10 Types of Men (To Date or Stay Away)

By on December 14, 2015

We all know dating can be seriously difficult; especially when it comes to finding someone we simply want to date! Well, we’ve come up with an extensive list of 10 different types of men to date or stay away from. Hopefully this can help you in your decision making. (Fingers crossed!)

1. Caring- Date!
We all know the caring type of man. He is ALWAYS looking for ways to help everyone around him and would be happy to give someone the shirt off his very own back. Is he the type of man you should be considering as a potential boyfriend? Absolutely! He will always treat you right and ensure you’re happiness before his own, and you can’t go wrong with that.
2. Best Friend- Possible!
The ‘best friend’ type of guy doesn’t really flirt with you. He would rather be fun and silly with you and bring you around his friends and family without labeling you his ‘girlfriend’. Well, if you do end up entering into a relationship with this type of guy, at least you know the two of you will have an amazing time together ALWAYS. However, don’t be surprised if anything sexual is a little awkward at first.

3. Afraid of Commitment- Stay Away!
I don’t know about you, but at one point or another I found myself conversing with a man who said he liked me and WANTED me to be his girlfriend, but he was ‘too afraid to make a commitment’. I’m sorry, but this is no excuse not to date someone. If you are really, truly interested in someone, you won’t be afraid to take the plunge and enter into a relationship with them. It’s as simple as that. Yes it may be a little hard at first and you’ll be extra cautious, but if he’s pulling the ‘I’m afraid’ card, it’s time to turn and run for the hills.
4. Mommas Boy- Possible!
Every boy has a connection with their mommy. They love their mommy no matter what and they will always have a deep connection; and there’s nothing wrong with that. It becomes a major issue, however, when he’s verging on obsessed with his mother and does everything she says. On the other hand, a mommas boy tends to not be able to do much for himself without his mommy present. If you’re the type of girl that likes to ‘take care’ of her man, then this may be a great relationship for you. Just make sure his mother doesn’t override everything YOU say.

5. Needs to Be Fixed- Stay Away!
The man that needs to be fixed; the typical ‘bad boy’. Don’t lie, we have all fell for a bad boy at one point or another. (I swear it’s in a woman’s DNA or something!) However, are they really the type of men we should be considering for a long term relationship? Probably not. As a woman, we should rely on our man to help us and support us the same way we do for them. Having to constantly ‘fix’ your boyfriend and help him get his life together isn’t the way to do it.

6. Romantic- Date!
He will come to your house with a bouquet of roses ‘just because’. He isn’t afraid to open the door for you in public and notices when you get your hair done (and even compliments you endlessly on how beautiful you look!). To be honest, he treats you like a princess; well, actually, he treats you more like a queen. Should you be dating this type of man? ABSOLUTELY. Did we really even need to question that?
7. Needy- Possible!
Oh, the needy guy. The guy that gets worried and texts you 10 times in a row when you don’t answer him for 5 minutes. Yes, it is KIND OF sweet, but at the end of the day, it’s just downright annoying. Now, if you’re looking for a man that’s all over you constantly and always breathes down your neck and is a little on the insecure side, then you may enjoy this type of guy. However, I think most gals would get a little tired of a man that constantly needs love, attention, and affection. Wanting to cuddle is one thing; wanting to cuddle and kiss and hug and snuggle and be all over each other for hours on end in every location of the world is a little weird and overbearing.
8. Pushover- Possible!
I don’t know about you, but when I think of a man I think of someone who is strong. I think of someone who sticks up for himself (and me) and what he believes in. If he’s getting pushed around and doing what everyone tells him to do no matter what, I’m instantly turned off; and I think most women are with me on that one. Unless you want a man you can ‘control’ and you want to be the ‘pants in the relationship’, I recommend staying away from the pushover type of man.

9. Party Boy- Stay Away!
Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s fun to go out and have fun and live it up, right? But a party boy is just that- a partyer. He doesn’t want to stay home on the weekends to go on a date with you. He doesn’t want to give up his party life where girls and drinks are abundant to be exclusive with someone. A party boy could easily be categorized with some other names we don’t like, like a huge flirt or someone who ‘gets around’. Ladies, if you want something serious and don’t want to be dumped or used for a few quick weeks, I highly recommend staying away from the party boy. (Well, go ahead and go to a party with him and have the time of your life, but definitely don’t try at a relationship!)
10. Shy- Date!
Aw, shy guys are so adorable; and no, don’t get them confused with a pushover. Being shy doesn’t mean people walk all over you. Being shy simply means that you keep to yourself and you don’t have an outgoing personality. You would rather spend time getting to know someone before your true colors really shine through, and you’re typically very sweet to everyone you meet. Is a shy guy good in a relationship? Absolutely! Shy guys are typically very loyal and faithful and on the romantic side, which of course is a huge bonus when picking a man.

Okay, ladies. We’ve gone through the ten most common types of men out there. That being said, which type of guy are you going to look for in your next relationship? Will you find a shy guy or a best friend? Will you stay away from the party boy and the pushover? What kind of guy is your favorite- let us know below!


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