40 Updo Hairstyles for Black Women 2017

By on October 1, 2017

Updo hairstyles can look incredibly chic and stylish, not just practical. Beautiful black women often have frizzy, curly, or voluminous hair that can be tough to arrange. The good news is there’s a quick fix that will bring out only the best of your features: an updo. Whether we’re talking about a high bun or messy ponytail, the options are endless. Make your pick and choose the one you like the most out of our pick of 40 updo hairstyles for black women this 2017.

1. Oversized Top Frizzy Updo

via Pinterest/Natkinky

Give a sensual appeal to your frizzy updo and tie it at the top of the head. Keep the natural hair color intact, and leave just a few hair strands loose for an added touch of wild and elegance. We love the way the hairstyle frames the face and brings out the jawline!

2. High Pink Bun & Face Framing Fringe

via Pinterest/bitsofreasa

A face-framing fringe in a pastel hair color is all you need this autumn to have everyone’s eyes on you. Tie the rest of the hair in a chic updo, and reserve a few strands for the front to add movement and really stand out with the coolest hairstyle.

3. Braided Beehive 

via Pinterest/Geneva Sparks

We know really long hair is tough to style. The easiest hairdo is a top beehive that speaks for itself. It adds height and lenghtens the face. Try it out whenever you don’t feel in the mood for any other hairdo.

4. Neat Ballerina Bob 

via Pinterest/ggirl

A neat ballerina bun is the kind of hairstyle you can wear at any formal event. Whether we’re talking about a wedding or company cocktail party, with this hairstyle you can save a lot of time; feel confident and let everyone admire your flawless facial features.

5. Tropical-Inspired Updo

via Instagram/yesbishitsmyhair

Do you feel your hair is too short to style in an updo? Think again. A headband is everything you need to get yourself the coolest updo. Choose a colorful piece and keep the makeup as natural as possible to let your bare beauty shine through.

6. Power-Puff Inspired Buns 

via Instagram/yesbishitsmyhair

A funky, playful hairstyle is what you need whenever you want to get out of your comfort zone and do something different to your frizzy locks. Make a statement and wear it with proper accessories for an added touch of glam and style.

7. Reverse Cornrows 

via Instagram/4adaniels

Tired of your old fashioned box braids? Get reverse cornrows instead for half of your hair, and keep the other half all natural. The hairdo is perfect for the summer season. But it’s also a good way of protecting your locks from exterior damage.

8. Stylish Whirlpool Updo

via Instagram/kiakhameleon

Only the best stylists can pull off such an interest whirpool updo. We love the circle effect created, as well as the braiding. It’s neat and resistant. Women with freezy hair should choose it whenever they feel the need to protect their hair from exterior damage.

9. Top Braided Box Braids 

via Instagram/weddingsonpoint

Box braids are extremely practical and stylish. But if you’re tired of the old-fashioned braids, you can spice things up with an updo. Wear it on top of the head like a headband, and bring out your beautiful eyes and lips.

10. Twisted Braids & Light Brown Highlights 

via Pinterest/Gal Knows

Twisted braids tied up in a messy updo exude a sense of style that you don’t see everyday on the streets. Give your hairstyle a touch of originality, opting for a few light brown highlights. Complement the style with discreet makeup, and you’ll be good to go.

11. Color Blast Puffs 

via Pinterest/Cryolin N Johnson

Running out of ideas for your next hairstyle? Check out these amazing frizzy puffs. We love the color blend and interesting braiding to hold your hair high in a chic updo.

12. Red Locks & Oversized Bun 

via Pinterest/Darlene Lawrence

Bright red with hints of fuchsia for your box braids is a bold nuance that beautifully complements your dark skin. Keep things practical throughout the summer and tie your braids in a messy updo. The urban effect will give you a well-deserved sense of style.

13. Petal-Inspired Twisted Braids

via Pinterest/Urban Natural Hair

Give a twist to your box braids with this cool updo. It’s inspiring and practical, especially if you have long hair that’s difficult to style and preserve intact.

