100 Walking Team Names

By on April 24, 2018

So you’re thinking of joining a walking team, huh? Well here’s some cute, funny, and awesome inspiration for your walking team name.

1. Baby Got Track

This one is just downright hilarious, and hearing it one time immediately makes us think of that clever and funky song ‘Baby Got Back’. Who wouldn’t want that song jamming in their head while they’re out for a walk?

2. Between a Walk and a Hard Place

So clever- replacing rock with walk really seals the deal on this walking team name.

3. Blister Sisters

Yikes! Nobody likes a painful blister, but we can’t deny how clever this cute name is. If you and your gal pals tend to have achy feet after a long walk, this is probably the name for you.

4. Blondes Have More Run

Oh do they? We knew they had more fun, but we had no idea they had more run too. Blondies, you’re going to have to proof this one for us.

5. Buns on the Run

Buns on the run. Oh, come on. I giggle the second I see this one. Too funny and so cute!

6. Heels on Hills

Walking team that goes all over the place, especially those treacherous mountainy areas? Yup, your walking team name must be Heels on Hills!

7. Dashing Divas

You’re a diva, and you can dash. Heck yeah.

8. Forty and Fit

For the older walkers out there who aren’t afraid to flaunt what they’ve got, knowing they look dang good for their age, we love this walking team name.

9. Get ‘Er Run

When you’re going for a walk, just before you start, don’t forget to say “Get ‘Er Done”.

10. Happy Feet

This just really is THEE most unbelievably adorable walking team name we have ever heard. Love it.

11. Heart and Sole

You’ve got heart, and you’ve definitely got sole. 

12. Miles of Martinis

If you and your girlfriends will be hitting the martinis right after your long walk, this has got to be the name for you. 

13. Mind Over Miles

Sometimes that’s all you’ve got: mind over matter! I mean, miles.

14. Nerd Herd

Nothing wrong with being a nerd! Wear that name with pride and call yourselves the Nerd Herd.

15. Not Fast, Just Furious

Oh no! Hopefully some of that fury goes into your walking game.

16. Rapid Thigh Movement

This has no other comment except LOL. And LOL, again.

17. Road Runners

So you’re quick, huh? Like a road runner? Here’s the name for you.

18. Running on Empty

So you’re…. not quick, at all. You may be running on empty.

19. Sole Mates

How adorable is this? A great idea for a pair of walking lovers or just really close friends!

20. Spark Plugs

So fast it feels like you’ve got a pair of spark plugs underneath your toes! Love this one.

21. Straight off the Couch

Well, hey, at least you got up off the couch- that’s better than a lot of people out there!

22. Superfeet

You’re swift, you’re powerful, you’re Superman! Well, Superfeet. Which is just as good.

23. Team Spanks

Nothing wrong with a little Spanks when you’re trying to lose weight with some walking.

24. Tenacious Turtles

This is just too funny. Could you imagine a tenacious turtle? They must be trying REALLY hard.

25. The Fit, the Fat, and the Funny

For the group of friends that just don’t match but love each other to death.

26. The Trotters

Globetrotters? Nope, just Trotters.

27. Training Wheels

You have to start somewhere. 

28. Twisted Blisters

That sounds painful.

29. WII Not Fit

This will definitely turn out to be a classic walking team name; it’s just TOO great.

30. Wonder Women

That’s right. All that walking IS making you turn into Wonder Women!

31. Where’s the Finish Line

Sometimes you just want it to be OVER WITH. Sound like you? Then you need to ask: Where’s the Finish Line!?

32. Your Pace or Mine?

So clever we have to laugh and roll our eyes at the same time.

33. We Thought They Said Rum

Oh, yeah. RUN not RUM. Well that’s a bummer. Maybe after the race?

34. Run Like the Winded

You’re bound to run like the winded at least one time or another in your walking career!

35. Whiskey Business

Just. Too. Clever.

36. Runaway Moms

Yep, sometimes mommy just needs to get away from her little terrors for an afternoon. 

37. Kiss My Asphault

Oh, my.

38. Stinky Sneakers

Eww! Somebody needs to give those guys some spray!

39. Cirque de Sore Legs

So chic and fancy, but my so true.

40. The Young and the Breathless


41. H2-Ow

Yeah, you’ll be saying ‘Ow’ after every sip of water when you’re done with the walking marathon.

