40 Undercut Hairstyles for Women

By on October 18, 2017

The undercut is a very edgy and modern style, worn by women with attitude and flair. Featuring shaved sides of the head, usually surrounded by longer locks, it is the underneath of the hair, or one / both temple sections, that has been given the razor treatment. A style that was once more popular with men, it has been given a feminine makeover, providing a no-muss, no-fuss style that takes minutes to wash, dry, blow dry and style.

These 40 undercut hairstyles for women are not only on top of the trend right now, but they each have their own individual benefits, bringing brand new designs for you to take inspiration from.

1 – Surprise Spider Web Undercut Styles for Women

This cute surprise spider web undercut style is the perfect trick or treat seeing as Halloween is just around the corner. That cute braid shows you how you can wear the longer, too layers of hair in a super cute way to show off your shaved style.

40 Undercut hairstyles for women 40

Source: mermaidfreckles

2 – Hidden Surprise Lotus Flower

What a pretty flower! This really is a pretty hidden lotus design, accompanied with stunning shades of pink, yellow, orange and red. The top layers of this look can be left as natural as you like, the real beauty hidden away to only be shown off when you want it to.

40 Undercut hairstyles for women 13

Source: a_vonhoffman

3 – Mermaid Scales & Space Buns

Are you feeling mermaidy today? This mermaid scales and space buns look should be right up your alley, combining cut and colours perfectly. Space buns are one of the easiest styles to throw Rochester first thing in the morning, and they’re super cute to boot!

40 Undercut hairstyles for women 11

Source: a_vonhoffman

4 – Silver-Toned Loveliness

Silvery-grey hair can be quite difficult to achieve, so make sure you have a chat with your stylist before committing to such a vibrant shade. You may also need to be aware that more than one colour treatment is sometimes necessary. This is definitely more so the case when you have quite dark hair to start with.

40 Undercut hairstyles for women 8

Source: petroshairlust

5 – Platinum Blonde Bombshell

This look is super cute and can be worn in a wide variety of ways for hair so short. Here you can see the locks have been left sleek and flat, with a touch of volume added to the roots. With some wax or other styling products, this sleek look will easily be transformed into something cool, edgy and mussed-up.

40 Undercut hairstyles for women 6

Source: jejojejo87

6 – Natural Undercut, Lilac & Silver Locks on Top

If you need to go for the chop to give your hair a healthy helping hand, a look like this one is perfect, easily blended into a short and then long pixie style as you grow it out.

40 Undercut hairstyles for women 9

Source: courtneyxcentrichair

7 – Avant Garde Fireball

How do you feel about this artistic hair look? The straight and simple lines of the undercut really contrasts against the soft, red waves of the hair on top. We also love (and would like to point out) the ombré effect too – deep and rich red shades to light orange and yellows.

40 Undercut hairstyles for women 12

Source: a_vonhoffman

8 – Lovely & Swirled Undercut Styles for Women

This pretty and intricate look is very easily hidden when you don’t want to show it off, releasing your locks from the scruffy bun and letting it fall loose. That’s one of the best things about most of these undercut styles — with the right length of hair at the top, you can cover it over. (Just in case your mom or boss doesn’t approve!)

40 Undercut hairstyles for women 35

Source: mandafrankie

9 – Brickwork Undercut Styles to Thin Hair

If you have lots of bulk to your hair and fancy lightening the load, an undercut like this one can help you to do just that. You still have those long and elegant locks that you desire, but you will have taken out some of the thickness. Winning combination all around!

40 Undercut hairstyles for women 39

Source: ashley.thairapy

10 – Rose Inspired Undercut Hairstyles

What an absolutely beautiful look, right? It’s a simple one too, the simple lines of rose petals added to bring some romance to the occasion. What do you think? Beauty? Or are you looking for some a bit more … beastly?

40 Undercut hairstyles for women 36

Source: unseen_beseen

11 – Fierce Pink & Punky Undercut Hairstyles for Women

This look SCREAMS ‘don’t mess with me’. We absolutely love it for that. As well as adorning the longer lengths with a hint of punky pink, the design within the shaven area has also been accentuated.

40 Undercut hairstyles for women 30

Source: los_cut_it

12 – Sunrise Undercut Styles on Colorful Hair

The colours in this clever and pretty look really are something else, and don’t even get us started on the clever use of hair jewellery. In fact, with the cute and simple undercut section and the addition of those easy space buns, there’s not much about this look that we didn’t like.