14. Two-Toned Top Twists

via Pinterest/Essence Magazine

In the mood for a slight change in hair color? Blend dark brown with accents of light brown. The nuance will beautifully complement the color of your skin; making your twisted braids look chic and elegant.

15. Mixed Braids Hairstyle

via Pinterest/ringmyfashion

This neatly braided updo is quite special. It seems complex and sophisticated, which might be just what you need to feel confident and beautiful again this autumn. We love the graphic allure created to add height and ingenuity.

16. Mohawk Inspiration 

via Pinterest/Corrina Kapoor

A mohawk-inspired hairdo for your frizzy hair will emphasize your facial features and bold makeup at any formal event you choose to attend. We love the shaved sides too because it creates the illusion of a thinner face.

17. All-Natural Curly Updo

via Pinterest/ecstasymodels

Embrace your curls and get the most inspiring updo. No need to get braids because all you need is hair accessories to tie your hair high in a bold mohawk.

18. Stylish High Bun 

via Pinterest/forhairstyle

We love Rihanna’s stylish high bun with a twist. It brings out her gorgeous eyes, slimming down the face and emphasizing the lips. Such an inspiring hairstyle is perfect when you need to get someplace fast, and you ain’t got time for loose waves. Also, you might want to consider changing the hair color.  A lighter brown nuance will beautifully match with the tone of your skin.

19. Frontal Frizzy 

via Pinterest/HairStyles & HairCuts

This cool updo is the perfect choice for women with large foreheads. It creates the illusion of a fringe in the front, balancing your beautiful features and bringing out your eyes and lips. To an added touch of glam, accessorize the hairdo with statement earrings.

20. Top Braid & Spikes 

via Pinterest/gvenny.com

A headband-inspired braid with spikes is a cheeky type of hairstyle that looks both sleek and avant-garde. Sometimes it’s nice to do be different, and embrace the fact that an imperfect hairstyle can look flawless too.

21. Oversized Braided Updo 

via Pinterest/JC Love Beauty

An oversized braided updo works the best if you have an oval, prominent face. Women with a lot of hair need to protect it. This hairstyle is the best choice you have to get to a party in due time. It doesn’t take forever to get, and it’s absolutely marvelous.

22. Twisted Bridal Updo 

via Pinterest/Munaluchi Bride Magazine

All brides want to feel beautiful and confident on their big day. Black women who love the boho chic trend should definitely try out this chic hairstyle. It’s elegant and bold, but at the same time romantic and incredibly sleek.

23. Pig Tail Buns 

via Pinterest/therighthairstyles.com

Pink tail buns are playful, fun and at the same time, stylish. If you’re out of ideas on how to style your braids, this is what you need. The updo won’t take more than a few minutes, and with the right accessories, you’ll look amazing.

24. Box Braids Bun 

via Pinterest/Fashionisers

Rock the box braids with a bun updo that has urban, avant-garde appeal. Accessorize the hairstyle with bold earrings, and you’ll be ready to hit the streets. Bring all the focus to the face emphasizing your eyebrows, eyes and lips. The end result should exceed all your expectations.

25. Half Updo & Loose Hair Strands 

via Pinterest/A.Boogie

Don’t know whether you wear your hair up or down? No need to worry. You can get a half updo made into a frontal bun. Leave the rest of your long hair run wild down the shoulder line. The hairstyle is not just playful, but also modern and elegant without appearing overdone.

26. Layered Green Bun & Straight Fringe 

via Pinterest/Jessinta Roberts

Green is a hair color that not many women dare to get. Do you have the courage it takes to make a statement? A layered bun is a practical solution when you need to go to a party where you want to dance all night long. Don’t forget about the fringe – it will frame the face perfectly.

27. Flat Twists &  Frontal Updo 

via Pinterest/Sadie Holliday

Twist your braids and bring the bun to the face. The hairdo is sleek, practical, and very easy to achieve. Emphasize the jawline and neckline, and let everyone admire your flawless skin, eyes, and lips.

