40 Wedding Hairstyles for Short to Mid-Length Hair

By on August 27, 2017

It’s wedding season, ladies! Are you ready for the big day? Whether you’re the bride or the bridesmaid, you want your hair to look amazing right? There are so many different hairstyles, that it can be challenging to pick just one. From loose curls and beach waves, all the way to more sophisticated buns and complex hairdos, it all depends on the style you love the most. Let’s have a closer look at 40 of the best wedding hairstyles for short to mid-length hair.

1. Effortless Light Brown Curls

via Pinterest/MODwedding

Effortless brown curls for medium-length hair will make everyone turn their heads on. Whether you’re the bride or the bridesmaid, with this hairdo you will make an unforgettable impression on your guests. Top off with bold lipstick and keep accessories in the spotlight. Remember brides: it’s all about the attitude.

2. Low Twisted Bun

via Pinterest/mediumhairstylescuts

A low twisted bun might seem like an easy hairstyle for a wedding. Truth be told, simplicity prevails nowadays. Effortless hairdos are a much better choice because they convey a sense of freshness and naturality.

3. Edgy Vintage Waves & Light Ombre

via Pinterest/EverAfterGuide

Does your wedding have a theme? Vintage ceremonies are in trend, especially those inspired by the Great Gatsby movie. Edgy curls are truly inspiring; they convey a sense of sophistication and are the perfect addition to your boho-chic wedding dress.

4. Boho Chic Wavy Bob & Floral Accessory 

via Pinterest/Style Me Pretty

The boho chic style is in trend; future brides crave simple, fresh hairdos with a twist. A floral headband might be just what you need to stand above the crowd and make an impression. The look presented above looks incredibly neat and clean; it may because of the simple, elegant makeup.

5. Medium-Length Waves & Highlights and Side Braiding 

via Pinterest/Love Hairstyles 

If you haven’t had the courage to get highlights, now it would be an optimal time. Do it with at least 5 weeks before the wedding; to test the waters and really see if you like the styling. Complement the look with a sided braid.

6. Messy Pixie & Glam Headband 

via Pinterest/stayglam

A messy pixie hairdo with a sophisticated headband can have the most beautiful effect. Choose a long, sided fringe to add more length to your face and make your beautiful wedding makeup stand out. For a better framing of the face, bold blush on the cheeks and discreet earrings will finish off the look; making you feel like the most fortunate bride in the world.

7. Light Brown Pixie & Statement Floral Headband 

via Pinterest/Debbie Carlisle 

Short, light brown hair might be the change you need to feel confident and beautiful on your wedding day. Top off with a floral headband to add a touch of glam and freshness to your style; and wear your hairdo with pride.

8. Gorgeous Vintage Short Wedding Hairdo

via Pinterest/wedding chicks 

Vintage-like hairdos exude sophistication; especially when the color is platinum blonde. Do you want to feel like Marylin Monroe walking down the aisle? Well, this is the style that works wonderfully.

9. Boho Bride & Floral Crown 

via Pinterest/mimundo

The boho chic style that looks messy, yet classy is a bride’s top preference this year. We have to admit it looks amazing; especially when topped with a floral headband.

10. Boho Chic Updo & Braids and Front Details 

via Pinterest/Stylecaster

Hairstyles that are detailed and different from what we’re used to, convey a sense of romance and glam. We love the braiding, florals and frontal hair strands.

11. Wavy Brunette Bob & Oversized Florals 

via Pinterest/marry-xoxo

There’s something special about wavy bobs with floral headbands. Black hair is the perfect “ground” for light, fresh floral accents. In this case, the waves add fluidity and create a very romantic appeal.

12. Romantic Curly Bob & Sided Curled Fringe

via Pinterest/weddingsonline

Short bobs with curls are the tips complement women with oval faces and delicate features. If you’re looking for an easy to do hairstyle for your wedding, this might be it.

13. Imperfect Messy Bun & Glamorous Head Piece 

via Pinterest/therighthairstyles

Make him adore your perfect imperfections, and get a high messy bun with a glamorous head piece. It’s chic, stylish, and fresh. Your guests will be impressed!

14. Boho Gold Hair Wrap

via Pinterest/etsy

The hair wrap is one of the easiest, most appealing hairstyles for a bride to be. Perfect for mid-length hair, this hairdo will perfectly frame your face and features.