40 Undercut hairstyles for women 20

Source: b.k_bescene

13 – Beautiful Chevron Stripes Undercut Styles for Women

The beautiful honey and caramel tones in this look ate what made us fall in love, but those chevron shaved shaped add something really cool and fresh. A hidden surprise? We love it.

40 Undercut hairstyles for women 14

Source: a_vonhoffman

14 – Fabulous Tropical Sunset Side Shave

Are you dreaming of a tropical getaway? Yes, we feel those vibes too. If you can’t take yourself off to the tropics, however, bring the tropics to you. This sunset inspired design has just the right shape and colors to really make it work.

40 Undercut hairstyles for women 21

Source: b.k_bescene

15 – Bow Inspired Undercut Styles for Women

Love bows? We had bows on our clothes, shoes and accessories, and we even had bows on our nails. And then we added bows to our skin in the form of tattoos. It just seems to make perfect sense that now inspired undercut hairstyles for women are the next evolution of bow fashion.

40 Undercut hairstyles for women 38

Source: ashley.thairapy

16 – Hidden & Sweet Undercut Ladies Styles

Barely-there and discreet, his sweet little undercut would be missed with the blink of an eye. A look like this one, either just minimal hair removed, is perfect for getting thicker locks under control. You’re removing bulk whilst adding style. It’s a winning combination.

40 Undercut hairstyles for women 34

Source: pd_cutshair

17 – Flamin’ Hot Undercut Hairstyles for Women

What are your thoughts on this flaming sunshine inspired hair look? We dig the fiery and passionate colours, along with those sleek lines. Imagine the possibilities too – there’s no end to the ways you could customise this look.

40 Undercut hairstyles for women 29

Source: los_cut_it

18 – Ear Framing Undercut Designs for Women

Fancy something really special for your next cut? If you want to lose thickness, but not length, how about a little something fabulous that framed the ears? Simple designs used in a clever way can be very effective at updating your ‘do.

40 Undercut hairstyles for women 28

Source: jeffthebarber

19 – McLovin’ It Inspired Undercut

When we say we love food, we mean we really love food. So much so, in fact, that we would have it cut and then colored into the sides of our hair, just like this amazing look. It’s an undercut with some flair, that’s for sure. Would you be McLovin’ it too?

40 Undercut hairstyles for women 22

Source: b.k_bescene

20 – Androgynous Undercut with Feminine Edge

This look could easily be mixed with a wide range of colors, and the style could easily be worn by both males and females too. What sunny shade would you have in your locks? Or did this passionate punk look tick all the right boxes for you?

40 Undercut hairstyles for women 10

Source: courtneyxcentrichair

21 – Freestyle Art Undercut Hairstyle

Of course, you could always let your stylist go a little nuts with their own design. How much do you trust them? You’d be surprised at what amazing designs the two of you can come up with when you put your creative minds together. Your stylist is an artist, so why not let them get artistic?

40 Undercut hairstyles for women 27

Source: jeffthebarber

22 – Smokey Rose Side Shave

A big shade for the season, and in a very on-trend cut too, this side shaved look could be added to both sides for a punky and modern Mohawk-style look, or just added to one side for something asymmetrical and eye-catching. Which one would you choose?

40 Undercut hairstyles for women 4

Source: playwithscissors

23 – Pretty, Feminine Design Undercut

Fancy something funky and cool, but at the same time, can still be hidden away? We think this pretty little undercut design might just float your boat … proverbially, of course. What d’ya think? Does this undercut get a big tick from you?

40 Undercut hairstyles for women 19

Source: gabrielmeireless

24 – Mandala Undercut Hairstyles for Women

The mandala has been a very much on trend design lately, making its way into tattoo art, nail art, and clothing/fashion. This cute undercut style shows how well it works in an undercut setting too. We love it!

40 Undercut hairstyles for women 23

Source: b.k_bescene

25 – Valentine’s Day Themed Undercut

Feeling the love? Got an anniversary coming up? Maybe looking at the calendar and realizing Valentine’s Day is just around the corner? How about this cool style? You could even add color to this design to really make it stand out.

40 Undercut hairstyles for women 26

Source: giovanniscott21

26 – Red Hot Undercut Look

Love red? We do too, and you know the color will be much easier to maintain when there’s only a bit of it. Keeping the undercut a natural shade allows you to really experiment with the locks on too. What color would you try first?