28. Cornrow Updo 

via Pinterest/hypehair

We do love cornrows because they’re practical. But we also have a thing for puffy mohawks. The blend is perfect for women that want to protect their frizzy hair; and at the same time feel beautiful and confident. A pair of bold earrings are perfect to finalize the look.

29. Funky Curls 

via Pinterest/hair & styling

No need to get box braids to style your hair in a nice, practical updo. All you need is hair accessories that can hold your beautiful, curly locks. The updo is idea for evening and day to day wearing at the office. Wear it like you own it.

30. Curly Oversized Buns 

via Pinterest/Joi Franklin

Feeling cheeky and playful? Try out these cool, inspiring puffy buns! Complement the look with bold lipstick, and rest assured that everyone’s eyes will be on you wherever you go.

31. Box Braids Bun & Side Parting 

via Pinterest/TheGrio

A side parting made of braids might be the extra touch of elegance your updo needs to give you that lost sense of confidence. At the same time, you get the chance to protect your hair and feel beautiful and confident.

32. Pony Puff & Braidout Bangs 

via Pinterest/abby asamoah

Women with curly or frizzy hair often crave a nice fringe. Well, now you can achieve it with an updo with pony puffs. Check the hairstyle above. It’s fresh and interesting, but at the same time, effortless and chic.

33. Heart-Shaped Frontal Bun

via Pinterest/Leo G

A heart-shaped frontal bun exudes a sense of romance. Are you the romantic type? Wear this updo on a day to day basis, and you won’t need to worry about anything else. The hairdo is the perfect ground for a flawless type of makeup. Your face will look flawless!

34. Twisted Braid Crown Updo 

via Pinterest/therighthairstyles

A crown updo is the type of royal-like hairstyle you should get when you need to attend an important event. But because it’s so practical, it can easily be worn on a daily basis. We love the geometric effect created on the back. It gives the hairstyle a sense of sheer romance and originality.

35. Simple High Bun & Straight Fringe

via Pinterest/Stylish Eve

A simple high bun can have the most striking effect when styled properly. Pair your updo with a straight fringe, and give your hairstyle a touch of playfulness. The hairstyle is particularly recommended if you have a prominent forehead. The fringe will hide it, compelling everyone to admire your full features, such as the lips and the eyes.

36. Twisted Beehive 

via Pinterest/Tracie Lynn

A twisted beehive is ideal for women with frizzy hair. Embrace the volume and curliness with the most interesting updo. Let the world admire your beautiful facial features. Pair the hairdo with nude makeup and a bright green dress. Don’t forget to smile to complement the look and feel like the most confident woman.

37. Fierce Red Beehive 

via Pinterest/Bronxx

Red is a fierce hair color that only the most confident women can wear with pride. Are you one of them? Dare to do something different with your box braids this autumn, and choose a sophisticated updo that’s truly inspiring.

38. Purple Fauxhawk 

via Pinterest/Hairiz

When was the last time you dyed your frizzy hair? Don’t you think it’s time for a change? Give your fauxhawk an added touch of glam and ingenuity, and go for bold purple. Leave a few strands to create the illusion of a fake fringe, and you’ll feel 10 times more confident.

39. Extra Tall Layered Buns 

via Pinterest/Sherrell Dennis

An excellent hairstyle idea for women who think are short or want to look taller. This layered bun updo will instantly turn people’s heads around. It exudes elegance, not to mention that it’s extremely practical and stylish.

40. Oversized Curly Bob & Side Parting 

via Pinterest/Essence Magazine

Do you need to attend a party or wedding but you can’t find a hairstyle that will hold the entire night? No need to worry. An oversized curly bob with a side parting should do the trick. The style is highly recommended if you want to seem taller and lenghen your neckline. In terms of make-up, nude should do the trick.

Black women have the most beautiful, voluminous hair. You should be proud. That’s truly amazing, however, it also means sometimes styling it may pose a challenge. Updos are the best option you have; and the good news is there are tens of styles you can choose from. We’ve picked 40 of the finest. Make your pick and be proud of your frizzy, curly hair. Updos are not just a practical solution. The most elegant braids and buns are actually tied as high as possible to make you look slimmer and give you a boost of confidence.

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