15. Light Wavy Blonde & Braids 

via Pinterest/GLAMINATI

Warm highlights on your blonde hair and loose waves are enough for your wedding hairstyle. Why choose a complicated hairdo that doesn’t last, when you can keep things natural and be certain you’ll look amazing all night long?

16. Wavy Bob & Side Swept Fringe

via Pinterest/Style Me Pretty

Sometimes the right accessory can change your natural hairstyle, and make you feel fabulous. All you need is quality hairspray for some added volume and a floral head piece. Make your pick. It’s your big day, and you should enjoy it to the max!

17. Vintage Pixie

via Pinterest/awesome-hairstyles 

Vintage hairstyles have a very interesting and soft vibe. Women with really short hair can go for this interesting pixie hairdo with top waves. Complement the style with bold makeup, and wear your hair with the utmost pride.

18. Bouncy Blonde Waves

via Pinterest/fave.co

No need to choose a complicated hairdo for your big day. All you need is a voluminous bob with loose waves and a side swept bangs. Oh, and yes; you might want to choose a cool makeup to balance the simple allure of your hair.

19. Sleek Bob & Side Swept Bangs

via Pinterest/Pretty Angel

Classic, elegant bobs will never fade away. We love the appeal, bold makeup, and striking jewelry. If you’re running out of ideas, and can’t a style to match your dress, this might be just what you need.

20. Gorgeous Caramel Updo

via Pinterest/moncheriebridals

A combed up-do that seems easy to style has a very nice appeal. Why over complicate things and get a style that won’t last, when you can let a stylist play with your waves, and it make it stand out without trying too hard?

21. Hollywood Glam

via Pinterest/Hairstylist – Chaya M. Chayo

Hollywood-inspired wedding hairstyle is a hairdo that screams both simplicity and glam. The voluminous side swept bangs, easy curls, and easy wrap-up on the back looks impeccable. This year’s trend in bridal hairstyles: easiness.

22. Romantic Low Bun & Floral Accent 

via Pinterest/Oh Best Day Ever

Showcase your romantic side with a wrapped little bun that frames your faces; and makes your wedding gown stand above the crowd. Keep things neat and simple; top off with a bold flower, and it’s done. Enjoy your big day!

23. Twisted Bun & Sided Fringe

via Pinterest/weddingkeep

A twisted bun and a sided fringe and a small accessory is a lot better than a complex style that looks too elegant. Today’s bride is a modern woman who prefers things simple and tasteful. That’s what the hairdo above is all about: tasteful simplicity.

24. Voluminous Bun & Middle Parting

via Pinterest/MODwedding 

Not all women can afford to get a middle parting. It all depends on the shape of your face. Regardless, the bridal hairstyle above looks stunning. The voluminous bun matches the frontal hair strands and jewelry perfectly.

25. Romantic Sided Bun & Bangs 

via Pinterest/MODwedding 

Sides buns seem to steal the show this wedding season. We truly believe it is a smart option for brides with shorter hair. Matched with a nicely combed fringe, the end result will be a refined, sublime hairdo that will turn people’s heads.

26. Oversized Braided Bun

via Pinterest/bridal hairstyles

Fluid bridal hairstyles have a very special allure. In the picture above, we have a beautiful bride with an oversized bun that screams sheer elegance. What’s appealing is that the bun is carefully braided; in essence, it is a simple hairstyle with a twist.

27. Impressive Vintage Hairstyle for Bridesmaids

via Pinterest/hair creations

The hairstyle presented above goes for brides and bridesmaids. The extreme vintage allure of the style matches beautifully with the makeup. The frontal wrap up and back bun looks neat. Once again, we adore the simplicity but also elegant vibe. It might be the perfect hairdo for you as well. All you need to do is give it a try.

28. Short Rose Blonde & Middle Waves 

via Pinterest/Loverly Weddings 

Rose blonde is the hair color of the season. Women with natural blonde hair should definitely give it a shot. It has an air of freshness that only works best when the makeup is all natural, too. Opt for a frontal partying, and side waves. At the end, top off the style with a floral crown; choose the flowers you love most, and the end result will sweep your groom off his feet.

