10 Ways to Know He’s Serious About Your Relationship

By on June 30, 2015

How do you know a man’s serious with his intentions? All men are different, so there is no one formula for knowing. However, there are things most men do to show they are serious with a relationship. Read on to find out what they are.

He’s Being Honest With You

There are no half truths or half lies. He tells it as it is. That’s not to say he tells you everything – he won’t think to do so. What you’d think important to share is not necessarily what he will think is important to share. The important bit is that he’s upright with you when you ask him about something, or when he’s sharing something.

If you are to share your life with someone you need to be honest with them. Otherwise you have nothing more than a lie by the end of the day.


He Takes You to Meet Friends and Family

Just because someone takes you to meet his friends and family doesn’t mean he is super serious. Some have grown up so close to their family they will introduce anyone and everyone to them. Others think it natural to bring a date with to events with their friends, whether they’re serious or not. However, most people would not introduce you to friends or family unless they liked you. And in many cases men hold off introducing you until they have more serious intentions.

I come from Europe where it’s more common to take dates along to meet friends as soon as you’ve met them, but in the States it’s often a bit of a bigger deal to do so. Beware that different cultures have different traditions.

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He Makes Time for You

Some guys are so busy they hardly come up for air. If he’s serious about a relationship he will prioritize his time with you though. That does not mean he has a lot of time for you, but it means that in his busy schedule he will make sure to see you. You’re important to him. And when he’s scheduled a date with you he does his darnedest to make sure it happens.

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He Takes an Interest in You

Some guys are superficially fascinated by some women. It’s almost like an obsession when they meet someone who they are super attracted to. That’s not a sign of true love. That’s a sign of true lust.

If someone genuinely cares about you though they will be very keen to find out as much as possible about you. Whilst some guys are more inquisitive by nature than others, anyone who cares about you will care about your life. They will want to find out what makes you happy and what makes you sad, as they will want to know how they can help make you happy. They will also be curious about you in general – want understand you and what interests you in life.

He Actually Hears You Out

A sign a guy cares (and that he’s mature enough for relationship) is that he actually listens to you. He doesn’t just listen to speak his own mind, but so as to understand you better. And he values what you say. He doesn’t just shrug off your thoughts and ideas.

If you are contemplating spending a lot of time with someone, you need to know that they respect you for who you are. Sure, some guys are stubborn and like to show off by talking about their own ideas, but you need to be with someone who at the very least also bear your thoughts and ideas in mind. And most mature men have reached a point where they realize that to live with someone you have to respect them and accommodate for them to be happy too.


He’s Given You the Keys to His Place

If someone gives you the keys to their place, it generally means they trust you. They trust you not to snoop around. They trust you not to steal. They trust you not to turn the place upside down. They trust that you won’t show up drunk at five am on a Monday morning, or be a nuisance in other ways. They also trust you won’t break up any time soon, as they’d have to get the keys back, or change the locks. In all likelihood they gave you the keys because they consider you important; they want you in their life.

He Talks About the Future

When he’s talking about vacation three months from now he includes you in some of his plans, if not all. Also, when generally talking about things much further ahead he includes you, such as buying a house, or moving some place. At the very least he doesn’t talk about doing these things with someone else.

He Invites You to Family Celebrations

Whether it’s his father’s birthday, or Christmas, he wants to spend it with you. He invites you to come along to his family celebrations and assumes you will invite him along to celebrations in your family. Maybe the birthdays come before the holiday celebrations as he feels obliged to spend time with his family and assumes you want to spend time with yours, but eventually it becomes more important that the two of you are together.

He Cares

He goes the extra mile to make sure you are happy, comfortable and cared for. Not all people naturally know how to care for someone, but you usually know when someone’s doing their best.

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You Simply Feel You Are Part of His Life

You know, without a doubt, that you are partners in crime. You help each other out. You attend weddings and funerals together. You buy each other Christmas gifts and Valentine’s cards. You deal with problems in your life together. You go on vacation together. You take it for granted that if you feel like crying you have each other’s shoulders to cry on. You cheer each other on and celebrate each other’s victories. You can’t wait to see each other when you’ve been away from each other for a few days. It feels natural to be a couple. You’re simply part of each other’s lives.

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