100 A-Z Unique(But Beautiful) Girl Names

By on February 5, 2015

If you are looking for a unique, but beautiful, girls name, this list is sure to please. Below are the 100 best girls names for a new baby. Several of these names are also found in alternate spellings, so choose the spelling that suits you the best!


1. Adelaide: A Germanic name that means noble and kind.
2. Alexandria: In ancient times, Alexandria was the location of the world’s best library.
3. Amalia: Originally came from the German word “amala” or “work”.
4. Annika: A Swedish nickname for girls that are named Anna.
5. Aria: In Italian, an aria is a melody or song. Operas have vocal solos that are called arias.
6. Aurora: Roman mythology called the goddess of morning Aurora. It also is the birth name of Sleeping Beauty.
7. Aviana: This sounds like the Indian “Avani” which means earth.
8. Azure: Azure is a type of blue, but it also happens to be a unique, but beautiful, name for a baby girl.
9. Bexley: Bexley is a rarely used name that is only had by 0.001 percent of the population.
10. Brea: This sounds like the Irish “Bree” which means power or high.
11. Britta: This Scandinavian name means exalted and is a modification of “Bridget”.
12. Bronwyn: A pretty Welsh name that means fair and blessed.
13. Cady: This was the middle name of the famed womens’ rights advocate, Elizabeth Cady Stanton.
14. Calla: Originally from the Greek word for beauty, Calla is also a type of lily.
15. Camari: This sounds like the Hindu nickname for the goddess Durga.
16. Cassandra: In Greek myth, Cassandra was a seer who prophesied the future.
17. Chiari: In Italian, Chiari means clear or luminous.
18. Corinna: In the 5th century BC, Corinna was the name of a Greek poet.
19. Dahlia: In addition to being a flower, the name Dahlia was part of the title of the popular film, “The Black Dahlia”.
20. Daisy: Daisies are some of the happiest looking flowers. A girl named Daisy is sure to be an optimistic child.
21. Danica:
22. Darby: Originally, Darby was an English surname. Now, it is an unusual
23. Darcy: Jane Austen fans may recognize this name from one of her novels. Originally, it meant d’arcy—someone from Arcy.
24. Dima: An Arabic name that means downpour.
25. Elizabetta: A Spanish version of the name “Elizabeth”. Elizabeth is known as one of England’s best queens.
26. Ember: An ember is the glow of light that is formed after you blow out the candle.
27. Embry:This is an English surname that means flat-topped hill.
28. Emerson: Emerson was one of America’s greatest poets and a leader of the existentialist movement.
29. Estelle: In Latin, stella means star. Estella was the name of a character in Dicken’s Great Expectations.
30. Esperanza: Esperanza is based off of the Spanish word for hope.
31. Farah: In Arabic, this beautiful name means joy.
32. Fiore: Fiore is a variation of Flora, which means flower.
33. Fleur: In French, fleur means flower.
34. Francesca: This Latin name is a variant of the word for Frenchman.
35. Gaia: Gaia is the goddess of the earth. As such, it is an extremely appropriate name for a daughter of the earth.
36. Georgette: A variant of the name George, Georgette is an extremely unusual name in modern times.
37. Gianna: Gianna is a version of the name “Joanna”, which was a female version of Saint John the Apostle’s name.
38. Gisela: Gisela is based off of the German word “Gisil”, which means pledge. Children who came to the king’s court were called pledges.
39. Grace: If you want your daughter to embody grace and elegance, this is an ideal name.
40. Greta: One of the stars of the silver screen, Greta Garbo, bore this name.
41. Harlyn: This is a variation of the Old English name that meant “hare land”.
42. Harmony: Harmony is a wonderful name for a melodious girl who gets along with everyone.
43. Hensely: Hensley is a name that means someone who is ambitious.
44. Imogen: Imogen was the name of one of the princesses in a Shakespearean play.
45. Iris: Iris was the name for the Greek goddess of the rainbow. It is also a beautiful flower.
46. Isa: Isa is the Turkish word for Jesus.
47. Isis: Isis was the Egyptian wife of Osiris and the goddess of nature.
48. Ivana: The name Ivana is based off of the Russian ruler Ivan the Terrible.