29. Wild Bob & Sided Parting

via Pinterest/Chelsea Tait

Go wild with your wedding hairstyle, and choose a bob that seems messy and incomplete. The hairdo presented in the picture above is ideal if your wedding is set up in the countryside. Complement the look with a delicate crown made of small roses, and feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. Because to your groom, you are about to become a partner for life.

30. Low Wrapped Autumn Bun

via Pinterest/You & Your Wedding

A wrapped low bun topped with a head piece crafted from autumn flowers is a bold move. However, it will complement your vintage wedding dress perfectly. We do think it looks impeccable! Don’t worry if you have shorter hair; believe it or not, this neat hairstyle is easier to make than it seems. All you need is the perfect hairdresser!

31. Greek-Inspired Wedding Hairstyle

via Pinterest/allysonjames

In love with Greece? Use it as inspiration for your wedding hairstyle. A side swept fringe, and a loose bun should be enough for you to feel amazing. No need to spend hours at the salon! For the hairdo to stand out, your makeup should be bolder and more striking. Focus on the eyes, and choose a lighter shade for the lips. The end result will be memorable!

32. Shabby Chic Beach Waves 

via Pinterest/onefabday.com

Believe it or not, shabby chic beach waves work perfect for your wedding, too. Just have a look at the photo above. It is so fresh and simple, yet it does exude originality. Go for an interesting floral crown to top off the look. A great idea might be to spice it up with some frontal blonde highlights. It will open up your face, making it look more glowing than ever.

33. Effortless Bun 

via Pinterest/Akimi

There’s no need to choose a sophisticated hairstyle to feel confident and beautiful on the day of your wedding. In fact, sometimes the simplest hairdo can have a bigger effect. For an extra touch of elegance, choose a thin floral head piece.

34. Neat Bun with Parting and Leaf Head Piece

via Pinterest/Elizabeth Anne Designs

Leaf-like head pieces for your wedding hairstyle are absolutely stunning. Choose wisely as the variety of models is endless. For a romantic neat, low bun, the picture above showcases an ideal look. Check out the delicate wedding dress, too. Always keep in mind to match your hairstyle with your wedding gown for the end result to have an impact.

35. Crown Braid & Wild Hair Strands 

via Pinterest/Nouba

Crown braids are specific to the boho chic style. They excellent if you have shorter hair, too. For an added touch of innovation, choose a simple, delicate makeup and bold lipstick. This hairdo goes perfectly with a vintage-inspired dress. Lace-it up and let your personal style wow everyone present at the ceremony.

36. Wild Waves & Seasonal Floral Head Piece

via Pinterest/Diane Stokes 

Are you thinking about setting the wedding somewhere in the countryside? Because if that’s the case, a wild yet chic hairdo is just what you need. Keep it simple, and add floral hair accessories to make your hairdo scream originality.

37. Modern Bohemian Hairstyle

via Pinterest/Kayla Snell Photography 

Modern bohemian is a style that conveys originality. Want your wedding day to be unique? Get the most jaw-dropping hairstyle! A messy braided bun, seasonal flowers as a head piece, and a frontal curl will make everyone go wow.

38. High Voluminous Bun & Straight Fringe

via Pinterest/Sarah Stuart 

We love romantic buns with a twist because they can make even the simplest wedding dress look stunning. For an added touch of romance, a fringe, and loose hair strands should do the trick. Don’t you love that wild hair strand? It gives the whole hairstyle a very special, clean vibe?

39. Top Bun & Romantic Fringe

via Pinterest/Bridal Musings 

High buns are ideal for petite brides. Make yours stand out with a wrapped braiding; and if you have delicate facial features, get a straight fringe for an added touch of glam.

40. 60s Inspired Hairstyle with Fringe

via Pinterest/Wedding Forward

Don’t worry ladies! Even if you have shorter hair, there are still techniques a stylist will know how to use to get you an oversized bun inspired from the 60s.

There are so many beautiful hairstyles for short to mid-length hair, that it’s often challenging to make a choice. We know it’s tough. The best piece of advice we have for you is to try more than one hairdo; consult with a professional stylist to help you decide. The 40 amazing wedding hairstyles we presented above are meant to inspire you. Which one is your favorite? Drop us a comment below.

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