100 A-Z Unique Boy Names and Meanings

By on February 9, 2015

There are thousands of boys named John or Thomas. For unique boys names, these 100 are some of the most unusual. Choose one from the list or use these ideas to brainstorm a completely different name.


1. Ahmet: This unique Turkish name is actually a modified form of the boys name, Ahmed.
2. Amias: Unusual and pretty, Amias was a character in the 1590 poem, the Faerie Queen.
3. Anders: Anders certainly has a nice ring to it.
4. Azaiah: In the Bible, Azaiah was a companion to Daniel.
5. Balthazar: Another Biblical name, Balthazar was one of the Three Wisemen who brought Jesus gifts of frankincense, gold and myrrh.
6. Barnabas: In the Bible, Barnabas was a disciple that Jesus named. Previously, his birth name was Joseph.
7. Bay: Lakes are always rejuvenating, which makes this unique boys name refreshing.
8. Calix: This unique boys name has been growing increasingly popular. It means very handsome in Greek.
9. Calloway: Originally, this name was an Irish surname. Since its origin, it has become a unique first name for boys.
10. Cashel: This Gaelic name was once the word for a type of stone fort. Once your son is old enough to play knights, he will appreciate that meaning.
11. Casimir: A favorite of Polish kings, this name is good for adventurous, strong boys.
12. Caspar: It may have taken a few years, but this name no longer calls to mind “Caspar the Friendly Ghost”.
13. Chet: In recent years, this old school name has started to grow in popularity again.
14. Clinton: Although this was Bill Clinton’s last name, it sounds great as a first name.
15. Cosmo: Based on a Greek word, this boys name calls to mind the stars and the galaxy.
16. Cotton: Since Cotton Mather spoke in the Salem witch trials, this name have remained an occasional choice for some parents.
17. Crispin: In Latin, this name means “curly-haired”. It sounds refreshing and autumnal.
18. Day: In Africa and China, names often have an actual meaning. With Day, parents have a name that brings to mind light and life.
19. Decimus: Originally, Decimus was the Roman name for ten. Naming children after Roman numerals was popular during the Victorian era.
20. Dimitri: In Ancient Greek, Dimitri means lover of the earth.
21. Donte: Donte is a variation of Dante. You may recognize this as the name of the writer of Dante’s Inferno.
22. Enoch: Enoch is a Biblical name that evokes strength and faith.
23. Fergus: Celtic mythology believed that Fergus was someone who exemplified bravery and courage. Today, it is a quirk, unusual boy name.
24. Flynn: This Irish name is a fun, quirky name for a boy.
25. Franco: This latinized version of Frank is an unusual boys name.
26. Griffith: This Welsh name has a lively, unique sound to it.
27. Grover: One of the United States presidents had this uncommon name.
28. Guthrie: This was once a Scottish surname and it calls to mind a forgotten era in history.
29. Haiden: Haiden is from the Old English words for hay hill.
30. Hamish: Another Scottish name, Hamish sounds like a stately, courageous gentleman.
31. Hart: This straightforward name is a reminder of ancient poets and philosophers.
32. Hill: If you are looking for a basic, straightforward name, Hill is it.
33. Houston: Like Dallas, Austin and other cities, Houston makes for a great boys name.
34. Hugh: If you want a name that evokes an English gentleman, Hugh is the name to choose.
35. Isidore: Originally a Greek name, Isidore was also the name of a Catholic saint.
36. Ivo: This quaint name is a shortened version of Ivor. Although it is common in England, it is only starting to gain in popularity in the United States
37. Jabari: This Egyptian name means brave and courageous.
38. Jago: Jago is a more modern version of Jacob.
39. Jaron: This Hebrew name is for someone who shouts and sings praises.
40. Jedidiah: This Biblical name is an unexpected one in modern times.
41. Johann: Johann was once the name of the talented composer, Johann Sebastian Bach.
42. Jotham: Another name from the Old Testament, Jotham has a metropolitan feel to it.
43. Joziah: Joziah was a Hebrew king, which makes this a regal, strong name.
44. Kael: Kael means faithful in Hebrew.
45. Kermit: Kermit is no longer just a frog’s name. Prior to the 1960s, it was actually one of the top 500 names.