40 Undercut hairstyles for women 33

Source: guyannescissorhands

27 – Silvery-Grey Feminine Undercut Beauty

Silvery-grey tones work really well with darker roots, and roots are very much in fashion right now. This makes life much easier for you. You can cut down on upkeep trips to the salon!

40 Undercut hairstyles for women 5

Source: jejojejo87

28 – Orchid, Mauve & Rose Romantic Undercut

We think that this look would be perfect for a romantic celebration, perhaps an anniversary, or even Valentine’s Day? In fact, we don’t need a reason to rock this pretty in pink and purple romantic undercut look. Every day of the week is just fine with us.

40 Undercut hairstyles for women 3

Source: playwithscissors

29 – Jack Skellington Halloween Themed Undercut

If you’re looking for something spooky for Halloween, we can’t think of anything better than this Jack Skellington undercut. It’s such a clever design, and our mind goes crazy at all the other ideas you could replace that face with. Unicorns, flowers, sunrises, palm trees, you name it, we reckon it could be done. We want someone to send us a pet undercut. Cats, dogs and rabbits, that’s what we’re looking for!

40 Undercut hairstyles for women 24

Source: giovanniscott21

30 – Diamond Geometric Undercut Style for Long Hair

You could get really experimental with the ideas and designs you incorporate into your undercut styles, but keeping things simple is a great place to start. Think straight and geometric lines. This look is both simple and fabulous in equal measures.

40 Undercut hairstyles for women 37

Source: jala.ss

31 – Undercut & Faux Hawk

Fancy a Mohawk but don’t want to go through all the hair products required? Fake it with an undercut that works around to the sides, and then use your best backcombing skills to create that big, bouffant braid on top. Pulling pieces out after you have braided them is a great way to get that bulky effect.

40 Undercut hairstyles for women 32

Source: guyannescissorhands

32 – 3D Undercut Hairstyles for Women

What a cool look, right? Who’d have thought you could include such amazing three-dimensional raisins to your hair? It just goes to show that you really can think outside the box.

40 Undercut hairstyles for women 18

Source: gabrielmeireless

33 – Beautiful & Colorful Floral Undercut

Pretty — check! Colourful — check! Cool undercut that brings in a mermaid feel — check! This look has all the right components to make you feel like a true mermaiden for a while. We’d jump at the chance.

40 Undercut hairstyles for women 16

Source: a_vonhoffman

34 – Dope Geometric Undercut

Keep things chevron-simple and use something to help guide with those straight edges. We wouldn’t recommend doing this with the clippers at home, and definitely not unless you have a friend to help and guide you. With looks as precise and ‘fragile’ as this, it pays to go to the professionals.

40 Undercut hairstyles for women 2

Source: playwithscissors

35 – Fresh Artistic Undercut Styles for Women

A look easily worn a few different ways, this fab undercut is beautiful shown off with a graduated A-line bob cut. The longer length at the front helps to keep sharp and short looks flattering on all face shapes, and those clever designs at the back just help to bring something new and fun to the mix.

40 Undercut hairstyles for women 15

Source: a_vonhoffman

36 – Stunning Sunflower Inspired Undercut

Love sunflowers? This sunflower inspired undercut should be right up your alley then. In fact, you could replace sunflowers with virtually any flower you liked and manipulate the hair so that it looks that way. What’s your favorite flower?

40 Undercut hairstyles for women 17

Source: gabrielmeireless

37 – Sea Shell Inspired Undercut Hairstyles for Women

She sells seashells sitting by the seashore …

It’s hard to say, but this beautiful look isn’t hard to look at. See — we told you that you could get imaginative!

40 Undercut hairstyles for women 25

Source: giovanniscott21

38 – Cupid’s Archery Undercut

Another look that would be just perfect for a big romantic occasion, this pretty in pink look is absolutely loveable. A simple idea and a clever design … It’s one that we’ve fallen in love with!

40 Undercut hairstyles for women 31

Source: guyannescissorhands

39 – Star Undercut Styles

If you didn’t fancy hearts, of course, you could always opt for stars instead. Another simple design. There’s something quite cool and retro about these shaved shapes.

40 Undercut hairstyles for women 7

Source: hans_becerra

40 – Peekaboo Geometric Undercut

For when you want something cute and discreet, this peekaboo look has pretty much everything you could need. And, let’s not move on without mentioning that beautiful platinum blonde shade too. We have total hair envy right now.

40 Undercut hairstyles for women 1

Source: playwithscissors

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