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    120 Volleyball Team Names

    By on July 19, 2018

    Did you know that volleyball was first invented back in 1895, by a chap called Willian G. Morgan. Back then it wasn’t called volleyball, however, but instead referred to as “mintonette”. It wasn’t until many years after that, that the sport became “official” enough to have a sporting event/competition and, in 1949, the very first volleyball World Championships were held … Only for men, though. It would take another three years for the women to finally have their own competition in the sport.

    Volleyball Team Names 4

    Just a few years later, in 1962, the sport was officially introduced into the Olympics, and with the exception of soccer — the sport that made it to the number one spot — volleyball is believed to be the second most popular sport/game on the entire planet, watched and played. There are more than a billion volleyball players globally, without taking into consideration those who watch it on TV and live.

    If you are one of those people who love volleyball so much that you play the sport as well as watching it, you’ll probably be part of a team and, as every team knows, part of the success comes down to the team name. (We know that’s not entirely true, but, still, the name is important.)

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    If you want a killer volleyball team name that will strike fear into those who come up against you, and perhaps get a few giggles out of it, too, you’ll definitely want to check out a few of these:

    120 Volleyball Team Names

    1. Ace, Ace, Baby
    2. Air Buds
    3. Amazing Ace – like Amazing Grace, but better.
    4. Around the Block
    5. (The) Assisters
    6. Atlanta – it was in Atlanta in 1996 that the first ever medals were handed out to participants in ‘Beach Volleyball’.
    7. Attacking Annies
    8. (The) Avengers
    9. (The) Ball Handling Errors
    10. Beach BAEs
    11. Beauty and the Beach
    12. Beach, Please
    13. Beavis and the Bumpheads
    14. (The) Blair Hits Project
    15. Blockbusters
    16. Block n’ Roll
    17. Block Party
    18. (The) Bumpchumps (or Bumpchums)
    19. Campfire Clippers
    20. Can’t Touch This
    21. Centerline Commandos
    22. Devil Dunkers
    23. Dirty Little Ryskals – she has four Olympic medals under her belt, making Inna Ryskal the only woman to achieve the goal.
    24. Don’t Stop Ballievin’
    25. Down Ball Droppers
    26. Dunkin’ Demons
    27. (The) Empire Strikes Back
    28. Enter the Killzone
    29. Extreme Volleyballers
    30. Fancy Flo’s – Flo Hyman is known to be one of the most successful of all female volleyball players, d has even been inducted right into the official Volleyball Hall of Fame.
    31. Faustballers – one of the old-time games that were said to have inspired the volleyball game we know and love today, is a game called fistball or faustball.
    32. Fifty Shades of Ace
    33. Free Ball Freeballers
    34. (The) Floaters – you know … if your team is a bit poop!
    35. Game, Set, Match
    36. Great Volley, Molly
    37. Golly Gosh Volley
    38. Green Flashers
    39. Grumpy Gregory’s – why not name your volleyball team after one of the most successful and famous female volleyball players, Kathy Gregory?
    40. Hit For Brains
    41. Hurricanes
    42. Impact Pointers
    43. (The) Inter-nets
    44. (The) Iron Ladies
    45. Jack in the Box
    46. Jumpers – it is thought that the average volleyball player will jump somewhere in the region of 250-350 times in a single match.
    47. Jumpers With Attitude
    48. Jumping Maniacs
    49. Jumping Mintonettes
    50. Killer Babes
    51. Killer Serves
    52. Kiss My Pass
    53. Mintonettes – a play on the original term for the sport, which actually just so happens to make a rather good name for a feminine volleyball team! (Well, we think so, anyway.)
    54. Mission Unblockable
    55. Net Ninjas
    56. Net Results
    57. New Kidz on the Block
    58. Nice Sets
    59. (The) North Carolinas – the longest ever recorded volleyball game in history reportedly took place in North Carolina; Kingston, to be exact. It was said to have taken more than 75 hours to complete in total.
    60. Not a One Hit Wonder

    Volleyball Team Names 1
    61. Not So Fast & Furious – perhaps for a slightly older team?
    62. Once upon a Jump Serve
    63. (The) Pancake Killers
    64. Pass the Volley on the Left Hand Side – do we need to explain it?
    65. Party Ball Princesses – or Princes, obviously.
    66. Pepper Pepplers – if you know volleyball, you’ll probably know Jo Peppler. She’s a female volleyball legend.
    67. Pepper Pigs – in volleyball, a ‘pepper’ is a netless practice drill.
    68. Pipe Down, Losers – definitely not going to set you off to a great start with your opponents, but funny nevertheless.
    69. Planet Volleywood
    70. Pop Up Blockers
    71. Power Players
    72. Power Tip Predators
    73. Private Pancakes – pancake is the name for a type of one-handed defensive manoeuvre.
    74. Quick Hitters
    75. Rampant Rallies
    76. Recreational Hazards
    77. Rockstar Rotation
    78. Rotation Recruits
    79. Roof Rockers
    80. Safe Sets
    81. Santa Monicas – during the 1920’s, beach volleyball courts were first dotted around, starting in California; Santa Monica, to be exact.
    82. Seamless Serves
    83. Serve Scouts
    84. Set For Life
    85. Set it, Forget it
    86. Sets in the City – great for a girl team who were as obsessed with Sex and the City as they are with volleyball!
    87. Sets on the Beach
    88. Setter Speedos
    89. Shallow Vals
    90. Simply the Sets – a play on Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best”
    91. Side Out Stars
    92. Some Spike it Hot
    93. Spikerchicks
    94. Spikerman
    95. Spike Slayers
    96. Spike Tysons
    97. Split Blockers
    98. Sugar and Spike
    99. Super Stuffers
    100. SWAT Team
    101. Tandem Tycoons
    102. Team Tiggers – going back to the point we made earlier on about being keen jumpers and jumping somewhere between 250-350 times per match … It’s a very apt name, don’t you think?
    103. That’s What She Set
    104. The Good, The Bad & The Volley
    105. The Punch-Back of Notre Dame – if you’re a Disney fan, obviously. We could come up with plenty of these!
    106. The Thin Three-Meter Line
    107. Thrill Seekers
    108. Too Hot, Too Spikey
    109. (The) Trail Blazers
    110. Twisted Assisters
    111. (The) Underhands
    112. Victorious Secrets
    113. (The) Volley Divas
    114. Volley Dollie
    115. Volley Put the Kettle On – you know … if you like a nice cup of tea after your game.
    116. War Wipe
    117. We’d Hit that
    118. And It Was All Yellow (Carded) – a play on the Coldplay song, Yellow.
    119. We Will Block You
    120. Wild Catz

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