What Does It Mean When He Hugs You Tight?

By on November 3, 2017

Hugs are fantastic! Seriously, we all need one to bolster us up, comfort us, and give us that warm everything will be okay feeling. In fact, physical touch is so important to human well being that Focus on the Family says, “Numerous research projects in the area of child development have made that conclusion: Babies who are held, stroked and kissed develop a healthier emotional life than those who are left for long periods of time without physical contact.”

But what does it mean when he hugs you tight?

It could mean this is his dominant love language. People tend to express love the way they want to receive it, and your guy could tend toward the physical side of affection. This means contact with you is very important to him and that could be everything from kissing, handholding, and hugging. If this is his dominant love language, make sure you reciprocate. It’s an important aspect of a relationship for him.

Have you been nervous lately or feeling a little down? Has he? Hugging has been shown to increase feelings of security in people experiencing depression as well as low self esteem or aimlessness. Hugging, even inanimate objects like teddy bears, can help these symptoms become more manageable. Your guy may be reacting to the subconscious signals you’re sending or sending you some of his own. One of you might just need that steadying act of comfort.

It could be that your man just needs to feel close to you. Of the myriad human emotions, there are many that remain nameless. However we can all understand the deep seated need to touch and be touched. A lot about you could be soothing (or stimulating) to your loved one. When you hug he gets to entertain many of his senses. He is touching you, able to smell your scent, and seeing you up close.

Hugging can be a precursor to other amorous activities, and maybe that’s what he has in mind. Hugging releases oxytocin and serotonin, both of which help you both feel more deeply connected to each other. Hugging also leads to kissing (one of the many reasons the rules reliant Duggars don’t allow it before marriage). They’re not actually in the minority either, although it may not seem that way. 64 percent of the world’s cultures don’t kiss at all, leaving casual comforting solely dependent on hugging.

Another reason he may be reaching out to you in particular is that hugging or touching among friends (a thing which some groups of guys don’t feel at ease doing in the first place) only gives him a shadow of the feel good benefits that touching you does. That’s right, hugging you, his partner, really is better for him. His body knows this even if his conscious self does not. You’re his good feeling addiction!

Finally, as long as it’s consensual and makes you comfortable, go on and squeeze him back! Hugging has been shown to have even higher benefits for women. The website Upvee has gone so far to say that women need a hug once a day to maintain good health. Their article goes on to state, “It was a well-known fact that hugging can reduce blood pressure and cut the risk of heart disease. The new study demonstrated that this is particularly true for women.”

That’s right, girl! Go get your hug on!


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