46. Kingsley: This is a fairly regal, unusual name.
47. Kohen: In Hebrew, Kohen means priest.
48. Lorcan: Once upon a time, Lorcan was the grandfather of Ireland’s high king, Brian Boru.
49. Lou: This is an old-fashioned name, but a good one.
50. Ludovic: Popular in Scotland, Ludovic was a character in a the novel, Quentin Durward.
51. Malachy: This is a different spelling for the name, Malachi.
52. Malaki: For another variation in the spelling of Malachi, try out Malaki.
53. Mariano: Mariano is an Italian name for Mars, the god of war.
54. Maxfield: In Latin, Maximus means the greatest. Maxfield is the English version of this Roman name.
55. Maxx: Add an “x” and you transform the average name of Max into something exceptional.
56. Morrison: Normally, Morrison is heard as a surname, but it is also a strong boys name.
57. Mustafa: Mustafa is a lyrical name that means chosen in Persian.
58. Nixon: He may not have been the best president, but Nixon is an excellent name.
59. Odysseus: The courageous, faithful hero of Greek myth was the long-suffering Odysseus.
60. Ogden: This northern name sounds like a Viking god or raider.
61. Orson: Orson Scott Card was a famous writer, but this name is suitable for any boy.
62. Osborne: Known as a surname, Osborne is a part of the recent trend toward using surnames as first names.
63. Oswald:If it was not for Lee Harvey Oswald, this would remain a popular name.
64. Otto: This Germanic name means wealthy.
65. 6Ozias: Out of the list of unique boys names and meanings, Ozias is one of the most unusual.
66. Pierre: French in origin, Pierre is a solid name.
67. Pike: Another trend in boys names is to use words from nature. Pike is a type of fish—a perfect name for a family who loves fishing.
68. Placido: Placido is a name that means calm or serene. It was once a common Latin name for early Christians.
69. Prescott: This upper-class name is for handsome, distinguished young men.
70. Preston: English in origin, Preston sounds like the name of an upper-class gentleman.
71. Primo: In Latin and Spanish, Primo means the first. It is a good name for a first-born son and has an Italian sound.
72. Princeton: Princeton has an intelligent, distinguished sound.
73. Quinten: This unusual name is also the name of a famous film director.
74. Raoul: Raoul and Raul are attractive names from the romance languages.
75. Redmond: This is a solid, English choice.
76. Reuben: In Hebrew, Reuben represents behold the son.
77. Rey: In Spanish, Rey means king.
78. Roderick: This unique boy name has a number of different nicknames that work with it.
79. Ross: Ross is a unique, but simple name.
80. Serge: After the Russian ballet his France during the 1920s, this became a popular French name.
81. Socrates: What better way to show intelligence than with the name of a Greek philosopher?
82. Stanislav: An Eastern European sounding name.
83. Stanton: Stanton sounds like the first name of an upright soldier or warrior.
84. Stellan: Originating in Scandinavian, this is an unique boys name.
85. Thelonious: Made famous by the jazz musician, Thelonious Monk, this name is an unusual Germanic name.
86. Titus: In Greek, Titus means pleasing. In Latin, this means saved.
87. Tristan: For a strong, beautiful name, Tristan is one of the best.
88. Turner: Turner was once a surname, but it makes an excellent first name.
89. Valentin: Valentin is a more masculine take on St. Valentine.
90. Vaughn: Vaughn is a straightforward, easy-to-say name.
91. Walden: This calls to mind the peaceful and contemplative image of Walden Pond.
92. Waldo: Waldo isn’t just the name for the famed “Where’s Waldo?” cartoon.
93. Ward: If you have to use the family name of Edward, you can always shorten it to the ultra-cool Ward.
94. Washington: Washington remains one of America’s best presidents.
95. Webb: This surname is become an increasingly common boys name.
96. Webster: Out of all these unique boy names, Webster sounds the most intelligent.
97. Wyatt: Wyatt sounds like a cattle-lassoing, Old West name.
98. Xander: In Ancient Greek, Xander was a name that signified the defender of mankind.
99. Zaire: Zaire is a nation in African and a completely unique boy name.
100. Zeke: Zeke evokes strength and masculinity.

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