What Does It Mean When You Dream About Cats?

By on September 1, 2017

Even if you are not a cat lover, you may occasionally have dreams about cats. Long ago, these creatures were worshiped in ancient Egypt. While they are no longer considered female goddesses, they still have artistic motifs, mythological meanings and other interpretations attached to them. At the most basic level, you may have dreams about cats because you see them so often in your daily life. There can occasionally be deeper meanings to your cat-related dreams though.

To figure out what your dream means, you have to look at the deeper interpretation. You should figure out if there are personal emotions attached to these dreams. In addition, you can analyze these dreams by exactly what occurs in them. We will look at some of the most common cat dreams and their interpretations.

1. Just a Cat

At its most basic level, a cat may represent your power, sexuality or creativity. In negative interpretations, it could represent chaos, bad luck or misfortune. To really figure out what this dream means, you need to think about how you felt about the dream and how you feel about cats in real life. If you hate cats in real life and there was a mysterious cat lurking around your dream, then it probably is not a positive sign. Likewise, someone who loves cats in real life may have positive dream interpretations of cats.

2. A Missing Cat

In the dream, you know that there is a cat, but you just cannot find it. This type of dream generally represents that you want freedom and the ability to exist without being tied down. You may feel like someone or something is holding you back in real life, so you want to be free to just be yourself.

3. A Cat Litter Box

This is not a particularly fun dream, especially if the kitty litter box is quite dirty. Often, this dream will represent that you feel shame in your waking life or suffer from shameful thoughts. Only you can decide what these thoughts can be, so you may need to add an additional interpretation to your dream.

4. Cats at Play

When cats or kittens are playing together, it is an adorable sight to watch. This dream typically represents a desire for playfulness. You may want to let out your inner kitten in real life and just enjoy playing around. This type of dream is especially common if you have been under stress and need an outlet for your playful nature.

5. Angry Cats

While cats can represent female power or womanhood, this is not always how they appear in the dream. If the cat is angry in your dream, it could mean that you want to unleash your feminine power. If the cat is biting, scratching or attacking you in the dream, it could indicate that you feel like things are not going according to plan in your real life. You fear that you are giving too much to people who never repay your help or kindness. If the cat scratches you in the dream, it could mean that you feel threatened in some way.

6. Black Cats

Black cats are typically viewed as bad luck by superstitious people. If you believe that they are bad luck, then they probably represent a fear of misfortune in your current life. At the same time, there is nothing inherently unlucky about a bad cat. Unless you attach this superstition to the dream, it actually means that you are afraid of trusting your intuition and listening to your inner thoughts or feelings.

7. A Group of Cats

There are two possible meanings behind a dream about a large group of cats. It could mean that there is too much going on in your life, and you are unable to focus on the things that are truly important. It could also mean that you want to develop a deeper level of focus in your waking life.

8. Kittens

Kittens are absolutely adorable, and they are a symbol of innocence, purity and playfulness. In your dream, kittens can mean that you want independence. You want people to stop snuggling and coddling you so that you can explore the rest of the world.

9. White Cats

White cats might sound like purity and innocence, but they have a darker meaning. A white cat tends to mean that difficult times are ahead of you. Be wary because there could be potential challenges lurking around the corner.

10. A Cat Is in Danger

A cat is stuck in the tree or drowning. You have moments to figure out how to save the cat. When you dream that a cat is in danger, it means that you want to reclaim your power and independence. If the cat is lost along a dangerous highway, it could represent a desire to help other people get on the right path in life.

11. Twin Cats

If your dream included two identical cats, it tends to represent a desire for balance. You may feel like your own needs, your friendships, your work and your family are all out of balance. At some point, you need to make time for yourself and recharge. You can only balance everything when you are in a good mental place, so focus on yourself and the rest will follow.

12. Sick Cats

A sick cat tends to mean that you should listen to your intuition more often. It is an indicator that you should rely on your intellect less and go with your gut instinct.

The Dream Symbolism of Cats

Dreams are highly subjective. The way you grew up, the books you read and your culture all affect the way you view different creatures. Before you can really interpret your dream, you have to figure out what cats mean to you. Cats can represent softness, power, vulnerability, deceit, independence, femininity, misfortune, creativity or bad luck. It all depends on the interpretation that you give your dream, so spend time analyzing exactly what happened, how you felt and how it relates to your current life.

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