What Does It Mean When He Asks You To Call Him Daddy?

By on November 11, 2017

Does your guy like you to call him “daddy?” What does it mean?

If you’ve never heard of or been part of this phenomenon you’d be surprised at how common and accepted it is. Entire reddit and tumblr threads have been dedicated to those who admit to doing it and those that are wildly confused by it. On the same note, some men love it and some think it’s weird.

Has your man asked you to call him daddy or have you found yourself referring to him this way? Here are some reasons that could be happening.

• It’s a dominance thing.
If it’s times you could feel vulnerable, it’s probably a dominance thing. He likes to or wants to feel in control, like the one driving the car. It doesn’t necessarily represent true father/daughter relationships but more of a alpha male in this situation vibe. Remember, it’s really not that different than calling each other “babe” or “baby.” Are you actually an infant? No. Does he want you to be his toddler? Another no. Which brings us to…

• He feels protective of you.
Men’s natural instincts to nurture and protect come out predominantly for two kinds of people; their committed partners and their children. It’s both biological and instinctual, though don’t get that confused with terms like breadwinner or head of house. Protective, daddy, and these other things have gotten intertwined by cultural values and restrictive gender norms. Just like nearly everything else these are feelings that can be reciprocated you. Do you want to protect him from bad news? Make sure he’s had enough to eat? Help him reach his next goal? Are you the momager in your relationship? It’s pretty much the male equivalent.

• He really is a father and you’ve gotten used to calling each other by these titles.
Maybe he or the two of you share kids. If so, especially if they’re small, you may have just gotten into the habit of calling your partner “daddy” because that’s what the kids do. Some kids take quite a while to realize that their parents actually have real names that aren’t Mommy and Daddy. And yes, this too can leak over into your bedroom escapades. Our advise? Just go with it. Carving out time for sex is hard enough with children without getting hung up and who called who what pet name.

Like a writer over at Broadly said-
“Your grandfather used to call his wife Slug,” my mom continued. “It’s not particularly important to worry about what people call each other. It’s important to recognize our own individuality and find a partner who supports that.”

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