What Does It Mean When You Dream About Death?

By on January 22, 2016

Death is a reoccurring theme in many dreams. Although it can be terrifying to experience, dreaming about death does not mean that you or a loved one is going to die. Since dreams are created by your subconscious mind, it is impossible for them to predict the future or tell you what is going to happen. Although some people report having their dreams come true, this is most likely due to coincidence and the person’s own role in creating the future. In order to understand why you are having a dream about death, it is important to figure out the underlying cause and trigger for the dream.

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Death is often considered to be a time of rebirth. Although you physically die in one form, your soul is reborn into a new life afterward. This ancient interpretation of death means that your dreams could signify that you are going through a process of self-discovery. You may be making some type of transition in your current life that involves positive transformations, inner changes or spiritual developments.

Often, people may dream about death when they are about the get married, deal with a break up or plan on having children. All of these changes are drastic enough to figuratively “kill” off your old life and give you a new life in its place. For example, it you dream that your ex-boyfriend or current boyfriend has died, it may indicate that your subconscious feels like the relationship is over and you need to move on. Meanwhile, the death of parents (who are currently living), normally means that you are readying for a major change in your life and a break with the old ways.

In some dreams, you may dream that you faked your own death. When this happens, it is an indication that you want to have a rebirth in your current life. You feel unable to make the transformations and changes that you need to. Due to this, your subconscious is trying to force those changes to happen in your dreams. This could also mean that you are ready to take control of your life and work toward your goals unimpeded.


You Are Coping With Death

If you have had a loved one, family member or friend pass away recently, dreaming about death could be just your mind’s way of coping. Your subconscious recognizes the fact that they are gone, and it is trying to naturally work through the process. On occasion, dreaming about death could also mean that you are trying to cope with your own death. Everyone has to die some day, and learning how to handle this idea can be challenging. People do not talk about death, what it is like or how to prepare for it, so your mind becomes accustomed to hiding thoughts about what could happen. Although your conscious mind tries to ignore these thoughts, that does not stop your subconscious from bringing up your preoccupations about death in your dreams.

In addition, it is always possible that your subconscious is preparing for the death of someone that you love. If you have a loved one who is terminally ill, your mind may have dreams about death long before their death actually happens as a way to prepare you consciously for the inevitable.


A Part of You Has Died

As you may have figured out already, many dreams about death are figurative instead of literal. You could metaphorically be dreaming about yourself dying as a sign that your old ways, habits or behavior are being forgotten. If you connect a specific person with a habit, you may dream that that person has died. For example, if you normally use drugs with a fellow addict, dreaming that the addict friend has died is a sign that you want to move on and stop using. When someone is a toxic influence on your life, you may dream that they have died because you want to have them out of your life. Likewise, dreaming of the death of a stranger indicates that you are detached from all of these changes that are happening with you.

A Wake-Up Call

Nothing is more serious than the death of you or someone else. When you dream about death, it is often your mind’s way to catch your attention and tell you that you need to do something. You may be complacent or unhappy in your current life. Whatever the cause, dreaming of death could be a sign that you need to wake up, take action and do something about whatever problems you are experiencing.

Resentment or Vengeance

If someone hurt you or betrayed you in the past, you may dream about them dying. This is generally a reflection of serious resentment against an individual.

You Need an Escape

Sometimes, dreaming about death is just a sign that you want to escape from the stress that you experience every day. You may be overburdened by responsibilities or need to escape from an abusive relationship. Whatever the reason, you need some way to take a break from your current life, even if it has to be during a dream.

You Are Missing Something

It is normal to feel like you are missing out on things in life. When you dream that a loved one has died, it could be due to feelings that you do not have the right characteristic or qualities. For example, if your aunt is known for being empathetic and compassionate, a dream that she dies could be a sign that you wish that you were more empathetic in your normal life. To interpret this type of dream, you have to figure out what characteristic your loved one represents that you feel that you are lacking.


Many people put the needs of their friends and family ahead of their own personal needs. When you dream that your physical self is dying, this can be a sign that you feel like you are always sacrificing yourself in real life. You may put other people’s needs ahead of your own, or you may feel like other people do not appreciate your efforts.


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