42. Drinkers with a Running Problem

Maybe this sounds like you and your pals?

43. Creative Team Name

Sometimes you’re just not clever at all, and that’s where this silly name comes into play.

44. Last Placers

Just be honest with yourself.

45. Quads of Fury

Ah, yes. Those portruding muscles must be noted!

46. If You Ain’t First You’re Last

Ricky Bobby said it best!

47. The Fats and the Furious

Haha, well, you’re still trying nonetheless.

48. Just Going to Stroll

Why waste all that energy when you can enjoy nature while you walk!

49. Not Fast or Furious

So, you’re just chill and slow. Nothing wrong with that.

50. Thunder Thighs

So quick!

51. Medals for Participation

Hopefully they’ll be giving those out at the end of the marathon.

52. We’ve Got Sole

We’ve got sole, how bout you?

53. Walk This Way

Who doesn’t love Aerosmith?

54. I’ve Got Soles in Different Area Codes

Some Ludacris inspiration for this silly walking team name.

55. Walking with the Devil

Another great song!

56. IcyHots

So funny.

57. Team Orthotic

Perfect name for a group of older walkers!

58. Wheelies

So quick it looks like you’re on wheels? Heck yeah!

59. Cardio Hoes (Or Bros)

For you sassy chicks out there.

60. Spaghetti Legs

After a long walk you may definitely suffer from spaghetti legs, that’s for sure.

61. It’s For Charity

Let everyone know!

62. Sore to the Finish

You’ll be soaring to the finish line, and then be sore. Yup.

63. Fo Shoe

That’s just silly. 

64. Sole

Sole? Or soul?

65. Love at First Track

For the lovers out there who love each other and love the track!

66. Starting Slow, Getting Slower

Start slow end fast? No, stay slow.

67. Spongebob Slowpants

For the sillier groups out there who love the little yellow guy!

68. The iBlobs

iBlobs? So funny.

69. Smooth Snaling

Snaling along to the finish line, why not!

70. Running From the Law

Hopefully they’re running VERY fast.

71. Straight Outta Ibprofun

I wonder if that will help their aches and pains!

72. No Ubers In Sight

Oh darn, Uber couldn’t help you to the end of the track this time!

73. Chasing the Ice Cream Truck

That will get anyone walking quicker!

74. The Stupid 5

A funny name perfect for the funny groups!

75. We’ve Got Sole, How Bout You?

Well, how bout you?

76. Boom Shaka Laka Laka

Has nothing to do with walking, but it is funny.

77. Chicks with Attitude

For the bad-a$$ girls out there who just don’t give a darn!

78. Straight Outta Bed

Out of bed and onto the track, the best way to be.

79. Superheroes in Training

Every superhero has to start somewhere in their training!

80. Matching Uniforms

Yes, you’re matching. Good for you, we didn’t notice. Ha!

81. Scrambled Legs

Spaghetti legs? Oh no, you are so sore after a long walk your legs are straight scrambled!

82. Game of Soles

Forget the Game of Thrones, it’s all about the Game of Soles!

83. The Lord of the Soles

And whoever wins gets the grand prize.

84. Not Last Place

They’re really rooting for themselves!

85. Team No Name

If you really can’t think of anything, this always works.

86. One Track Wonders

A wonderful name for those wonderful walkers!

87. Stomping Grounds

The track is your stomping ground, of course.

88. Those Who Shall Not Be Named

So mysterious. So cool.

89. Go getters

Very inspirational!

90. After Shockers

You won’t even know they’ve come by until it’s too late.

91. Bye

Love this. Your team is so fast all you have time to say is ‘bye!’.

92. The Caboose

They bring up the end, every time.

93. Booze and Shoes

A beer while you’re walking? Sure, why not.

94. Queen Bees

For the queen bees of the world.

95. Walkie Talkies

This is just one of those favorite walking team names you’ll never forget.

96. The Grand Slams


97. This Isn’t the Bar

Oops! We thought you said bar, not walking track.

98. Sole Passion

If you’ve got the passion for walking, this is the name for you.

99. Runnin Mums

Go mums, run while you still can!

100. Santa’s Little Walkers

Santa doesn’t need helpers- he needs walkers!

Which one is your favorite?

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