What Does It Mean to Keep Seeing the Same Person in Your Dreams?

By on December 4, 2017

Do you keep seeing the same person in your dreams and want to find out what it means? There are a few different interpretations.

If you start researching dreams and people’s theories about them you’ll soon find out that there are some commonalities, but there are also different schools of thought. In short, that means that no one really agrees on what dreaming is, or how it should be interpreted. However, there are some pretty prominent theories, so let’s have a look at what the possibilities are if you dream of someone over and over again.

Dreams Make Sense of Our Day and Sort Out Our Memories 

I’m pretty sure you’ve gone to bed some days exhausted, confused and unhappy, only to wake up the next morning with full clarity, brimming with happiness and energy. In other words, a good night’s sleep has allowed you to process whatever happened the day before and you’ve now got a clear mind.

Our brain is constantly sorting out what’s important to remember and what’s not, and how to interpret life in general. Many people believe that this happens predominantly when we sleep.

That means that if someone has a daily impact in your life and you’re trying to sort through your emotions, or thoughts around them, you might very well dream about them. Your brain is simply processing the day.

This doesn’t mean the person has paramount meaning in your life. If you see someone every day, they’re simply more likely to be in your dreams as your brain is sorting out the events of the day and putting the puzzle pieces in order while you sleep.

Dreams Focus on the Last Thing We Saw

Ever remembered dreaming about something you saw/did just before falling asleep? I have. Many times. And often it’s something bizarre, like a status update from a Facebook friend. Not anything that holds any relevance in my life, but something which ended up in my dreams simply because it was the last thing I saw/did before going to bed. I once, before falling asleep with the fever, made the mistake of reading something that kept repeating itself over and over in some sort of hallucinatory dream. Not pleasant, but I doubt the words carried much meaning to my life – they just happened to be the last thing my brain processed before falling asleep.

Point being: be careful whose photos you’re looking at before falling asleep. If you keep dreaming about the same person it might simply be because you saw their face shortly before falling asleep.

Dreams Bring Awareness to Suppressed/Forgotten Thoughts 

Sometimes during the day we are, whether consciously, or unconsciously, triggered by something. I.e. something happens that make us feel a certain way because it brings back similar events/events that made us feel similar.

For example, you might not remember being three years old and falling into the ocean, but in your subconscious the fear, the sensation of the cold water, the panic of those around you pulling you out of the water, etc. is stored somewhere in your unconscious.

If one day in your adult life when swimming in the ocean you get knocked over by a wave, this may trigger your brain to remember the event in your past. This may, in turn, make you relive the feelings, whether in the moment, or later when dreaming.

If a person in your current life is doing something which is related to a childhood trauma, or emotionally strong experience, your subconscious might want to alert you to this through dreams.

You Are Processing Suppressed Emotions in the Present 

Ever tried to ignore the pent up anger you feel for your boss, only to end up dreaming about him every night? Or that pent up love you’re feeling for someone else?

When we ignore our emotions they sometimes come up in dreams. If you’re trying to suppress the fact that you really need to talk to your boyfriend about something/deal with some things in your relationship, then it might come up in a dream instead. The issue itself might not come up in the dream, but the person you have unresolved emotional garbage with might.

People in Dreams Are a Symbol

Some people in our lives act as symbols. For example, your first love might be your brain’s symbol for love. That means that every time you find new love, or you really long for love, you start dreaming of your first love.

Some people act as symbols in another way. For example, if you’ve for a long time suppressed a desire to break up with your partner and travel the world and meet a person who did just that, you might dream of that person time and time again, until you acknowledge your own desire to do what they once did.

People act in symbols in all sorts of ways. Sometimes I dream of people not because I miss them, but because I miss the town in which I used to hang out with them.

So ask yourself if your dream is really about the person, or what they represent to you.

You Are Going Through Intense Emotions

Most of us dream of the men, or women, we are in love with at some point or another. When we feel intense emotions, whether they are resolved, or not, we dream about it.

Sometimes in our dreams the fears and hopes we have around a certain person also come out. One night you might dream that your crush adores you, the next that he is dating some other person. And remember – if you have fears that come out in dreams it doesn’t mean the fears are real. Dreaming that your crush will date someone else is a sign that you need to deal with your self-confidence, not that they are in love with that other person. Don’t let your fears get the better of you – dreaming that your new crush is a cheating bastard if you have a fear men are cheating bastards, most likely tells you more about yourself than about him.

Your Intuition Is Telling You Something

During the day our logical mind is fully switched on, as are our biases. If someone has promised you a great job and keeps talking about it and visibly doing everything in their power to get you the job, there is no reason for you not to trust them. However, you may be swayed by your hopes and the logic conclusion that they are doing everything they can to help you as you see them doing it, and disregard your gut feeling that tells you that they aren’t genuine. Dreams tend to cut through all that and show you the other picture; the one you in daylight might not find logical, or simply don’t want to see. This could be another reason for dreaming of someone – your subconscious is trying to tell you something.

That your subconscious can tell you these things doesn’t necessarily mean you are psychic. Paul Edman worked out that faces have micro expressions that express various emotions. If we learn to read those expressions, we know what someone is thinking, but we often overlook that in favor of what logically suits the situation. If someone smiles and says they are happy to see is, that should mean they’re happy to see us, which our brain latches onto, even if other person’s micro expressions are telling a different story. (The TV show Lie To Me is based on Ekman’s discoveries.)

Of course, there’s also the chance we can read thoughts telepathically.


Some people swear they can predict the future with some of their dreams. Research has found nothing to prove it; people are prone to remember the dreams that came true and disregard the ones that didn’t. As dreams are so vague most of the time, people also interpret them freely. That’s not to say that some dreams don’t allow you to see into the future though – they might. So if you dream about a certain person, in a certain situation, take a moment to reflect if you want that to be your future. If not, you might want to do something to change it. Not even the psychics believe the future is set in stone.

In Conclusion

Dreams might mean almost anything, but chances are you know what they mean. If you sit down and meditate on it and really listen to your heart, you will find out what your dreams mean. Go through all of the above and see what resonates with you – find out what kind of dream you are having.


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