49. Jade: Jade is a type of stone known for bringing good luck and prosperity to the owner.
50. Jaelyn: Jaelyn is a unique, but beautiful, girl name.
51. Joslyn: This variation of Jocelyn is from the German language.
52. Juno: Juno is the Roman counterpart to Hera and the wife of Jupiter.
53. Kaia:This unique, but beautiful, girl name is a shortened nickname for Katerina.
54. Keegan: Orginally, Keegan was an Irish surname.
55. Kinsley: Kinsley is a English girls name that means king’s field.
56. Laken: This quaint and unusual girls name means of the lake.
57. Larkin: This name from Medieval English was from the Roman martyr, Laurel.
58. Lexi: This is a cuter, more unique form of the name Alexandra.
59. Liana: Liana is actually a type of vine that is common to the jungles.
60. Lilith: Although Lilith is often the name of demons and devils in the movie, it is a gorgeous girls name.
61. Lorelei: According to German legend, Lorelei was a seductress who lured sailors to their death.
62. Maren: Maren is a more modern version of the name, Mary.
63. Marisol: This name sounds like the Spanish words for the sea and the sun.
64. Mavis: Originally, Mavis came from the Welsh word for strawberries. It was a popular name following World War II.
65. Merritt: In Old English, this was a surname that means “boundary gate”.
66. Mireya: This is a longer version of the name Mira. The name Mira was the focus of a Nobel-prize winning poem.
67. Natalia: Natalia originally meant Christmas Day and was the name of a saint.
68. Natasha: This Russian name is starting to revive in popularity over the last few years.
69. Naya: Naya is a Sanskrit name that means fresh or renewal.
70. Nimah: Nimah is a pretty Islamic name that means blessing or favor.
71. Nova: Ever heard of a super nova? With a name like this, your daughter is bound to be just as bright.
72. Odessa: In Latin, this name means quest or journey. Most likely, it received this meaning from the Homeric poem, the Odyssey.
73. Olive: Although Olive comes from a type of tree, it remains a beautiful name.
74. Ophelia:Ophelia is a beautiful character from one of Shakespeare’s plays.
75. Oriana: This unique, yet beautiful, girl name means blonde.
76. Paige: Although a page was a servant in olden times, it is currently a cute girls name.
77. Paislee: This Scottish name was originally derived from the word for a church.
78. Pandora: Hopefully, your daughter won’t be as troublesome as the mythical Pandora’s Box.
79. Pepper: Pepper sounds like the name of a spicy and opinionated young lady.
80. Pippa: This unusual name is actually the name of Duchess Catherine’s sister, Pippa Middleton.
81. Poppy: Taken from the name of the flower, the name Poppy is a cute girls name.
82. Priya: This cute name is actually a shortened version of an Indian boys name.
83. Quinn:This Irish name has a nice, androgynous ambiance to it.
84. Rayna:Rayna is an Israeli name that means song.
85. Remi: French in origin, this name once meant oarsman.
86. Rhea: Rhea was the mother of Zeus, but the name also translates to the word “flowing”.
87. River: The name River is self-explanatory, but it sounds extremely beautiful for a little girl.
88. Rosalie: Based off of the word rose, Rosalie is a character from Shakespeare.
89. Rowan: Rowan is a type of tree and a beautiful, but unusual, girls name.
90. Sahara: The Sahara isn’t just a desert any more!
91. Seraphina: Based on a type of angel, Seraphina is a gorgeous name for a girl.
92. Shea: This name could mean admirable in Old Gaelic or “of the fairy fort”.
93. Skye: There is also a part of Scotland called Skye, but Skye could also refer to the Old Norse word for cloud.
94. Sloane: An unusual name for girls and boys.
95. Suri: Suri is the Yiddish form of the name Sarah. It is a way of saying lady or princess.
96. Trinity: This name has become common among non-believers as well as Christians.
97. Valentina: Valentina calls to mind Valentine’s Day and true love.
98. Violet: Named for the flower, Violet is a girls name that was once common in Victoria England.
99. Willow: For a devil-may-care, nature-loving name, use Williow.
100. Yvette: Yvette is a French word for the verdant yew tree.


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