Weight loss Motivation: Here are some incentives for you couch potatoes!

By on January 13, 2013


Weight loss has this cyclical process. You lose weight, you feel good and you keep exercising and keep losing more weight. It is like all it takes is trying it for more than a week and you will find that you not only are looking better but you are feeling better.


There are multiple motivations for weight loss. Some are self-motivated (class reunion) and some are others-motivated (bridesmaid dress). Whatever your motivation, or lack thereof, here are some great fire-starters to help you get back into shape.


1. Agility


One huge motivation for weight loss is agility. Agility is simply the thought that my son wants to wrestle on the floor, game on! You do not need the ability to complete somersaults into your pool but having the ability to play with your kids is a huge motivation for losing some weight.


Agility also implies that you can walk for an hour at normal pace without serious setback. Walking is always a good measure of your health. Are you getting winded walking up a few flights of stairs? You probably should shed some pounds.


2. Think about your ability to be healthy.


Next, think past your ability to function to your ability to be healthy. People who are healthy respond better to stress, sickness, sleeplessness and life in general. We all have gained the holiday pounds but capitalize on the New Year’s momentum and get to work on those extra pounds.


3. When you are healthy, you will have a little more comfort with your own body.


Part of being healthy is that you will have a little more comfort with your own body. Some call it self-confidence others acceptance but whatever you call it, shedding the pounds will make you okay with a bathing suit. Beyond a bathing suit it will make you more comfortable when you sit in that awkward position that once showed all of your ‘love-handles’.  Being healthy just allows you to be comfortable in your body. This is both on the psychological and physical level. If you are sedentary and overweight you can be sure that certain ligaments and joints will soon tell you about it.


4. You will more than likely become more attractive to your significant other.


Show some consideration to your significant other. Perhaps you could care less how many pounds you have gained but I am sure they mind a little. Take the time to get back into shape by way of becoming more attractive to your significant other. They will definitely appreciate it!


5. Don’t forget about longevity.


One last consideration is longevity. We all want to live long, healthy lives but often do not eat the way we should and exercise like we should to ensure those long, healthy lives transpire. I do not know about you, but I want to live long and be able to enjoy that long life.

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