What Does it Mean to Get Shot in a Dream?

By on May 20, 2018

Getting shot in a dream can be scary, without a doubt. So when you wake up with your heart racing in a panic-stricken fate, you wonder what’s next. Why did you have this dream? Is it a premonition? While it may actually be because you just watched Scarface or Walking Dead, there’s other meanings for those of you out there who don’t watch shows or movies with tons of violence.

Shot Inside Your Home

Getting shot inside of your own home can be one of the most daunting dreams you could possibly have, but it holds a lot of meaning to it. The first meaning is that you may feel unsafe or feel as though you will be or have been a victim recently. If you’ve been in an unsafe situation before, this may just be your subconscious reliving the experience.

This may also serve as a warning that someone close to you or simply nearby is not to be trusted. This is especially true if you’ve had a an odd feeling about a particular person in recent time.

Shot and Killed

A dream about being shot and actually dying from it is undeniably one of the strangest and intense dreams you could have. This dream will send you into a rush of panic and fear, but it’s actually a good sign- unlike what you may have expected.

Being shot and killed in a dream shows that you are going to conquer your fear or finish all of your big plans or projects with no hassle at all. It’s basically a sign of big things coming to an end, where you will be able to be at peace once again.

Shot and Injured

If you get shot in your dream and you DON’T die, however, it has a negative connotation. This type of dream is saying that you will soon be in a position where you can’t fight or stand up for yourself, in an essence you will be ‘wounded’ from being able to stick up for yourself in a real life situation. If you have a dream like this, be careful and take it as a warning for the near future.

Shot in the Heart

Being shot in the heart is a representation of your feelings and emotions. You are in an awful state of sadness, even depression. Nothing in your life seems to be going right and your heart is truly aching over a recent event. The best thing to do to combat this dream is to relax and try to work through the tough times. Stay positive and keep your head up.

Shot in the Neck

Dreams About Getting Shot

Ever heard the term ‘pain in the neck’? Well, if there is a certain someone in your life that is truly a huge pain in your neck, this may be the meaning behind your shooting dream.

Being shot in the neck can simply mean that there’s someone incredibly annoying in your life that you probably need to get rid of. On the other hand, it can also show a significant conflict between your heart and mind. After all, the neck is right between your heart and your mind, so getting those two things to think alike may be your best bet.

Shot and Come Back a New Person

With this type of shooting dream there is great significance. This dream is telling you that you’re either tired of your current situation or sick of yourself altogether. Being shot and coming back a new person shows that you NEED change; in fact, your body craves it.

This may indicate that you should really take that career change you’ve been thinking about, start that new and improved diet to shed pounds, or simply change your attitude from being glum and self-centered to outgoing and positive. 

Discover what you need to change and take action.

Shot in the Back

This one is pretty simple to interpret, but if you need a clear definition we certainly have it for you. 

We all know the phrase being ‘stabbed in the back’. Well, your dream is just taking it one step further and turning that subtle stabbing into a full on gunshot. This represents that someone has either recently betrayed you incredibly badly, or you need to be on the lookout for someone as they will be betraying you in the near future.

While most shooting dreams are nothing to worry about, some dreams about getting shot have a serious warning that you need to listen to. You may either need to watch out for friends and family around you, change something about yourself, or simply quit watching scary movies or television shows before you fall asleep!

Have you ever been shot in a dream? Where were you shot at? What did it mean to you? 

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