What Do Guys Like in a Girl

By on April 22, 2015

With so much information thrown at us about what it means to be a girl, it can be confusing to figure out how much of it is helpful in attracting a mate. Well the truth is, it all depends on what type of guy you want to attract. Remember, if you are all about yourself, you’re not going to attract a super sweet guy, you’ll probably attract a guy that is also only into himself and neither of you will be happy very long in a relationship like that. So let’s look at what good guys like in a girl so we can set ourselves up for success ladies.


Natural Beauty

natural beauty 

First of all, studies have shown that guys aren’t attracted to girls because they are skinny. Some girls have a larger frame and will be naturally curvy and that attracts guys just as much. So love your body and know that you are actually naturally attractive to guys. It’s when we feel insecure and try to change who we are that guys sense you don’t like yourself and they will look for someone else who’s comfortable in their own skin. That goes for makeup too. While guys appreciate pretty eye makeup, they will like you more if you get comfortable with little or no makeup. They know it’s not real ladies, we aren’t fooling them. Don’t worry, our bodies are engineered to be attracted to other people, we don’t have to manipulate ourselves unnaturally to attract a good guy.


Positive Thinking

positive thinking 

The more positive we can be, the more guys will like us. Try not to gossip about other people and try not to let jealous thoughts come into your head. The more we support our friends and celebrate their success, the more a good guy will see how nice and enjoyable you are to be around. When we genuinely uplift others without being fake, they will feel our good vibes and want some of them on a regular basis.


Support Them


The more you can show them your support, the more they will see your ability to show you care. Guys like when a girl is nurturing and helps them remember their sports gear, gets them cleats when theirs have holes in them or makes sure to tell them what time their favorite sports team is playing. Getting them a book that will help them learn about something they are really passionate about is a nice gesture too. Cooking them a healthy meal that will make them feel great is another great way to support them. Complimenting them on their strengths and noticing their hard work can help build a strong friendship and let the romance bud between you.


Take Care of Your Body

take care figure 

Guys like when a girl isn’t lazy and takes care of her body. This doesn’t mean you have to be super skinny but they certainly like a girl who is fit and takes pride in her health. When we love ourselves and take care of ourselves, it’s easier for guys to love us back. Remember, if you want to attract a guy that’s motivated and has a healthy self esteem, you’ll also need to put in your time to get your heart rate up and feel good about yourself!


Be Good At Things

 good at things

Whether it’s art, playing an instrument or a physical activity, guys like a girl who is good at something. Having something you’re really passionate about and knowledgeable about is definitely helpful in attracting a guy and it can protect you from losing your sense of identity in a relationship. So find what you love and do it with all of your heart! When it comes to work or school, always take pride in doing your best and he will admire your drive and accomplishments.


Be Confident but Not Arrogant


That leads us to the next topic. When you are proud of certain things you’ve done, don’t brag about them. It’s important to be humble and not come off as arrogant. You’ll know you’re arrogant when you’re constantly talking about all the great things you’ve done. Guys like it when a girl is emotionally vulnerable enough to admit that they are not always strong and being ok with failing at things and trying again is also something they find cute. Determination and willpower are good qualities to have and they would prefer you are honest about what you’re still working on instead of trying to fake it.


Be Kind To Everyone

 be kind

Guys will notice when you let someone cut ahead of you in line or help someone when they’ve dropped something. They like to see a girl think of others because it helps them know you would be nice to them too. The more nice you are in your words and actions, the better your chances of attracting a nice guy. Remember what Ashton Kutcher said at the Teen Choice awards, kindness is sexy.


Don’t Blame People or Complain


It’s important that you don’t always complain about what you don’t like. Try to have a rule that you never complain. Guys don’t like whiny girls, they will feel drained around you if you talk bad about everyone and everything in your life. Even if you’re broken down with a flat tire, you can choose to focus on how nice the person that stopped to help you was and how beautiful of a day it is. Try not to blame people for the way you are feeling because that will make you negative and guys really like positive people. Choose to surround yourself with positive things and positive people and you’ll find it easier to stop complaining. You can write yourself little notes that remind you to be grateful instead of complain and carry it around with you.


Listen Intently


Another thing guys like is when you sometimes let them do the talking. Try to pay attention to what they are talking about and show that you care. They will appreciate your sincere feedback and it can build a good friendship. Being a good listener can make you a great girlfriend and shows how mature you are.


Be Independent

 be independent

Make sure that you have a life besides hanging out with your boyfriend. Have a strong group of friends and make sure you don’t forget about your friends even when you’re in a relationship. Have hobbies and interests that don’t involve your boyfriend so that you are comfortable doing things on your own. Guys like a girl who isn’t dependent on them for their happiness because they will feel like the girl is clinging to them.


Have A Sense of Humor

 sense of humor

While it’s important to take your school or work seriously, it’s also attractive to have a sense of humor. When we take ourselves too seriously, we come off as cold. We need to make sure we remember to lighten up and look at the bright side of life. Laughter is contagious and when we laugh, it helps other people feel good. Guys can’t help but like a girl who is happy so feel free to get in touch with what makes you giggle. You could always watch stand up comedy with them or send them funny videos to brighten their day.


Be Responsible

 be responsible

Guys are drawn to girls who are responsible. They don’t want to hear about how you attend wild parties and spend all your money without control. Guys, well good guys, like to see that you can manage your budget, that you’re respectful to adults and that you really do care about your life. Making good decisions that are responsible will create a ripple effect in your life and the quality of men you attract will improve. When you’re the top of your class or really good at your job, guys will admire all the hard work and sacrifices you made to achieve that.


Tell Them You Like Them

 tell him you like

Guys will be happy to know that you like them. Sometimes they aren’t sure because girls act like they are too cool for the guy that they actually like. There’s no reason to act like you don’t notice the guy you like when he’s in the same room. Go up to him and talk to him and it’s ok to flirt. Guys like a girl who is not afraid to show how she feels. It’s good to share our affection and that’s a great way to see if they like you back. And don’t be shy, go ahead and tell them you have a crush on them because they might be too shy to ask you out if you don’t make the first move.


You probably noticed that all of these things are about substance and not appearance. The more substance you have, the more you will impress a good guy. The more we work on ourselves, the better our chances of attracting a guy that we will be proud to bring home to our family. Stay positive, keep smiling and keep doing your best to make others happy and good things will come your way.


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