream about demons when they fall sick. To their subconscious, the cold or flu feels like a demonic force at work. It causes pain, fevers and other symptoms that are foreign to the body. While the dream may not be avoidable, it should go away once the underlying illness is cured.


Analyzing Your Dream

Your subconscious creates each dream that you have from your thoughts, memories and feelings. You cannot control what your subconscious does. All it can do is show you how you are thinking and feeling. When you dream about demons, your best option is to analyze the dream, your current feelings and your waking life to see what the reason for the dreams is. If you are suddenly under stress and feel like everything is going with you, then the demons may represent that fear that you are under attack. It literally feels like outside, evil forces are working against you in the dream because of how you feel in your waking life.

In other cases, you can look at what the demon represents. If it is trying to tempt you to do wrong, this may be a representation of how you feel in real life. If the demon reflects qualities that you find in yourself, it could be your mind fighting back against these distasteful qualities. Your main goal is to look at these dreams, figure out exactly what happens in them and how it relates to your waking life.

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