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    Triangle Tattoo Meaning

    By on December 9, 2016

    While a triangle tattoo may seem simple at first, there are actually a broad number of meanings behind this tattoo design. Triangles have thre sides, so they have often been used to represent Christianity. The Holy Ghost, Father and Son are represented by each point, so triangle tattoos are frequently used to denote this meaning.


    Triangle Tattoo Meaning

    Other than the holy trinity, the triangle tattoo has been used to represent a variety of other trinities. Some of the most popular examples include:

    – Past, present and future
    – Thought, feeling and emotion
    – Mother, maiden and crone
    – Mind, body and spirit
    – Creation, preservation and destruction
    – Waxing moon, waning moon, full moon
    – Mother, father and child

    In Christianity, triangle tattoo meanings can be used to represent the Eye of Providence. This is the all-seeing eye, and it is typically drawn as an eye within a triangle that is surrounded by light. For Greeks, triangles were thought to represent a doorway. Because of this, triangles were often used to symbolize the polarities that opened up a path to a higher wisdom. Meanwhile, Celtic culture uses the triangle in Celtic knots and trinity designs.

    The Mystic Meanings of Triangle Tattoos

    In numerology, three is a mystically powerful number. One means force, two symbolizes an opening while three represents the wisdom that is created by one and two together. Triangles are thought to date back to before there was a written history. In nature, triangles are found in animal shapes and the shapes of trees. It only makes sense that pre-historic man would have adopted this shape for his early paintings and tattoos.


    The Orientation of the Triangle

    While the design of the triangle symbolizes its meaning, the orientation can also be an indication of what it means. When a triangle points upwards, it can mean:

    – Solar
    – Active
    – Up
    – Masculinity or male
    – Father
    – Shakta

    Meanwhile, a triangle that is pointed downward can mean:

    – Female or femininity
    – Mother
    – Cave
    – Passivity
    – Down
    – Lunar
    – Shakti

    When two triangles are combined, it can be used to demonstrate humanity. Often, triangle tattoos are also symbols of creativity and simplicity. Other meanings of the tattoo include illumination, proportion, harmony and integration. As one of the oldest symbols in existence, triangles have a range of meanings and can be used within nearly any tattoo design.

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